Thursday, July 13, 2017

Justin Lassen’s ~10K VR Audio Workstation Build Streamed Live on Twitch!

nvidia promo twitter-01 (1)

Tune into the live Twitch Stream tomorrow at 12PM sharp!


With special thanks to Puget Systems, Nvidia and Intel for supporting this awesome build event! Houston over at Puget Systems built it live to an audience around the world. I answered questions in chat for 4 hours as well as did a voice interview with Houston during the stream on Twitch and Discord!


Here I am live in stream with Houston over at Puget Systems!


It was educational and cool to see a professional workstation class system being built before my eyes!


The chat room and stream!


Some NVidia 1080TI goodness!



Thank you Intel and NVidia for tweeting about the event! Also shoutout to Jerry from Barancules for also streaming it!