Friday, April 14, 2017

Justin Lassen at ASCAP Expo 2017 in Hollywood!

I made it out to ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo for this year’s event on everything music, technology, process, etc. Here are a few snap shots I grabbed from the event!


I put on my smart  glasses, and immediately everyone knows I’m intelligent! You either need an accent or glasses and you’re set! :)


Thank you TransAudioGroup and Intel for co-sponsoring my trip to ASCAP Expo this year! This is Zach Winterfeld from TransAudioGroup! These systems are used by everyone from BT to Richard Devine and too many big stars and celebrities to name in one paragraph. Just know, they represent some of the best stuff on planet earth (for audio engineers).


ASCAP has a hall filled with people and technology booths and tables for musicians, composers, producers and sound designers to check out!


Blue Microphones has been a sponsor of mine for many years now, so it’s always good to catch up with them!


Ben is the man at Blue, and thanks to him for taking care of me. Major shoutout to Tyler for bringing me into the family years ago, but It’s been cool to keep meeting the new kindred spirits!



These are my Roland buddies in the Roland Cloud world, I’ll be showcasing Roland Cloud technology in future shows. Thanks to Brandon and Jeremy for bringing me into the Roland Cloud family, I’ve been a Roland artist since the early 2000’s!


Hey its Perry from PreSonus! He was showing off Studio One, a DAW that I use in my work.


Love this little shopping area in Hollywood.


Thank you Martin (Roland) for hooking me up with shirts that I will be rocking from here on out! Love this stuff! All my favorite childhood sounds re-imagined, reused and remixed in todays music!


Here’s Martin! We first met through Samson Technology through Derek Ash!


Always cool meeting new people too, this is Luke Rain, and we had a great conversation about Seattle and music! Thanks Luke!

waiting for more pics of the panels and things that I went to from others who took the shots, but it was a great day at the Expo! Met lots more people, sorry the pics aren’t all here yet!