Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Interview: Creative Visionary, Sound Designer and Audio Whiz Justin Lassen (Intel)

I was interviewed and profiled by Intel for their Developer website on the various types of work that I do, please feel free to read and check it out! Thank you Elizabeth!


Intel® Software Innovator Justin Lassen, is well versed in all aspects of the creative arts, and his blend of classical technique and modern methodology has defined his success in all manner of genres. Justin is an enthusiastic, networking genius who loves all things tech and tells us a bit more about himself below.”


Tell us about your background.

At heart I am an artist. Whether that means visual or audio, I’ve done everything from filmmaking, videography, acting, performance to programming to music composition. What got me into music is that I was always interested in theatre and choir, so growing up those were always my favorite classes. Singing every morning to start my day was the best feeling in the world. Choir and just being around grand pianos were the catalyst for my interest in music composition and theory. I always listened to so many genres of music as case studies, always wondering how they came up with those sounds, those progressions and those ideas.

I was fascinated with Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) technology and how different musical devices, synthesizers communicate with each other. Sampling audio and field recording became an obsession. I wanted to make all kinds of art and music growing up, I started in pop/punk bands, rock/industrial bands, classical composition and string arrangements as well as remixing indie artists and major label artists. I had a lot of amazing mentors over the years that helped introduce me to all the right people in all the right places. It was Robert Miles and Peter Gabriel who initially set me on my path, and I’ll never forget them.


What got you started in technology?

I’ve been into technology since a young age. I started as a programmer as a kid. I got my first corporate sponsorship from Microsoft at the age of 12. I started programming on Apple* IIe and Atari* 800 XL computers. So I’ve seen the industry grow from the early beginning stages to the monster that it is today. I can remember when we got our first Intel’s® 80286 (286) computer; it was a glorious day. As Intel released newer processors and generations of technology we kept up to date (386, 486, Pentium®, Pentium® II, Pentium® III). It was a blur just how fast Intel was quickening technology in those days.

I first started coding in Qbasic, BasicXL, C++, Visual Basic and Visual C++. In high school, Microsoft continued to see potential in me and every time a new version of their programming software was released they would drop a copy of it off at my high school. I was always tinkering with code, hardware and software. I got into web programming since the NCSA Mosaic* browser and kept my skills up to date, until my late teen years when I fell in love with music, another form of programming and language.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Justin Lassen featured as VR Developer on Intel Software Homepage!

Thank you Intel Innovator program for featuring me on the home page this month for VR Development! I’m honored!


I was also featured in the Intel Innovator Newsletter for April as well!

Catching up with Justin Lassen at GDC 2017!
Developer Spotlight

Catching Up with Justin Lassen at GDC

Justin Lassen spoke at the Intel® Juice Bar and also presented Shapesong at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC). He explains that the audio for virtual reality (VR) experiences, especially the consideration of the spatial design, is vital to creating a truly immersive VR experience.

From the newsletter:

Featured Innovator: For the month of April the IDZ homepage is currently featuring Justin Lassen at GDC, Peter Kayatt’s Virtual Reality Dinosaurs, Juicing Up Your Games with Will Lewis, and Marco Dal Pino’s Tour of Italy.


Justin Lassen & Moheeb Zara mentored students about pitching and pitch methods for their ideas and projects to inspire them at the Intel sponsored EmergenTech: Hack ASU. Justin also met up with local innovators and IoT developers at Southwest Maker Fest 2017 and at the Spark Festival of Creativity.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Justin Lassen at ASCAP Expo 2017 in Hollywood!

I made it out to ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo for this year’s event on everything music, technology, process, etc. Here are a few snap shots I grabbed from the event!


I put on my smart  glasses, and immediately everyone knows I’m intelligent! You either need an accent or glasses and you’re set! :)


Thank you TransAudioGroup and Intel for co-sponsoring my trip to ASCAP Expo this year! This is Zach Winterfeld from TransAudioGroup! These systems are used by everyone from BT to Richard Devine and too many big stars and celebrities to name in one paragraph. Just know, they represent some of the best stuff on planet earth (for audio engineers).


ASCAP has a hall filled with people and technology booths and tables for musicians, composers, producers and sound designers to check out!


Blue Microphones has been a sponsor of mine for many years now, so it’s always good to catch up with them!


Ben is the man at Blue, and thanks to him for taking care of me. Major shoutout to Tyler for bringing me into the family years ago, but It’s been cool to keep meeting the new kindred spirits!



These are my Roland buddies in the Roland Cloud world, I’ll be showcasing Roland Cloud technology in future shows. Thanks to Brandon and Jeremy for bringing me into the Roland Cloud family, I’ve been a Roland artist since the early 2000’s!


Hey its Perry from PreSonus! He was showing off Studio One, a DAW that I use in my work.


Love this little shopping area in Hollywood.


Thank you Martin (Roland) for hooking me up with shirts that I will be rocking from here on out! Love this stuff! All my favorite childhood sounds re-imagined, reused and remixed in todays music!


Here’s Martin! We first met through Samson Technology through Derek Ash!


Always cool meeting new people too, this is Luke Rain, and we had a great conversation about Seattle and music! Thanks Luke!

waiting for more pics of the panels and things that I went to from others who took the shots, but it was a great day at the Expo! Met lots more people, sorry the pics aren’t all here yet!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Justin Lassen featured at Intel website!Networking & Collaboration Among Intel® Software Innovators


Elizabeth Warner from Intel wrote up a fantastic blog entry about how us Intel innovators collaborate on projects and partner on activities and shows! Read on!

From the article: Justin Lassen


“Three years ago I was asked to show off some music technology at SxSW and Intel put me up with Intel Software Black Belt Jacob Pennock of Livid Interactive and Intel Software Innovator Ryan Clark of Chronosapien while we did that event together. We all hit it off instantly and I kept seeing Ryan at different events after that. I later partnered again with Jacob on a side scroller platform action game. They also brought me into Helios Interactive to consult with them on projects. On one of my visits to their HQ in San Francisco to check out the Microsoft* HoloLens, Justin Link was there as well also checking out the HoloLens. We knew of each other through reputation and osmosis through Ryan Clark trying to get us to finally meet. At Google I/O last year, Bob Duffy was impressed with another audio demo I was showing off for Intel and he said he had the perfect project for me, a way for me to use my audio tech and skills and work on some VR stuff. He told me about the early alpha demo of Shapesong at the time and suggested we meet! It wasn’t until SIGGRAPH a couple months later that Bob and Josh Bancroft made sure that we got to hang and meet up. I checked out Shapesong’s early demo at the show and having already had great experiences with Ryan Clark, I knew I wanted to work with them! They brought me onboard to work on all new audio for the experiences for the next few shows. We started becoming known as the tilt brush of audio, and I proudly consider Ryan and Justin brothers, even outside of Shapesong. After we started partnering on it, Shapesong started getting more recognition and awards and exposure. We have now branched it off onto its own company, separating it from our other products and projects.”


“Outside of Livid Interactive and Chronosapien, I’ve befriended and partnered with Tim & Alex Porter of Underminer Studios, another Innovator duo within the program, and I continue to advise and consult with dozens of innovators. I’m always at their service and happy to help in any way that I can.”

“I’ve always made it a point to befriend, take pics, and hang with new developers no matter what shows I go to. So even if Intel just wants me to do a keynote on stage, in my down time, I always check out other developers in the booths and get to know them and their projects. I think to be a success in this world today, you have to ask people not what they can do for you, but what you can do for them. So I’ve always been friendly and helpful to other developers (even outside the Innovator Program) whether I get something out of it or not, I just want to see people succeed.  I want people to innovate, and not just for a pat on the back but for the act of innovation itself - that is what inspires me, and gives me hope for humankind. We need hope in this world and I find that I get the most hope when I’m surrounded by heartfelt, friendly, motivated, amazing, innovative people from all over the planet. “

Read the whole article!