Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Justin Lassen masters new EP from composer/artist David L Puga!

Hey guys I wanted to share with you a project I mastered for a good friend of mine, also collaborator. If you like synth music, synth wave that sort of thing then this is your cup of tea. :)

Retro 2 cyberpunk

It’s called “Retro Sound System of the Future 2” and has a purposeful 80’s vibe and art direction. It’s a great listen all the way through and it was an honor to help him finish the project. You’re hearing iZotope Neutron and iZotope Ozone Vintage DSP on this release.

From his blog:

“In keeping with the theme of summing up last year to get this year rolling right, I'm happy to announce my next music release! Retro Sound System of the Future 2! While it is the second EP using that name (get the first here), it's more a spiritual sequel than a straight sequel. While RSS1 was more just dreamy pop synthwave, this one is darker & more cinematic.”

“Last year, my wife & I binged Stranger things in a weekend, & that coupled with Mr. Robot... as well as me jumping back into all the classic cyberpunk/ sci-fi stuff I love, as well as just listening to tons of 80s inspired synthwave music, well, it inspired me to make some of my own.”

Here’s a sampler from soundcloud to listen to:

Album Information: (BUY AND LISTEN HERE)

The sequel to 2011's Retro Sound system EP, 2 is a continuation & an evolution of the sound. With Volume 2 I wanted to focus in on a more cinematic feel, go for a Cyberpunk feel this time.

Digital Punk, setting the stage for this dystopian neon new world where digital life is as part of the scene as organic; the streets peppered with the remains of those lost, & those still surviving.

Errant signal, the soundtrack of a futuristic club where everyone goes to forget their troubles while the world burns just outside.

Prison State, the theme of a people who wish to Escape from The World. To those who'll fight against the rising tide.

Midnight Rush, because if you gotta escape, do it fast & loud! A song for those nights when you just gotta drive & forget the problems around you.


released January 31, 2017
All tracks written, performed and produced by David L. Puga
Art by David L. Puga
Mastered by Justin Lassen