Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Justin Lassen masters new EP from composer/artist David L Puga!

Hey guys I wanted to share with you a project I mastered for a good friend of mine, also collaborator. If you like synth music, synth wave that sort of thing then this is your cup of tea. :)

Retro 2 cyberpunk

It’s called “Retro Sound System of the Future 2” and has a purposeful 80’s vibe and art direction. It’s a great listen all the way through and it was an honor to help him finish the project. You’re hearing iZotope Neutron and iZotope Ozone Vintage DSP on this release.

From his blog:

“In keeping with the theme of summing up last year to get this year rolling right, I'm happy to announce my next music release! Retro Sound System of the Future 2! While it is the second EP using that name (get the first here), it's more a spiritual sequel than a straight sequel. While RSS1 was more just dreamy pop synthwave, this one is darker & more cinematic.”

“Last year, my wife & I binged Stranger things in a weekend, & that coupled with Mr. Robot... as well as me jumping back into all the classic cyberpunk/ sci-fi stuff I love, as well as just listening to tons of 80s inspired synthwave music, well, it inspired me to make some of my own.”

Here’s a sampler from soundcloud to listen to:

Album Information: (BUY AND LISTEN HERE)

The sequel to 2011's Retro Sound system EP, 2 is a continuation & an evolution of the sound. With Volume 2 I wanted to focus in on a more cinematic feel, go for a Cyberpunk feel this time.

Digital Punk, setting the stage for this dystopian neon new world where digital life is as part of the scene as organic; the streets peppered with the remains of those lost, & those still surviving.

Errant signal, the soundtrack of a futuristic club where everyone goes to forget their troubles while the world burns just outside.

Prison State, the theme of a people who wish to Escape from The World. To those who'll fight against the rising tide.

Midnight Rush, because if you gotta escape, do it fast & loud! A song for those nights when you just gotta drive & forget the problems around you.


released January 31, 2017
All tracks written, performed and produced by David L. Puga
Art by David L. Puga
Mastered by Justin Lassen

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Justin Lassen at NAMM 2017 in Anaheim, CA!


Thanks #SamsonTech for inviting me to #NAMM2017 :) thank you Mike for making it possible! #respect #friends Thanks Ira!! :)


The best picture of the show. We are looking at Aphex Twin who stopped by the booth next to us so we got distracted. #germans #singer #artist I'm with the talented and lovely Mara Kim Bäumlein


Hanging with the one and only Jeremy Soule at the #RolandCloud area of the rocking Roland US experiential area! Love all my Roland family! #respect #skyrim #ilovejuliansouletoo (you might know them as the composer of Skyrim amongst many other things, like my childhood favorite, Icewind Dale!)


This is my real brother Richard Devine :) Talking with him about audio stuff makes me feel kindred and happy. I'm so glad he exists on earth and grateful for his experiments and expression. Companies usually call me #TheOtherRichardDevine because me and him have our presets in a lot of products out there, which is an honor :) #sounddesignerbros #presetsuperstars #NAMM2017


The one and only #BT :) we usually see each other at shows or product launches once or so a year. I told him he was on my "most impressionable teenager album list" and he said he was honored. Means a lot to me! Love you bro! #ATC #NAMM2017


It was truly an honor to meet Tina Guo for the first time in person. Witnessing her journey is awesome. Her energy, stories and experiences that she shares is endlessly inspiring to me so I admit I was too shy and wanted to say more but I love that I have this memory in my life now. She is sweet and really chill in person. #genuine #grateful #NAMM2017 #ENGL #thankyou #respect


My wonderful beautiful German friends Axel and Wolf! #ujam Love these guys a lot! #VR #TheFuture #NAMM2017 makers of fine virtual instruments, software and inspiration! Thanks Zach for taking the picture!


Hanging with the #Serato development team! I'm loving the #iZotope effects built into the software too! Gonna plan some magic plans. #DJ #Roland


Elianna Smith you are amazing to chat with and even more amazing to dream with! Definitely a highlight of my day to plan and dream with you future ideas! #PreSonus #StudioLive32 #MagicInTheFuture #NAMM2017


Me and my dear friend #Heavygrinder chillin. #PreSonusFamily #ShesPrettierThanMe awesome seeing you Bobbie! #NAMM2017


Me with Craig Anderton catching up at #NAMM2017 always honored to know this amazing man! We go back so many years and so many NAMM’s and so many products and audio nerd things. #love


So cool at #NAMM2017 when you run into awesome ghosts of the past!! Vivek Maddala is an amazing producer and composer and we were first introduced years ago as Cakewalk artists on panels and previous shows and events!


My longtime Cakewalk brother is now another fellow #iZotope brother! Congratulations on the new amazing job! I know they are going to love working with you! #NAMM2017 the family keeps growing!


I love this guy! Shawn K. Clement is one of my inspirations and an amazing soul. I loved all the things I ever got to be a part of with him. Amazing musicians and composer! #NAMM2017


Ross Lara dude it's us!! :) #NAMM2017 #ColoradoBros :) Ross is full of heart and authenticity and anyone who meets this guy feels it right away! #StarbucksMemories #composer #producer


Always so dramatic with the fancy #Roland #Lights makes us all colorful! Brandon Ryan is one of the first guys in the audio industry I looked up to and followed all these years. I feel lucky to still know him to this day and call him a friend. He's one of the greats! #NAMM2017 #RolandBoutique #RolandAira


Great seeing Steve Turnidge at #NAMM2017 and I loved all his poetic gems of wisdom and interesting way he looks at life, time, people and the world in general. #respect #mastering


Raymond Tantzen my brother! Congratulations on all the amazing work and achievements you help bring into the world! All of us are lucky that you are here! #respect #dreams #NAMM2017 #PreSonus


#BlueMicrophones Family! Ben Thompkins let's keep breaking ground! :) #respect #NAMM2017 #BlueArtist they've got some awesome new revamped microphones! Can't wait to work with them on new projects!! #singing

IMG_6464 (Edited)

Congrats Jim! You made the cover of the #NAMM2017 Daily paper! :) #PreSonus #Faderport8


Hanging with Ryan Van Poederooyen and Mike St-Jean and Adrian Mattram #DTP! :) #NAMM2017 check us out Rich Curtis


A quick meet with Andy Mac from Akai invitiational room. #fancy cool music tech behind us #sshhhh #akai #NAMM2017


Awesome history here! Ron Kuper and Steve Thomas catching up! #cakewalk #sonos #technicalconsultancy #AI


Omg I love Sally!! :) the amazing woman at Roland that takes care of me! #respect #love #rolandUS I just wouldn't be where I am today without her!


Awesome to catch up with Carl Jacobson during #NAMM2017 this year! Thoughtful artist and creative. We met so many years ago at #Siggraph back in the day! He's doing well at #Harman


Me and this extraordinary talent go way back! This is one of the most dedicated composer artists I've met. Carmen Rizzo thank you for your inspiration and friendship. #NAMM2017


So great catching up with Mark and Melissa from my sacred inner #iZotope circle! #futuretalk #NAMM2017


This for me was an honor! The one and only amazing Nick Thompson! Grateful to call him a friend and truly honored to meet finally! We've been digital friends for a long time! #NAMM2017 #Apple #Surfer #HoloLens #SoundGeek #family


Dude I just had the great privilege to goto the super secret invite only area for #InMusic and got a fantastic demo from Michael Massions ! This thing is self contained and ready to rock in 20 seconds, sturdy as a rock and full of inspiring sounds! #ElevenHD


Mark said "let's do a handshake shot"! #InMusic #Akai super boss! :) #NAMM2017 I've been in the InMusic family for years and many thanks and love to all my friends and brothers who keep me configured and happy with cool stuff! Super bonus points to Simon Bangs for always keeping me afloat! I wouldn't be where I am without him!


Orange is my favorite amp company :) because Charlie Cooper is so dreamy! Thanks again Mike Gendimenico for helping make #NAMM2017 possible for me!! Love the new technology that Charlie has been dreaming up! His mom also rocks! #respect #friends #intel #orange


This was an amazing happy happenstance!!! Kane Churko and I collaborated wayyyy back in 2004 and we stayed in touch digitally but this was the first time we finally met in person. He's a bad ass producer and writer.


His dad is awesome too. Khloe Churko and Kevin Churko thanks for letting me do a family photo with you guys!! Now I'm one of your brothers! #NAMM2017 #family #respect #love #thehideoutrecordingstudios #itsofficial


This is a fun tweet to wake up to!!! #JBL70 #NAMM2017


Hanging with PrismSound at #NAMM2017 with Graham Boswell and Mark Evans. #futuretalk


This is my #samsontech brother Derek Ash. We have some awesome ideas brewing for this year! #excited #respect #NAMM2017


Jessica Livingston so great reconnecting and getting things back on track! #futuretalk #respect We also connected at AES last year, and I hope we get to do some projects together this year!


My heart goes out to Arnd Kaiser and Mattias for creating things that help my dreams come true. #thankyou #respect #studioone #NAMM2017


Jim Boitnott my heart goes out to you and I'm lucky that I get to call you a friend and brother. #NAMM2017 #BroShot #PreSonus #AlmostBromance


Some more #Bromances from #NAMM2017 I love meeting new people and seeing family Anthony Baldino :) #presetkings #iZotopeFamily


Some more #Bromances from #NAMM2017 I love meeting new people and seeing family Anthony Baldino :) #presetkings #iZotopeFamily


Giant speakers made of LEGO !


My favorite product of the show this year. the StudioLive32!


My second favorite product of the show was a partnership between Intel, PCAudioLabs, Tascam :) I love when all my friends get together and dream. This is why I help build relationships for companies I know. The TrackFactory is a great starter kit for anyone wanting to jump into production on a limited budget, but still have the power to do a lot of processing and rendering.


Comes with an Intel NUC computer, perfect as a truly portable compact setup!


A great interface from Tascam!


Eric Piersing (in the audience on the right) and gang. Legendary sound designer for the industry. we ALL use his companies sounds in our work. I still have my JV expansion cards for my old Roland equipment that have his Spectrasonics sounds on them, back when software synths were not a thing!


I met this new company called Eiosis, and happy to have become connected with them. I really like their De-esser and the way they make it so easy to find the trouble spots in recordings.


Roland had some kick ass concerts at their area upstairs. Loved every bit of it!


Ed Diaz is one of my all time synth heroes. I love this guy like a brother. I learn so much from him, on all the new equipment. I’m so thankful for his videos on youtube.


Was cool to speak on panels, rooms, and demo products throughout this show. This is the one show each year that I feel like a kid in a candy store.


Took a lot of cool meetings this year. :)


JayJay Katfyre, Heavygrinder, family photo! PreSonus for the win!


I couldn’t be happier for my bro to have joined the Roland family!!!! We first met when he was part of the Sam Ash family! Time flies!!


Speaking of legendary synth/keyboardists. Jordan Rudess! Showing off some ipad synth apps.


More iZotope family! the guy on the right, Andrew and I go way back to the cakewalk days. He’s been one of my champions all these years. I wouldn’t be where I am without him.


I tweeted this out and won their NAMM contest! Thanks JBL!!


My new friends at McDSP! I’ve seen these guys for years but it wasn’t until I saw my buddy Kane’s presentation at the booth that I took interest in their plugins. We plan on some cool stuff ever since meeting!


Doug Ordon from PrismAudio!


The guy on the right is one of my old protégés from back in the day. Daniel Bloom congratulations on all the life changes and adventures you’ve been on. It’s been an honor to know you.


at the Telefunken party, pointing at drum stick at Mickey Mouse over at California Adventure!


My new friend Marek from Bettermaker! Really cool processing equipment with MIDI! :)

Thanks for checking out this blog. there was tons of other pics and stories, but it’s tough to get everyone to send me their pics from their phones, if more pop up i’ll update this. Until then, I think it gives you a pretty good idea. We’re starting off the year right!