Sunday, October 2, 2016

Justin Lassen DJ’s at EastWest Studios in LA for AES Party!


Firstly I was hired to DJ the party at EastWest Studios! I brought my trusty ReLoop/Algoriddim Djay2 software/hardware combo and setup in the ATC area where they were showing off speakers and stuff.


Sometimes the only iconic imagery you can get out of EastWest Studios is the green-lit hallways separating the studios and meeting rooms for artists.


Really cool to finally meet (in person) Todd Bergman! The brother of my long time friend Hal Bergman (bad ass photographer who shot my dark gothic photoshoots back in the day for my music projects.) This kid is unreal and I can’t wait to work with him!


A band performed in the big recording room at EastWest where I networked the hell out of that event and met SO MANY awesome new friends! I’m amazed at just how many bad ass creative people are out there everyday doing their part in shaping the world of music.


They had these cool performers and troupe in costumes entertaining the crowd with their burlesque/circus vibe!


Awesome hanging with Wolf from uJam again (makers of finely crafted audio software and instrument plugins!) Wolf and I met a few years ago and is one of the tallest people I know! (center) and on the left is Daniel a filmmaker and dreamer that showed me some of the coolest new DnB music. They are filming a series of videos showcasing great composers for film and projects. I am lucky that I get to be a part of that series. uJam is continuing to be one of the most creative audio teams in the world and I’m honored to know them!


This is Carl Beatty, AVP/Artist/MI Relations for Berklee College of Music. Awesome guy! This is my friend Samara’s favorite teacher there when she was there! It was an honor to meet and talk about education/music/tech ideas.


awww. cleanup time!




Thanks #ReLoop #Algoriddim #Intel #Samson


I hung out with my artist friend Ameria and worked on a couple tracks with her at her awesome apartment studio! She’s knee deep in some serious editing there.


It’s Chestnut, I mean Rainbow!


Larchmont Market, yummy cafe.


Thanks Sunset Grill for the lunches!