Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Justin Lassen at Two Bit Circus VR!


I’ve been here a few times because my friend Ben is one of the lead VR guys for them! He’s been wanting me to meet Nancy Bennett, the CCO of the company. We both travel a lot so It was great to finally sit down with her and talk about audio, VR, technology, recording, music and all kinds of things. I spent some quality time with the VR team there as well checking out all the cool stuff they’re working on. Can’t say anything but it’s going to be awesome!


Me and Nancy! Thank you for inviting me into the family, I love 2BC so much!


Thanks Ben for hooking it up. We go way back in VR several years. Together we’ve gotten to do a lot of different Virtual Reality projects. Ben is a super human when it comes to solving problems and things and stuff. He as a damn good project leader.


Cool shot of some GearVR phones I saw at the office.


Time to say goodbye but first my audio equipment must get scanned by security. :)


Goodbye LA, and looking forward to more adventures soon! Wish I could say more about this visit, but you’ll see… :) #patience #soonenough