Saturday, September 24, 2016

Shapesong VR wins Grand Prize at AGC 2016!


We are so happy and so proud of our VR app winning the grand prize at Austin Game Conference 2016 this year! There were a lot of wonderful people showing off many games and experiences, and the all female judge panel of cool developers and audience told us we are “the tiltbrush of audio” and “this should be in every school of music” and many other amazing quotes, thank you all! Justin Link and Ryan Clark, you guys are amazing! We even impressed TheWaveVR, which was an honor. :)

Shapesong VR–Teaser Trailer



We’re excited to attend DICE next year and a more VR shows later this year! Shoutout to my bro DLP for also helping me rock this show with technical support and design.

More on this VR project as it develops. You can check out our official Intel page here:

Screenshot 2016-09-30 01.21.45

Thank you everyone! And the adventure continues…