Saturday, September 24, 2016

Shapesong VR wins Grand Prize at AGC 2016!


We are so happy and so proud of our VR app winning the grand prize at Austin Game Conference 2016 this year! There were a lot of wonderful people showing off many games and experiences, and the all female judge panel of cool developers and audience told us we are “the tiltbrush of audio” and “this should be in every school of music” and many other amazing quotes, thank you all! Justin Link and Ryan Clark, you guys are amazing! We even impressed TheWaveVR, which was an honor. :)

Shapesong VR–Teaser Trailer



We’re excited to attend DICE next year and a more VR shows later this year! Shoutout to my bro DLP for also helping me rock this show with technical support and design.

More on this VR project as it develops. You can check out our official Intel page here:

Screenshot 2016-09-30 01.21.45

Thank you everyone! And the adventure continues…

Friday, September 23, 2016

Justin Lassen / Intel / VR at AGC 2016 in Austin!


I have become the audio designer for an award winning new Virtual Reality musical instrument from my friends at developer Chronosapien some fellow Intel Innovators (Justin Link and Ryan Clark! [pics of us at Siggraph 2016 this year!]) I was invited to AGC 2016 to showcase this new VR experience being called “the tiltbrush of audio.” by judges and audience and people playing with it at the booth, which is a huge honor! I’ve been working in VR for 4-5 years back when all these headsets were just NDA circuit boards and behind the scenes future technology and I love that I’m working on a dream project. It has been an honor to join this team!


Innovator Ryan Clark performing music with the new instruments I designed for this experience! So cool to see him be creative instantly with the sounds!


VR developer and innovator Tim Porter checking out our Shapesong VR experience! (he’s also got an awesome VR experience he’s showcasing at the Intel booth too where you jump off a building and face your fears! It felt real!!)


Intel community manager Josh Bancroft taking a shot of Cindi checking out our VR app!


I met Tadgh Kelly, the director of developer relations for VREAL, an awesome platform for VR apps! He was so cool and super down to work with us!


Finn (co-founder of TheWaveVR) showing me his DJ VR application, which is totally sick. I have been coining it “the serato of the future” at the show. :)


Hanging out after the show! The entire TheWaveVR team are amazing people. Every single one of them is a musician and just “gets it”. Finn is a super bad ass. Found out we’re both Razer family too.


software engineer at TheWaveVR and musician Zach Sheppard! I loved that Zach immediatly took interest in me as a musician and composer outside of anything VR, that means a lot to me! Finn and Zach also from Portalarium (aka Lord British aka Richard Garriott) Here’s me and Lord British hanging at E3 last year: when I showed him The Walking Dead VR and Adr1ft VR experiences for the first time when I was doing stuff with Starbreeze.)


Me and Aaron Lemke (other co-founder of TheWaveVR), we hit it off and they are interested in me doing audio stuff with them! Cool!


I know I look weird but I’m looking at this new AR experience in these portable projection glasses, controlling it from that tiny little android based device in my hand. I look funny!


Ryan checking out the experience too.


I first met Pepper at SXSW 2016 when I was DJing there! Here we are again! This time she was some kind of tennis tournament expert. :)


Me and Josh (outside) surround the Underminer Studios development team! (Tim and Alex!) Something tells me we will be working more together after this event! Super happy to have become friends with these people! Josh took us all out to a Brazilian restaurant which was amazing!


Sierra is awesome, she’s part of the GPU tools team, and actually they even helped us optimize and analyze our VR app right there in the booth! The Intel tools team is one of the best in the world and it was so cool to put our app through the paces.


Ryan sitting down while our app gets grilled by the Intel analyzers!


This is Estevan Aviles, he is the SXSW Gaming Community guy, and it was rad to meet with him about future collaborations with SXSW! I’ve been to 3 SXSW’s so far in my life as a DJ and technologist and I am excited to do more! Thank you Estevan for saying hi and connecting!


Michael Wilson from Time Golf Squad, showing me his cool pixel art retro throw back game! Cool guy, Intel innovator and sweet game! Thank you for showing it to me!


Of course Graeme Devine (industry legend) from Magic Leap is giving his awesome Keynote talk. I loved what he had to say about the future of AR and what it should be, and what it shouldn’t be. Important differences.


Curious what Austin 6th street looks like when its not SXSW? Very very different.


Cindi from Intel and me hanging out. We’ve done many events together but it was really cool for me to talk with her more and I can’t wait to do more stuff with her and her team! I’m grateful for all the experiences they share with me, to help me become the bad ass I dream to be. Thank you to Cafelli too for making sure everything was handled! I love you all!


My “Razer” “Blade” going through TSA security at the airport. I also switched to a clear backpack to make travel through airports easier. Rocking my PreSonus Studio192 Mobile, Samson Graphite m25 and Samson headphones on this trip to power my portable audio studio.


Pretty slick, portable, light and still powerful as ****. Smile

There were lots of other talks, experiences and things I checked out. I don’t have pics of everything, if you got one, let me know! Follow me on Instagram and  Twitter too because I’m more active on those. Lately instagram. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Justin Lassen mixes Ameria’s new song “You Again”


I love that I met Ameria at ASCAP (blast from the past link) a few years ago because we’ve become quite good friends and musical collaborators and stage performers. I invited her to sing with me at CES 2015 last year and we got to hang out at PAX West 2016 this year and her career is going awesome and she’s DJing at the biggest clubs now. She asked me to do some of the mixing of her song “You Again” and this is what we came up with:

ameria_youagain (click to goto soundcloud and have a listen!) It’s trap/pop music.

Produced by Ameria
Mixed and mastered by Justin Lassen / Ryan Crosby

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Justin Lassen at PAXWest 2016!


Thanks to Intel for bringing me out to PAX! My friend Ameria and me were providing the music for Intel’s gaming experience booth! Lots of gamers, streamers, VR, and cool technology being showcased this year!


I got to meet Linus from LinusTechTips. Him and his entire crew are awesome people!


I stopped by the mothership (Razer) to pay my respects. Linus and I are both Razer family.


I stopped by my friend Naomi Mercer’s studio and she showed me her cool new vocal booth!


Me and Ameria chillin.


Me and Josh (Community Manager) for Intel!


She set it up herself without the sound guy. She’s the real deal!


Setup night.


Ameria DJing!


Hey Astro! Yeah i’m looking at you! :)


This famous online Twitch streamer was literally COOKING food each day of the event on the stage while gamers played!


It’s me and Michael Csurics and his son!


Me with Justin Whitney from Intel scheming and planning.


Me and Michael Pouci, a blast from the past! Fun history lesson, we met back in 2003 when we worked at Naked Sky on the worlds first-ever Unreal Engine 3 game.


Ameria looking into the belly of the beast.


Me and John Feil, we usually see eachother at pop culture and video game events but we met at GDC when we were doing round tables with students.


Check it out, its me and Cannibal Queen, as she was streaming for her fans, Ameria was DJing and I was hanging out with her and handling the chatting in her room. It was cool that her fans gave me and Ameria huge shoutouts!


See, cute!


Ameria, me and Raj, the dream team. Making stuff happen.


Ameria brought me back some of my favorite chocolate from Hungary!


Me and my other family!


She’s killin it.




CDJ’s holding it down.


Party time!


The floor was PACKED like this every single day!



More LinusTechTips moments when we were on stage together.


Pike Market!


Chillin on the grass.


Holdin down the fort.




One of the celebrity streamers twitching. (not literally)


Long time friend and partner, Matt Letts from Intel.


She takes better pictures than me on her phone, this was proof.


Be Core Strong.


Linus signing autographs before he builds his computer systems on stage.


Creature from new Sony game.


Jon from KAIO Interactive! We met at several previous developer events and we hope to do some cool music projects together! So cool running into him!


There goes intel giving away laptops and tablets again. :)


Here I am with the winners of the Extreme Rig Challenge! NCIX!


There it is, the winner!


I got to meet the developer of Tumblestones!!!!! This addictive game I got on my XBOXONE!


Me and the guys from RAW DATA!!! a VR multiplayer experience running from laptops! It was amazing!


Caterpillar interesting game I saw with gorgeous graphics!


The developer of this gorgeous game! David Premier of “she remembered caterpillars”


Me and Ameria explored the floor and saw that our friends DTS were showing off HeadphoneX with Logitech!


The Razer BEAST!


Can never have too many pointing at DTS signs. lol


It was pure bliss and amazing to chat with the David Earl! Our mutual friend Michael Csurics introduced us and we nerded out about everything from sampling to sound design and even business. For me it was an honor to meet him! Check out his music!


I also got to meet Gordon McGladdery (music and sound designer) and Ryan Debolt, audio designer for Ubisoft. Both super beings!


Overall it was an amazing time to spend with my dear friend Ameria and all my game industry and tech industry friends!