Monday, March 21, 2016

Justin Lassen invited as VIP to SVCC (Silicon Valley Comic Con) 2016!


Thanks to my friends Shannon and Vincent Brisbois I was invited to partake the first-annual SVCC 2016! This Comic Con is a first for Silicon Valley and ties technology and pop culture together! The namesake for the show is none-other-than Steve Wozniak (The Woz) and Stan Lee (from Comikazi fame, of which I was also a special guest for in the past!)


Woz was amazing to talk to, and just be around. He’s really a special man that has devoted his life to making the world a better place. The way he talks about things gives me goosebumps and I’m honored that I got be a part of this show!


I also finally got to meet one of my artist heroes in person, Sze Jones! You don’t know it but you’ve seen her work in tons of hit video games and short films. Everything from Uncharted to Assassin’s Creed to her own beautiful brand of artistic creations… including these amazing Bunny rings, and you know I dig bunnies!


She designed those, 3D printed them, hand-painted them with love and careful attention to detail. This was the caliber of artists that the SVCC show attracted for the first year!


Hanging out with Tim Miller, the director of “Deadpool” (movie)! This guy is awesome to hang with, so are all his crew from Blur Studios!


Breakfast each morning with the Blur Studios crew! And dinner each night! Awesome!


Yums with the Blur people!


My brother, my friend, my family, Vincent Brisbois and I hanging out with a creature from Dark Crystal! So many stellar costumes at this years inaugural SVCC!


Awesome costumes!!!!


Speaking of awesome costumes and awesome people, I met this amazing lady Sara Grande at the VIP party, she actually changed up her costume each day at the show! We talked about planning a Disney trip and hanging out again! I recently saw that she also had some nice meetings with Woz!


This my buddy Tom Juliano! He’s #oneofus #oneofthegoodguys #islandpeople Thanks Vincent for introducing us! We got to hang out for the entire show!


Proper selfie with Tom Juliano (Head of Projection / Project Manager, Cirque Du Soleil).


When the lines were longer than expected, the CEO of SVCC, went out to the store and got water for everyone waiting in the line and handed it out himself! Trip Hunter you are a super hero!


Beautiful signage and artwork!


Hanging out backstage with the crew! Woz and his wife getting ready to go on stage!


The crew (Blur and gang) hanging with Sze Jones at her amazing booth!


My buddy (Vincent’s) niece drawing at the Wacom booth area at the show!


fantastic artist, in fact Sze Jones spoke very highly of her artwork and skill. (which is one of the biggest compliments ever.)


A beautiful Sze Jones artwork for Vincent’s niece!


Security before cutting the ribbon ceremony at the beginning of the show (this is backstage before walking out to the public)


Awesome hotel view at night in SJ!


Retro chair at the convention center~


Jose Sanchez, (Electric Playground host) was also moderating some of the panels at the show. This is us hanging backstage. We both know Tommy Tallarico so it was cool to snap a pic with him and chat a little bit!


Here he is with Michael J. Fox!


Awesome lady, awesome mom! Julie Hunter! (Trip’s wife!) Thank you guys for having me as a guest!


Trip hanging with Tim Miller!


Woz talking future stuff with Lucky Palmer (oculus).


Blurry shot (typical phone picture at a comic con), anyway, that’s the cast of Back to the Future!


My friend, my fellow traveler and one hell of an amazing artist and writer! Shannon Eric Denton, I love that we met so many years ago and I look up to your work and your dedication to it. You are a role model.


I produced the official DJPON3 remix album for “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” for Hasbro Studios which went to #1 for 2 weeks in sales charts (and was also released on gorgeous vinyl from Lakeshore Records! It was an honor to meet Tony Fleecs (he does the My Little Pony comicbook series!)


An episode of Robot Chicken being created, or atleast them showing the process of how that stuff is animated, was really cool to watch!


Packed hall!


Celebrity row. I agreed to help SVCC cater to and help the various celebrities with my friends Vincent and Tom. If they needed water we brought them water, if they needed to be escorted back to the green room we did that too. We were their lifeline. I wish I could have gotten more pictures of the various celebrities we got to talk to. There were tons, and no pics sadly. I even had an awesome conversation about my grandpa and long life and creativity with Lea Thompson (Back to the future).


I was primarily assigned to Christopher Lloyd! :) What a cool guy!!!


Back to the Future panel! Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd were amazing at this panel!


Super packed audience too!


Stan Lee being his amazing damn self! What a treasure he is to the entire world. A god damn treasure!


Humble as hell, funny and just a pleasure to hear him answer questions for the audience!


My brother Vincent showing off the Deadpool mask at the Deadpool/Blur Studios panel!


Blur showing off videos, answering questions and talking about Deadpool!


Their trailer was awesome. We even talked about me doing music for Blur Studios for future projects. Honored!


Packed Blur panel audience, in fact it was so packed we could have done 3 separate Blur sessions! The line was out the door!


Vincent showing off the Deadpool mask to the back of the room!


Tim Miller signing things for the audience!


Tim Miller signing deadpool toys and live-streaming his signing backstage!


Matt Corcoran, he shared a booth with Sze Jones and he created that cool guy with the sword in the background of us!!


Eel Nats backstage! :)


I wish I had more photos with all the amazing people I got to hang with, I wish I could tell you all the celebrities I got to meet but without pictures I’m not even sure its worth it. Thanks again to Rick, Trip, Vincent, Shannon (especially) for inviting me to this event! I was brought in early many months before the event to help plan and find sponsors and things. If it wasn’t for all of you I wouldn’t have had such an amazing time. If anyone has more pics of me, let me know so I can update this blog! Otherwise, I think you get a pretty good idea of how it went!