Saturday, March 19, 2016

Justin Lassen at GDC 2016 in San Francisco!


Once again after over a decade of attending the Game Developer Conferences over the years, I’m back again! I count myself fortunate and honored to have met and befriended some of the greatest game developers of all time. The ladies and gentlemen responsible for all of our favorite games. I also goto E3 each year, however I think the conversations at GDC feel deeper and more inspired. GDC as we have all realized as fellow game developers feels like a giant family reunion for all of us.


I saw this bag and thats when you just knew it was GDC. I consider Fallout 4 a “game of the year” for sure (atleast for me!)


I am representing Nihil Studios again at another conference! (Usually I am a VIP for either Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Intel, or many of the other companies I work with.)


Me and Wendy from Intel! Intel took over the 2 overhang areas at the entrance of the conference!


Here I am checking out the “New” Razer Blade (2016) and the Razercore, which you can put a graphics card and with Intel Thunderbolt 3, you can use the power of the core to run your games. Although the machine has a nice 970m anyway!


Khoi (Intel) showing me the eye-tracking demo he put together with the game “The Division” and it was so neat to aim and move around with my eyeballs as a controller!


I was told by Bob Duffy (Intel) that this man is my twin. Really amazing developer. He showed us some demos I can’t really talk about unfortunately. But let’s just say, wow… the future is in his hands.


My long time Intel friend and collaborator (Josh Bancroft), I wouldn’t be where I am today without this man.


I can never forget Arti Gupta (Intel), she did amazing interviews with me in the past when I worked with her team. One of the brightest people Intel has.


My buddies who created Substance (Alleogorithmic) are now a world-wide success and in almost every engine in the world today. I remember when it was just a dream. :) Seb, Dr. DeGuy, you are the man.


My new friends at Nvidia! Brandon and Brandon! The future is bright for us!


Check out this Maingear custom PC Intel was showing off!


And here it is ladies and gentlemen, the 750 series SSD and PCI SSD drives! Instantawesome!


Peach (fellow Intel Innovator) showing off her code and skills at GDC this year. I didn’t realize we lived in the same state until this trip!


Being interviewed by Intel TV for a video on their channel!


Love these guys, they are so much fun to work with over the years!


I was invited to a VIP Microsoft party, not from Microsoft, but from my hungarian sister and amazing friend and musician/singer Ameria!


From left to right (Saint Clair), Ameria (middle).


She’s an example of an artist/musician that became a DJ and actually learned the craft properly. She’s not just pushing buttons, this girl can really do the real thing! I’m so proud of her and so lucky I get to know her!


We performed at CES one year with our fellow friend Lindsay Cuff!


I was there pretty much only to say hi to Ameria and had to leave after that.


I ran into another friend Jessica Alba! Well, not in person, but saw her up on a cool billboard! Jessica is an inspiration to me, as an example of someone who makes it happen. Reminds me of myself and truly a creative sister!


What an honor, my friend Renee introduced me to Trent Oster! A legend in his own right.


What can I say, seriously? We see eachother around the world at different shows, conferences and events. She’s done art for several of my releases and we are just beginning. I am lucky that I know one of the best photographer/painters in the world. Her work is beyond imagination and unlimitedly inspiring.


Rabbits! (That’s the Ikea Rabbit)


This software is cool because it uses the Intel Real-sense camera and captures 3D objects into the computer as 3D objects that you can move around!


Mike and Jerry from Intel and Renee from Wonderland! Smile


One of my mentors from the past. DDT Forever. :)


Invited up to the new Razer HQ in SF!


I also ran into Khoi while I was there!!


Creative and Music Director for Razer, this is my friend Jermaine who has been amazing to me. He runs an amazing operation there and I feel so honored to have officially partnered with Razer as a sponsor!


Me with Renee and Jermaine at the big logo in the lobby area of Razer HQ!


Me getting my face scanned into as a 3D object to stick on a character in Fallout 4!


Intel brought me to meet the team at Tobii (creators of the eye tracking technology in Khoi’s demo) and we discussed coming up with some musical applications for eye-control. Stay tuned.


Here’s the one place I can’t really show too many pics of. It’s an insider party that has all the top talent but they don’t advertise this party. So it feels a bit secret society-ish. :)


My pal Dan Boutros. We’ve worked on a bunch of games together, even some at Skybound (creators of Walking Dead, etc.)


Me and Gregory! CEO of Interdimensional Games!


Esoteric shot from inside the party. This giant door was a table! #eyeswideopen


Speaking of… I was invited by Christopher Coppola to check out Francis Ford Coppolas underground basement studio below a restaurant in SF.


Super delicious pizza, I might add!


My tour guide, friend and assistant to Mr. Coppola. The one and only Nona Haydon!


Lorna!!! I love working with this woman! One of the most epic collaborators in events, production and putting it all together.


We have seen eachother at a ton of Intel events around the world and we finally got a proper picture together. World meet Lisa Gemme!


Jerry thank you for making me shine every year!


Always nice to find bunnies!


My video game composer manager Jayson! Thank for all that you do for me man! It’s an honor to be in your roster!


Alexis (left), Seb (center) and Justin (me). Super power team. We discussed me doing some musical stuff for Allegorthmic for upcoming events and projects! Exciting!


Train down to San Jose for SVCC… next…


Rocking my noise cancelling Samson headphones. :)


More importantly I want to represent Shattered Might, the game I am scoring! It’s a platformer style game created by SF based company Livid Interactive. I met them when they worked on the Real-Sense game (intel) Head of the Order (which was at over 80 locations of Best Buy!)


Me with one of the Studio producers at Helios/Livid (Michael)!


Melissa (art director) and Jacob (programmer).


Bob (Intel) checking out the game with Melissa (art director)


Hooked up to a big touch screen display and PS4 controller!


An exciting year of development ahead of us all! 2016 is amazing!




No matter what, you can’t look cool in Microsoft HoloLens. :)


Went to Helios/Livid in SF to catch up with the team and producers on the projects we’re working on!


The square (daytime)


The square (nighttime)


Eating at one of my favorite places in SF. Cheesecake Factory!


Cool seating at the restaurant!