Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Justin Lassen invited to innaugural Cirque Du Soleil Kurios VIP opening show!


It’s been amazing working in VR, because of it I have gotten to meet all kinds of wonderful creators, inventors, companies and exciting people trying to change the world. During Occulus Connect this year I got to meet a very special producer from Cirque Du Soleil and we’ve had a bunch of awesome meetings and dinners since knowing eachother. He put me on the VIP list to check out the first showing of the new KURIOS show in Los Angeles! I first got a peak of it in the Samsung Gear VR experience at the conference.


Here I am with the president of Cirque Du Soleil media Jaques!


I also had the most awesome honor of meeting the woman who motion acted a bunch of stuff for Robert Zemeckis as well as the Navi people in Avatar! Her name is Julene Renee and I feel lucky to have met her!


And this most amazingly wonderful woman Jacquie Barnbrook who is a VR producer, motion capture actress and really a truly happy happenstance of a meeting! She was sitting next to me! She produces for The Virtual Reality Company, whom I have been working with several of the advisors and people from that company! (Steven Speilberg is one of the advisors for that particular VR company!)


Cool tent with tons of neat merchandise and lots of interesting conversations!


special edition KURIOS clown noses!!!


The amazing stage under the tent!


Cotton candy, soda pop and treats! Yep i’m at the circus!


My good friend Andre from Cirque Du Soleil (us having sushi in Santa Monica) at the 3rd street promenade!


One of the Kuriosities!


I brought my friend Ben as my VIP guest! He’s at 2 Bit Circus working on amazing VR stuff these days! And because Kurios had sort of a steam punk vibe, I think him and his had fit right in!


Some of the actors and cast! In the tent they had all these wonderful actors interacting with all of us! Also this tent had so many famous people in it, you wouldn’t believe it!! :)


The live musicians for the show! This music was glorious and made me feel happy to the core of my heart! Fantastic score! I’m excited because I will get to do some music for some future Cirque projects coming up! More on that later! shhh. :)