Saturday, January 9, 2016

Justin Lassen on Intel Spotlight stage at CES 2016!


I had the honor of working with Intel again at CES 2016! Each year I get to work with amazing artists all over the world in exciting musical collaborations in so many different genres of music!


And this year was no different, I had the privilege of working with international pop star Noa Neal doing one of the worlds first-ever 360 VR performances using Intel technology. In this picture, i’m with Noa, Phil and Mike G from Intel! This is during our rehearsal day!


Another cool pic of us hanging with the guys that made it all possible for us! After 14 years of working with Intel, every single CES it always feels like the first time thanks to the hard working people at Intel.


Noa Neal is amazing! Fantastic performer!


Pictures with the one-and-only Victor from Intel, who produces these awesome Intel events each year!


VR technology screen during Ravi’s performance!


Yes Nick Cage was in the front row watching our performance and presentation because his brother Christopher Coppola was directing the VR 360 video part of our performance!


Each year Intel rocks these cool software packs that have a huge amount of amazing software, games and apps! The Intel App Pack is one of the most successful programs the company does in my opinion and helps introduce people to some of the coolest new apps that take advantage of Intel CPUs and technologies.


Ravi setting up his DJ/Drum performance! It was an honor to share the stage with him!


Back stage with some of the Tit Mouse guys who were here showing off the Vive VR Tilt Brush painting app live for the audience and people checking out the booth! I LOVE these  guys and all the work they do!!! #Metalocalypse


When I was preparing the Studio One software I was presenting on stage with the various software synths and Roland JDXI hardware synth for the performance! This year we showed off the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Core i7 version!


I was rocking Hybrid3 from InMusic this year too! Fantastic live performance synthesizer!


Working on the Noa Neal tracks in the hotel room, getting all the synthesizer stuff ready for the shows each night!


Yep, Intel was the top of my x-mas tree this year!


My Roland JDXI analog/digital hybrd synth backstage! woohoo!


The amazing stage design this year! Would you just look at that?


Me and Noa in the green room!


My brothers Mike G and Christopher Coppola hanging out in the green room!


At home I use computers designed by PCAudioLabs/Obedia and here I am with the CEO himself Jayce! I’ve been using their systems since 2008! BT also uses their systems too!


The head Intel guy from Europe, Kurt!!! We have dreams and plans for future projects after this! He helped make the Noa Neal 360 VR Video project a possibility and set us up to work across the internet together!


Would you just look at that? Just look at it! :)


Being fitted with the Intel Curio chips for the musical performance for the A.R. Rahman technology demo stuff with Kevin!


Kevin Doucette rocking the Keytar! This is AR’s right hand man for his global travel and productions, on top of doing an infinite amount of musical projects himself. He’s totally my brother because we lead very similar lives in being busy working on the coolest stuff in the world!


About to go on stage, to show off percussion with Intel chip sensors in my hands for the Curio music demo band with Kevin and Ari!


Noa rocking the stage with her amazing presence!


Me and Ravi hanging with our agency that took care of us during CES! Go Opus Events!!!!! Thank you guys for taking care of us!


Hah! Hanging with Christopher Coppola’s son Bailey Coppola (who also interviewed me for the PAH Film Fest program)!


My pal Jerry’s son, really cool guy with a bright head on his shoulders and an even brighter future. Super fun hanging this year!


Me and Kevin with one of the Inte fellows and head guy of the sensor chips we were wearing on stage! His entire team are nothing short of some of the most amazing people on the planet!


I went by the Gibson tent at CES and checked out the Cakewalk area! Small this year but I always like to say hi to the software that helped launch my career!


Teaching Bailey how to use the VR app on my Surface Pro 4 for his portion of the show!


My friend and collaborator Andre from Cirque Du Soleil! I brought him backstage to meet some of the Intel executives this year to help jump start some Cirque/Intel projects. I loved that he was here this year!!!


One of my favorite Intel guys, Jon! One of the dreamers, one of the good guys, one of the ones that makes stuff happen!


This amazing artist was live twitch streaming in the Intel booth during the show!!! How cool is that?!


Ravi rocking the Virtual PC app and live drums, showing off Real Sense technology controlling effects and performance of his tracks on stage in real-time!!


Up in the press room on top of the stage looking down at the floor! This is where we put Nick Cage. :)


Another angle of the upstairs area, we did a ton of interviews, if I can find the video interviews, I’ll link to them in other blog entries, but lots of press stuff happened up here.


CLASSIC Uber ride with the agency!


The Intel sensor chip team! We did it!!! (well, they did, geniuses!)


One of the cool things about CES is all the restaurants we get to eat at during the show. Intel takes care of us artists! Thats me and Ravi, we’re launching a contest together this year!


Another shot of our show with Noa Neal, we rocked it so many times!


Yep, in Vegas, everyone does these shots!


What an honor to do a project with Noa Neal and Christopher Coppola! We were the most successful demo of the show with the biggest crowds this year (again!) :)


My sister DJ who rocks tons of Intel events with me each year at different places! “Sounds by Christina” So cool seeing her again!


That’s what’s up!


My friend Johnathan Wendel, launching some of his new partnerships at CES this year! There are a lot of famous gamers now but he was one of the first and I couldn’t be more happy for his success over the years!


I took a meeting with Red Pill VR this year to talk about cutting edge VR music technology projects!


Okay… okay Justin, we get it!


Intel Real Sense scanning in people upstairs to put into crystal boxes!


Here’s me scanned in!


The machine that prints us into glass pieces!


Laser etched Justin Lassen!


Holding up my etched finish piece! Thanks guys!!!


Bailey Coppola interviewing me for their documentary!

thumb_IMG_0809_1024 2

Look how filmmakerish and serious we look! We were talking deep, bro!


Phil and his wife, we went out to eat one night! It was an honor for me, I love Phil so much!


Veronica Belmont was there too, she’s so cool, she was hosting part of the show this year so how cool to get to know her better and talk about projects!


Ravi and I at another meal! yes, Vegas and meals!



Thats when you ask the staff to take a group shot for you! We did it!!


Getting ready for another day, another presentation!


Phil surprised us! Woohoo!


Long time sister!


My Razer bro’s! Jermain is the man! Thanks Travis for bringing me into the family! #razermusic


It’s official I’m going to be a guest on her show. True friends!


Noa Neal rocking out with her Wild Heart for Nick Cage and a totally packed audience! Standing room only!


I love when I travel and can see my snthesizers being loaded and unloaded from the plane! #Roland #JDXA