Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Justin Lassen featured on Engadget’s ‘Dear Veronica’ Episode “Do you have a minute for beats?”

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Shoutout to my friends at Sony Creative Software (and the original remixing platform that all other platforms copied), where I had a tiny little tutorial on finding BPM in music for Veronica's cool show! The software is classic and originally from the 90's but still stands the test of time today as one of the greatest. Thank you Veronica!

From Veronica’s Blog:

A music lesson with producer and composer Justin Lassen.

This week on the show, we get super music-nerdy with producer and composer Justin Lassen, coming to us from the floor at NAMM. He explains to us how music software figures out BPM (beat per minute) in songs and samples. Having worked with some incredible musicians (and creating some amazing works of his own) Justin knows and thing or two about the process!

Click here to read her blog and check out the episode now!

Justin Lassen partners with Adobe for future projects!


I am proud to be working with Adobe, perhaps the most pivotal digital content software creation company on the planet, used by more people and companies than any other software out there.

This isn’t the first time I’ve worked with Adobe as previously I was a preset designer for Adobe Audition 3 back in the day!

And now I also have a 4k XEON workstation beast from Dell with an Nvidia Quadro card in it, perfect for high resolution 4k editing the god! This was also my favorite system at CES 2016 earlier this year, for its timeless edge-to-edge display with nearly invisible edges!

Looking forward to launching my channel later this year!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Dave Graveline Radio Interview: We Discuss Music And Virtual Reality With Nihil Studio’s Justin Lassen!

Check out this cool radio interview I did with the one and only Dave Graveline at CES 2016: We talk music, technology, virtual reality, and yes, bunnies... etc.


“Dave chats with Justin Lassen, Composer, Producer, and Music Designer at Nihil Studios about music and virtual reality at CES.”

Please head over to Dave’s radio website to listen to the radio interview!

About Dave Graveline:

Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline is the founder, Host & Executive Producer of "Into Tomorrow" in addition to being President of the Advanced Media Network".

Dave is also a trusted and familiar voice on many national commercials & narrations in addition to being an authority in consumer tech since 1994. He is also a former Police Officer and an FBI Certified Instructor.

Dave thrives on audience participation!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Justin Lassen at NAMM 2016!


NAMM 2016 was the largest NAMM with the most attendance ever! And I was a special guest this year! Super awesome!


Fresh after CES, really cool to be attending NAMM this year! Thank you to my amazing sponsors. I am so grateful to be part of the audio industry as a leading preset designer for some of the coolest tools, software and hardware out there!


Still working on my “vlogging”. I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I’ve been “practice vlogging” with various cameras at events around the world the last 2 years. I haven’t uploaded any of this footage, as I’m still getting used to talking to a camera in public!


In case you are curious, I settled on some nice Sony cameras for vlogging and preparing content for a future YouTube channel.


I even built some lego’s in a timelapse lego building vlog, but I digress, time to get back to NAMM!


DJ Qbert, one of the greats, a friend and mentor to me as a DJ! I am using the Qbert needles even! Without him and Shortee, i’m not sure I would be the “hands-on DJ” that I have become today. I started with controllers and slowly as I got comfortable with the feeling, switched to vinyl, and my vinyl collection is growing like an addiction! I don’t buy new music on itunes, I buy it on vinyl now!


We JUST saw eachother at CES 2016, and now here we are at NAMM 2016 together! We discussed me using some more PCAudioLabs systems. I’m also getting my info and pics to them to be a feature artist on their website finally! Although I’ve been using their systems since 2008, it’s so cool to be in the family!


Beautiful, just absolutely lovely! Waza from Boss!! Killin it!


Hanging at Roland!


Thank you Andy for bringing me into the Samson family and bringing me to NAMM this year, I wouldn’t be here without you guys!


New friends thanks to Samson bringing me around!


HAH! songwriters, producers, audio nerds, yep, NAMM!


Sean from Samson Technologies brought me into some consultation meetings during the show, thank you Sean, that was fun!


I can’t escape my Intel brothers, Raj checking out the audio technology at the show floor! We were in the Yamaha section!


What would a Yamaha section be without Mr Kevin Doucette? I just performed at CES 2016 with this guy and we’re both at NAMM 2016 too! He’s showing off the Steinberg Cubase software! I swear this guy is my clone in a lot of ways! Kevin is a hero and a friend and a big inspiration to me! When I am not feeling the groove in the industry his journey picks me up and reminds me that I'm on the right track.


Hanging near some DJ equipment running into some familiar faces! NAMM is like this giant family reunion! Steve and Roger!


And what would NAMM be without Faust and Shortee! This are my mentors and friends and the people who set me on my path to becoming a bonafide international DJ! Complete with International gigs that make-it-legit to call myself that! I’ve brought gear all over the world and DJ’d some really cool places!


Another familiar face at NAMM? yep, It’s Ravi!!! We’re launching a music contest this year together! So rad to share the stage with him at CES 2016 on the Intel spotlight stage!


Wearing my Indiana Jones shirt and heading to see Star Wars at Downtown Disney!


Yes, I got Lego Pirate Chess et at Downtown Disney lego store!


Mike G from Intel doing photography for Orange Amps, my other family reunion! Amaazing!!!



An insane amount of talent in this group! Just insane! Rich Curtis aka Nightmare Sequence bringing the pack together! Also the singer of Meshuggah who I got to meet and hang with thanks to Ryan (drummer) and Rich! I see you Drew and Mike!


Brandon Ryan, to me, is a legend in the audio industry. Seeing him at shows reminds me of all the time and heart that all of us put into the work we do. He is one of the most passionate musicians, marketers and humans I’ve ever met. Thank you Brandon for everything you do. We originally met when I was the flagship artist for Cakewalk wayyy back in the day!


What an honor to meet this fine musician and composer in person finally. Jeremy Soule! You may not know the face or the name, but he did the music for Icewind Dale, Skyrim and well, like a ton of other hit games. He’s doing Roland VR Sonics, tools for musicians now, working directly with my parent company Roland! (I am a flagship Roland artist)


My friend Steve tried to take a pic of us in the Roland Sonics VR room.


And then a pulitzer prize winning photographer took my iphone and made some amazing photos of us! (seriously! a white house photographer amongst other accomplishments)


Artsy huh! That’s Jeremy’s brother Julian Soule! They worked on some of the coolest projects in their careers together so it was cool to finally put a face to a name. True brothers!


NAMM escalator insaneness!


Guy behind me thinking “why are you taking a pic of yourself?”


George, ex product manager at Cakewalk showing me his new iPad music tool company products! He was in the initial Jazz Kitchen club way back in the day with Alex Westner and Samara Winterfeld!


Blue Microphones, one of my sponsors, I love visiting and saying hi. This is Ben, the man who takes care of me and helps make it possible for me to record!


little kid band rocking out in the Samson Tech booth!!! So young and so talented! #littlerockstars


It’s me and Claus (the coder) of BitWig!!! Super cool!


DJ at the InMusic booth killin it! Spirit of a tiger!


You know I love bunny rabbits, and check out that amazing dress!!!!!! pure bunnies!!!!!!


Its my pal Simon from InMusic. This is the example of one of the most perfect people to work for your company. His heart is huge and he doesn’t let things slip through the cracks, he handles everything like a bad ass and has never dropped me! I am honored to work with him and his amazing team and tools!


Mike from a plethora of projects, drummer, synth nerd, musician, all in all one of the coolest guys I got to hang with during the show this year!


We met at Akai/InMusic but now he’s at Bose, but so cool that we still get to see eachother at different trade shows around the world, including GDC of all places! Kurt is one of the greats, knows a ton of people and very well respected. Huge honor!


Checking out the new Korg goodness! Nicely priced synth and really fun to design sounds on!


Here it is ladies and gentlemen! This is my dream synth! I worked with the Prophecy 08 a few years back on my Lord Retro album, and this 12 is even cooler with more polyphony and sounds!


My bro’s from ATC and Trans Audio Group! Zach (on the right) is actually my bro though, same birthday and everything!


Here I am checking out the new Jeremy Soule VR music stuff! Pretty trippy!


Reflective mirror selfie!?


What an honor, the Samson family, which I am now a proud member of! Their gear covers my studio and all my projects this year! Digging it hardcore!


Roger Fisher!!! Hell yeah!


Craig Anderton, one and only. Legend! audio industry bad ass! VP at Gibson Brands now, we are going to go see Star Wars!


Jim Boitnott, the heart and soul of PreSonus. I don’t say that lightly, they’re lucky to have this guy. Thanks to him I have had many of my dreams come true. Thank you Jim for everything and always making me feel part of the family, thank you for existing and we are so lucky to have you in the world.


Star Wars and stuff


Disney downtown walk!


Spooky pretty!

There were lots of other pics, but people have to send them to me so I can post them later, but you get a good idea of it! Got to meet up and catch up with so many wonderful people and companies, build new partnerships and dream up futures together. My favorite thing about these events is the passion all of these people have for our industry. Without us, there would be no amazing gear or production tools, I count myself lucky to get to work with the top audio manufacturers on hardware and software releases that the entire world uses and is inspired by! Until next year!