Monday, December 12, 2016

PreSonus Audio Electronics Interviews Justin Lassen (3 Videos)

PreSonus stopped by and checked out my studio setup, my work flow and some of the specific gear I use on projects! Check out these videos! There is a Part 1 (Studio 192 Mobile), Part 2 (DP88) and Part 3 (Eris E66). So if you’ve ever wanted a peak into one of my setups, this is it.  I talk about VR, music, mixing, remixing and hardware/software! Shoutout to iZotope as well! :)


Studio 192 Mobile / Justin Lassen
On-the-go audio virtuoso Justin Lassen (PreSonus Artist/Producer/Composer/Remixer/Sound Designer/DJ/Virtual Reality guy) has chosen the Studio 192 as his interface of choice for a life of producing on the road. Justin travels the world a lot, with 32 flights this year and in-demand by companies, brands and events around the planet the Studio 192 Mobile is the perfect solution for his work on the road and at home.”


Digimax DP88 / Justin Lassen
When Justin is at home from his trips and tours around the world, having the DP88 gives him an ever-expanding array of connectivity options in his studio! It integrates with his Studio 192 Mobile quickly which allows him to keep all his analog synths, workstations and outboard gear always connected and ready for creativity and inspiration.”


Eris E66 MTM Monitors / Justin Lassen
Justin’s main go-to monitors are now the Eris E66 MTM Monitors for critical listening and mixing sessions whether he’s working with Orchestral music, Electronic genres or Metal these speakers run the gamut of handling the most demanding sessions.”

Thank you and enjoy! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Justin Lassen featured in new Video Game Christmas Album!


Hey all, if you want to hear some cool film and video game composers remix classic video game songs into Xmas hits, check out this cool new release! I’m honored to have been asked to be a part of it!

From TheSoundtrackArchitect:

Scarlet Moon Records
have announced a special collection of Christmas standards and game music favourites re-imagined in holiday fashion with Scarlet Moon Christmas Album 2016. The nine track album features tracks from renowned video game and film composers, and should get any video game fan into the holiday spirit.

The artists that have participated in the creation of the album are as follows:

Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana)
Vince DiCola (Rocky IV and Transformers: The Movie (1986))
Robyn Miller (Myst and Riven)
Justin Lassen (Underworld)
Mustin (of The OneUps)
Goomin “Nauts” Nam (DJMAX and Bar Oasis)
Osamu Kubota (Beatmania and Granado Espada)
Materia (jazz fusion band)
Dale North (Dragon Fantasy Book II and PAC-MAN Pop)

Scarlet Moon Christmas Album 2016 is fully licensed and is available on LOUDR, iTunes, and Spotify.

and Gamespot says my remix is their favorite!

“GameSpot was provided with the album. Lassen's "Rainbow Road," which puts an electronic, sweeping spin on the iconic song from Mario Kart 64, may be my favorite of the bunch. ” – Gamespot (2016)

  1. "Jingle Bells" by Vince DiCola
  2. "Christmas Garden (Yoshi's Island)" by Mustin
  3. "Peaceful Christmas (Chrono Trigger)" by Dale North
  4. "Some Small Hope (Cherubic Hymn by A. Kastorsky)" Osamu Kubota
  5. "Angels We Have Heard on High" by Hiroki Kikuta
  6. "Christmas Comes to Myst (Myst)" by Robyn Miller
  7. "Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64)" by Justin Lassen
  8. "Melodies of Life (Final Fantasy IX)" by Goomin "Nauts" Nam
  9. "Aspertia City - Winter (Pokemon Black & White 2)" by Materia

Special thanks to David L Puga for helping me with some midi cyphering! :) He’s got some cool music coming out soon too!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Justin Lassen and Chronosapien at Valve Software!


My partners and I from “Shapesong VR” were invited by Valve to come check out the studio and talk about our app in their Steam store. Chet brought us around and let us explore the studio. :) Check out the Gravity gun!! Going into the Black Mesa corridors was awesome!


Justin Link, Ryan Clark and I initiating into Valve.


My friend and sister Shannon has been working with Valve for a long time so it was so cool to see her again! I’m her kids long lost uncle!


Portal is such a good game, can’t wait for that storyline to continue…


I love when they sing. Smile


More corridors! :)






More Awards.


Magazine Covers.

These guys are legends. It was an honor to meet them on this trip to Seattle. See you guys again soon.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Justin Lassen invited to Intel Innovator Summit 2016


Look at all this awesome innovators flown in from all over the world!


I was invited to Seattle WA for the Intel Software Innovator Summit! Thank you Intel for inviting me!! It will have 50 inventive developers from North America, South America and Europe for collaboration and inspiration. Thanks Bob Wendy Josh Cindi for everything! :)#proud #respect #VR #wearingmylearninghat


Cool hotel, the Edgewater, where the Beatles once stayed!


The best community manager! #Intel #innovators Josh thank you guys for taking care of me and making me feel inspired to achieve the impossible! #VR #VirtualReality


Thank you Jen as usually for running a classy event and making us #innovators feel right at home! So cool we got to do this event here! #caffelli


I'm in my #secretagent hat and outfit with the one and only Bob Duffy at the robot car joule competition day! #IoT #realsense #intel #innovator #joule thank you Bob!


Awesome seeing you again my friend! We have been invited to so many awesome tech events over the years! He's got a cool new VR experience for the PSVR #innovators #intel #VR #leavethenest #respect


Awesome working with these 2 fellow Innovators this week in Seattle! I feel lucky to know these creators and excited to share the amazing #VirtualReality projects we've been dreaming up! #Underminer #VR #nextgen #thefuture


Alex Porter, baby Porter and Justin. #underminer


Jerry Makare and Stephanie Essin doing great work at the Intel Innovators Summit! #camerageeks #respect #mixedreality #VR #Intel


My partner and awesome innovator Justin Link working with his team on their bad ass robot VR car machine! #support #love #shapesong honored to know this guy!


Humbling and exciting to be a part of the innovator program and awesome to know Wendy and Eric all these years! Thank you for the continued support and encouragement! I've loved watching all the teamwork and creativity tonight with everyone. This is a very special group of people. #honored #intel #makers #IoT #realsense #VR #VirtualReality


Eric takes care of us like family! Best dude ever!


The professional #camerawoman at work filming this awesome #innovator event!


Moheeb and his awesome #innovator team making a cool robot car thingy! :) also Jerry making the rounds with his cool video stuff!


Bob sharing his wisdom with all of us at the innovator event! #intel #respect


Awww shucks! Thanks Wendy and Bob! #innovator #IamIntel amazing second day of this awesome event! So honored to be here amongst all these amazing people! #VR #VirtualReality


Awesome first day of Intel Innovator Summit! #mintchocolate #cupcake :) looking forward to the rest of the week! #IamIntel #respect aka Eric’s birthday too!


My long time Cafelli friend Marc! Thank you so much for inviting me to help on the Fatal1ty project! #respect #love


My brother Moheeb. Smart dude and great Innovator.


More innovator new friendships from this summit! This guy made it so a chair can move from facial expressions.


Grace and I first met at a few  SXSW events, and to this day, super grateful to know her.


Rudy Cazabon and I became friends at this event, but turns out we have lots of mutual friends throughout the tech industry. Small world!


Alex! This guy is so cool! One of the friendliest people in the bunch. I’m so glad I get to be friends with him.


me and my Shapesong VR partner Ryan Clark.


My other Shapesong VR partner Justin Link playing some video games with other Intel Innovators.


What do I bring to an innovator event. Recording equipment of course! #samsontech #presonus


I was also mastering my friend Sebastien (CEO of Allegorithmic) new album!


Nice Seattle clouds.


These rooms had Teddy Bears.


And waterfront balconies!


Delicious cupcakes!


Me during the team building time!


Here’s our teams robot thing, we used a macbook and gravity as the engine.  #crashandburn


Jerry filming Tim Porter’s robot controlled by VR.


Grace controlling a robot with an android device.


Bob happy in the moment of enjoying a room full of the finest innovators in the world collaborating.


My team working on our stuff.


Baby Underminer. First Intel innovator baby. :)


My long time friend Amy Barton telling us all about the new Intel social media tools available to us Innovators.


More awesome tech related presentations during the Summit.


Our hang out room during this summit event!


Tech collaborations and problem solving. #innovators


Grace and Eric speaking to the room.


One of the higher up guys giving us a talk.


Making and Hacking!


More talks! shhh. :)




Our robot. I started the design.

There was more pics and memories from this event, but just wanted to give you a little peak into the event. It was one of my favorite events of the entire year! Thank you again Intel!

Proud to officially be an innovator!