Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sharknado 3 + My Little Pony DJPon3 Remixed officially released on Vinyl records!


I had the most amazing news told to me by my label Lakeshore! The MLP DJPon3 album I produced this year was released on real actual vinyl! And very very pretty blue vinyl too! They even put a bunny on the back of it for me!


Respect goes to all my collaborators and team on this one!


Looking sweet!


Liner notes are huge and brilliant! Thank you to EVERYONE who made that album the success that it is!


My vinyl collection has been growing a lot this year! It’s so heavy!


It’s such a huge honor that my official John Williams remix to the theme song JAWS is on vinyl now! Thank you Lakeshore!


Thank you to everyone who supported this entire process! It was a trip!