Monday, November 23, 2015

Los Angeles, San Diego, Disneyland, City Adventures!


First stop on my journey was of course Disneyland with my friend Brian from PCAudioLabs! He’s fashioned a new line of computers named after me at his company so we had to celebrate together!


I actually went to Disneyland about 8 times from Nov-Dec because i’m an annual pass holder now!


Just checked out the new Star Wars ride!


Down in San Diego near a cool halloween tree! :)


Disneyland has been very healing for me this year, when I was down, it cheers me up. Thank you Disney!


and what a huge honor it is to have my favorite Disney Imagineer Jerry Rees send me these amazing words! Amongst more things than I can list here, he also produced/write/directed my favorite childhood cartoon “The Brave Little Toaster”.


I did a lot of soul searching walking up and down and all over Los Angeles trying to find a new place.


Getting ready for Cirque!


Cool right? This post is actually just here for posterity to remind me of the weeks I spent searching in LA to figure out some exciting next steps!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Traveling again, Roland, LA and Hello World!


I have been a Roland artist all my life, from dreaming about them when I just had Casio keyboards as a small kid to the day I first became an official Roland artist and featured in their print magazines (back when that was a thing), it’s been an amazing journey for me as a fan of keyboards and as an artist and composer using their gear over the years on my projects.


Some of my first professional keyboards were the Roland XP-30 and all the expansion cards for it. The Roland JP-8000 was also one of my go-to synths of the time. The last few years I’ve been using the Roland Jupiter-80 which is seriously one of the most beautiful sounding keyboards I have ever played. Roland keeps upping their game and continuing to craft some inspiring hardware to work with. I am the proud owner of a Roland JDXA and it’s little brother the Roland JD-Xi.


I think as a travel keyboard, the JD-Xi is perfect for me because it packs a ton of amazing drum kits for modern music, awesome synth design. It’s light enough to take with me on adventures and a great writing companion for new ideas. It doubles as an audio interface so I can record directly into my laptop right away. Up above in the picture you can see what I’m traveling with (more on that later!) I have a packed year of events and performances coming up!


I’ve been working on presets for both the JDXA and JD-Xi and have been having a blast with both of these synths. However, I’m on the road again traveling once more so I’ll get back to the JDXA for live shows, touring and stick to my trusty new best friend, the JD-Xi for the adventures coming up for me in Los Angeles and beyond.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Justin Lassen interview for PCAudioLabs!

2015-09-28 19.09.04

PCAudioLabs flew out to my studio to interview me and talk about my new system with them which was made specifically for Windows 10. Check it out! I was consulting on Windows 10 audio for Microsoft this year up until release! (I met with Microsoft first at NAMM in January about it!) with the CTO of PCAL/Obedia!

Justin Lassen on using PCAudioLabs computers for production
”Justin Lassen is a musician, composer, remixer, producer and Sound Designer. Justin takes some time out today to talk to OBEDIA/PCAudioLabs about how his brand-new PCAudioLabs MC EX Special Edition Pro Audio Computer has changed his workflow and helped him create awesome music.
In this video we'll showcase the PCAudioLabs MC EX SE pro audio computer, PreSonus Studio One, Cakewalk SONAR, OpenLabs Stagelight, Intel SSDs, Intel 4790k Processors, ATI Radeon graphics cards, and Intel Water Cooling - all in the PCAudioLabs MC EX SE Pro Audio Computer.”


Get your own MC EX SE Pro Audio Computer today at
Check out Justin Lassen at


Here’s me checking out the new system for the first time!


The mad scientist and CTO of PCAudioLabs himself, Brian!


Computer surgery at my house!


Bios configurations and overclocking!


Finding a home in the Studio.


Brian testing out the systems video editing/rendering capabilities.