Friday, October 23, 2015

Justin Lassen visits DTS, Inc. in Calabasas, CA

dts_voodoo2A little background, because my blog wasn’t here back in 2001: I’ve been working with DTS since 2001, as far back as producing/mixing on the worlds first ever DVD-A’s 5.1/6.1 surround music releases back when DTS Entertainment was a new label for surround releases.


A bright eyed bushy tailed young bunny rabbit ready to take on the world. Look at that huge monitor? Can you believe we used to create on things like that?

Still proud of that work to this day. It’s so cool that in 2015 I’m still working on cutting edge surround remix music and technology with DTS! This is also the year I met Tommy Tallarico  for the first time back before there was Game Audio Network Guild or Video Games Live (his dreams turned reality). It’s been a surreal and cool adventure to watch his star rise over the years. When I met him he had a yellow Lamborghini with a license plate that said Video Games (I still have his CD-business card). :) So it was an honor to be on this release with him! I even got to help do some surround on his remix with Ted Price and Gary Mraz! (Who also introduced me to The Dust Brothers, Chris Vrenna, etc. back in the day.)


A young Justin exploring the dark side.


Gary Mraz from Studio Voodoo put up a sort-of-stereo version of my remix to their song “Rain” on his soundcloud page:

“Rain Recompilation Remix - This is a remix by me and Justin Lassen of a Studio Voodoo track from 1988. This track was featured on our 2002 surround album "Club Voodoo". There is no true stereo mix - someday I'll get around to it. I like this track a lot, but it needs a good stereo mix for sure to bring out the timing and the details. Much better in 5.1.” – Gary Mraz, Notes

I was introduced to surround audio and technology from Gary Mraz and Jon Kirchner back in 2001 who drove out to Gary’s home in Long Beach to help him tune his room for 6.1 surround mixing (where I was flown out to mix on their new record for a few weeks), he wasn’t the CEO of the company back then, but he is the CEO now! An amazing journey! I was re-introduced to DTS 2 years ago by my friend Samara Winterfeld where I got to hear DTS 11.1 mix technology in their studios and over the years I’ve been invited to a bunch cool stuff by cool people like Elicia Richardson-Ellis, Fred Maher and Brandon Gass.


I recently did some cool surround music for DTS again and was invited in to check out the mix that Bob DeMaa created! It was amazing!!! If you don’t know Bob’s work, he’s absolutely amazing and for me it was an honor that he mixed my music! That room sounds great for surround! DTS has come a long way and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the work we’ve done!

Thank you DTS! Thank you Gary, Ted, Jon and everyone who believed in me when I was getting started!


Found this old photo too. Yep even as far back as 2004 I was listed on the cover of EQ Magazine along with legends (above even!) like Roger Waters, John Carpenter and Harry Gregson-Williams! Thanks to my friend Steph! It’s been an adventure, this little career. :) This was the year I first released Synaesthesia to the world, and made audio visual in a big way that made big splashes in the CG industry. I am still the only composer ever to be featured in more CG magazines than audio ones. :)