Saturday, October 24, 2015

Justin Lassen at IndieCade 2015 in Culver City, CA!


I was invited out to check out IndieCade by Jayson Napolitano to meet a ton of indie developers for future projects this year! It was a blast to hang with friends and meet new people and just see all the exciting things that are being developed in the game dev scene!


This is Jayson Napolitano of Scarlett Moon Productions. I’m one of the international artists that he represents around the globe. I’m honored because he represents  some of the coolest Japanese composers in the world. Check out the website here and get in touch with him if you want cool composers to score your next video game projects!


Met up with Cade Peterson, thet developer program manager for Leap Motion!


It was pretty much inevitable that one day I would actually meet the princess. This was paper mario version of her, so she was a little flat, *da dump crash* but it was still cool!


Hanging with my buddy David Coombes (Developer Program Manager) from Nvidia. They were showing off a bunch of cool Android TV and game devices this year at the show. I think it’s great that companies like Nvidia participate in stuff like this!


Here I am with my buddies Jake Kaufman (bad ass composer brother, you might know him from Shovel Knight) and Jayson Napolitano!


This is Erlend Grefsrud, creator/developer of an interesting new game that he was showing off at the Firehouse called Myriad.


This is Gabe Telepak, and oddly enough we both are from Arizona. :) He’s the developer of that weird game about Pugs.


Two of my favorite companies representing at IndieCade this year. Intel and Nintendo!


Luis Antonio, developer of a game I found on Steam before I went to the show. An interesting Groundhogs Day style gameplay called 12 Minutes.


Cool game about Bunnies!!


Random bunny sighting. :) Some kids shirt. cool.


Henrik Flink, Swedish developer of a cool 4th person puzzling adventure game called Pavilion. Very relaxing and very Swedish in the best way, design and all.


This guy is cool, Alex Cote, we met at a bunch of previous events and proof that no matter where you go, this is a smaller community than we all think. He’s also an audio guy so I get along well with those types!


This was in the Southwest Airlines magazine on my flight over to LA that week, was so cool to see my talented sister featured in the magazine! Go Justine!

I met up with a ton of other people who haven’t sent me pictures yet, but it was a pretty cool trip all together. Thanks for reading!