Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015 from Daz 3D (Music & Audio by Justin Lassen)!

Happy Halloween from Daz 3D!

Hey everyone, Happy Halloween 2015! I was flown up to Salt Lake City, Utah and got to work on the music, sound effects and audio for Daz3D showing off some new models for their marketplace! We had a lot of fun working on this video so check it out! Enjoy! Mad respect to my collaborator at Daz3D Mark Madsen! I love working on fun projects like this! Thank you again everyone!


In case you wondered what I dressed up like for halloween. Me and the one and only Chadington Von Lichtenstein dressed up as extra characters from Mad Max Fury Road. Chadington looked awesome!

2015-09-28 21.07.30

Have a treat too. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Justin Lassen at IndieCade 2015 in Culver City, CA!


I was invited out to check out IndieCade by Jayson Napolitano to meet a ton of indie developers for future projects this year! It was a blast to hang with friends and meet new people and just see all the exciting things that are being developed in the game dev scene!


This is Jayson Napolitano of Scarlett Moon Productions. I’m one of the international artists that he represents around the globe. I’m honored because he represents  some of the coolest Japanese composers in the world. Check out the website here and get in touch with him if you want cool composers to score your next video game projects!


Met up with Cade Peterson, thet developer program manager for Leap Motion!


It was pretty much inevitable that one day I would actually meet the princess. This was paper mario version of her, so she was a little flat, *da dump crash* but it was still cool!


Hanging with my buddy David Coombes (Developer Program Manager) from Nvidia. They were showing off a bunch of cool Android TV and game devices this year at the show. I think it’s great that companies like Nvidia participate in stuff like this!


Here I am with my buddies Jake Kaufman (bad ass composer brother, you might know him from Shovel Knight) and Jayson Napolitano!


This is Erlend Grefsrud, creator/developer of an interesting new game that he was showing off at the Firehouse called Myriad.


This is Gabe Telepak, and oddly enough we both are from Arizona. :) He’s the developer of that weird game about Pugs.


Two of my favorite companies representing at IndieCade this year. Intel and Nintendo!


Luis Antonio, developer of a game I found on Steam before I went to the show. An interesting Groundhogs Day style gameplay called 12 Minutes.


Cool game about Bunnies!!


Random bunny sighting. :) Some kids shirt. cool.


Henrik Flink, Swedish developer of a cool 4th person puzzling adventure game called Pavilion. Very relaxing and very Swedish in the best way, design and all.


This guy is cool, Alex Cote, we met at a bunch of previous events and proof that no matter where you go, this is a smaller community than we all think. He’s also an audio guy so I get along well with those types!


This was in the Southwest Airlines magazine on my flight over to LA that week, was so cool to see my talented sister featured in the magazine! Go Justine!

I met up with a ton of other people who haven’t sent me pictures yet, but it was a pretty cool trip all together. Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Justin Lassen visits DTS, Inc. in Calabasas, CA

dts_voodoo2A little background, because my blog wasn’t here back in 2001: I’ve been working with DTS since 2001, as far back as producing/mixing on the worlds first ever DVD-A’s 5.1/6.1 surround music releases back when DTS Entertainment was a new label for surround releases.


A bright eyed bushy tailed young bunny rabbit ready to take on the world. Look at that huge monitor? Can you believe we used to create on things like that?

Still proud of that work to this day. It’s so cool that in 2015 I’m still working on cutting edge surround remix music and technology with DTS! This is also the year I met Tommy Tallarico  for the first time back before there was Game Audio Network Guild or Video Games Live (his dreams turned reality). It’s been a surreal and cool adventure to watch his star rise over the years. When I met him he had a yellow Lamborghini with a license plate that said Video Games (I still have his CD-business card). :) So it was an honor to be on this release with him! I even got to help do some surround on his remix with Ted Price and Gary Mraz! (Who also introduced me to The Dust Brothers, Chris Vrenna, etc. back in the day.)


A young Justin exploring the dark side.


Gary Mraz from Studio Voodoo put up a sort-of-stereo version of my remix to their song “Rain” on his soundcloud page:

“Rain Recompilation Remix - This is a remix by me and Justin Lassen of a Studio Voodoo track from 1988. This track was featured on our 2002 surround album "Club Voodoo". There is no true stereo mix - someday I'll get around to it. I like this track a lot, but it needs a good stereo mix for sure to bring out the timing and the details. Much better in 5.1.” – Gary Mraz, Notes

I was introduced to surround audio and technology from Gary Mraz and Jon Kirchner back in 2001 who drove out to Gary’s home in Long Beach to help him tune his room for 6.1 surround mixing (where I was flown out to mix on their new record for a few weeks), he wasn’t the CEO of the company back then, but he is the CEO now! An amazing journey! I was re-introduced to DTS 2 years ago by my friend Samara Winterfeld where I got to hear DTS 11.1 mix technology in their studios and over the years I’ve been invited to a bunch cool stuff by cool people like Elicia Richardson-Ellis, Fred Maher and Brandon Gass.


I recently did some cool surround music for DTS again and was invited in to check out the mix that Bob DeMaa created! It was amazing!!! If you don’t know Bob’s work, he’s absolutely amazing and for me it was an honor that he mixed my music! That room sounds great for surround! DTS has come a long way and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the work we’ve done!

Thank you DTS! Thank you Gary, Ted, Jon and everyone who believed in me when I was getting started!


Found this old photo too. Yep even as far back as 2004 I was listed on the cover of EQ Magazine along with legends (above even!) like Roger Waters, John Carpenter and Harry Gregson-Williams! Thanks to my friend Steph! It’s been an adventure, this little career. :) This was the year I first released Synaesthesia to the world, and made audio visual in a big way that made big splashes in the CG industry. I am still the only composer ever to be featured in more CG magazines than audio ones. :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Justin Lassen visits SLC, Utah for Daz 3D, R7, Yoga, Park City and Secret Projects!

2015-10-04 13.53.27

I was flown up to SLC Utah to meet lots of cool new people, look at some new projects, do some work with some companies and brainstorm some future big things on the horizon. It was a revitalizing trip for me in a lot of ways. A big thanks to my friends Shannon McPhee and Vincent Brisebois for sponsoring the trip!


This is my pal Vincent, bad ass guy and fellow technologist. This is us in Park City checking out some cool sandwich shop, we drove in his cool Lotus in some awesome weather with beautiful clouds and conversation!


He was filming me play with Daz 3D for some research at the company, it was cool to meet everyone and see how it all works! I have done 2 projects with them so far and each one was really fun. The first was the trailer audio for Morph 3D and the second was their companies Halloween video. Super cool all around!


My Razer laptop ran everything pretty good thanks to also having the GPU card.

An Introduction to Daz 3D

If you aren’t sure what Daz 3D is, you have to check it out, it’s a really easy to use no-effort 3D character creation software. Check out the video above. My friend Vincent is in the video showing this girl how to create her own characters and even getting them printed up!


In their lab they have tables of all kinds of 3D prints from characters and objects made with Daz 3D. The trailer videos I did were also made with Daz 3D with the Nvidia Iray renderer which is amazing. The way Vincent explained that type of rendering to me is that technically it could render forever if you wanted it to and the detail would keep refracting the light and surfaces, very interesting.


I did Yoga for the first time. Shannon McPhee is amongst many many other things in different industries also one of the teachers for Schole Yoga, a cool type of Yoga that even someone like me can get involved with, without being overwhelmed by remembering all the poses or being perfect.


She brought me out also to talk to the teachers and consult a little bit about my ideas on how music and yoga can work together to create a better experience. In this photo one of the other instructors of this Yoga was DJing with Djay2 (an app I demo on stage around the world.) It’s kind of cool to have a live DJ and smart lights to make the experience even more personal. I was so inspired after that class that I was creating musical ideas in my head. Madison was great!


It was cool to finally meet R7 in person, they were doing a show in town so I got to go up on stage with them and check out their performance and gear. Really cool artists and glad I met them. I brought them on board the DJ Pon3 My Little Pony Remixed project to collaborate and they did a fantastic job! Really great musicians!

2015-10-03 00.38.07

Brandon rocking one of my favorite keyboards, the Akai MAX49, which you’ve seen me on stages around the world with for various performances! It’s such a versatile controller that it makes performing really fun!

2015-10-03 00.50.11

This was R7’s protégé they have been working with, who did a fantastic job giving a nice DJ set that night before R7 went on.


Here he is, DJ Caicedo.


Utah is so clean looking!

2015-10-04 13.52.41

Great driving weather!


I love running into people with DJpon3 shirts on at shows. I’ve noticed that ever since producing the official Djpon3 album for Hasbro, I meet more and more people who want to take pics and stuff.


I also meet so many kids around the world who love Djpon3 and these 2 girls actually went to Build-a-bear and made me a Djpon3 animal and they were so excited to meet me. I think it’s cool to be associated with such a cool character and I love seeing kids smile and get into really cool music! I remember when I was working on it I would test it with kids during the production process and working with my collaborators to make sure the tracks were cool for the fan base of My Little Pony. It’s neat that even 5 year olds can rock out to well crafted EDM music! Much respect to the MLP fans everywhere! and thank you girls for the DJpon3 character!


“Window seating”. Yeah sometimes Southwest, you are so funny.

I also met with a bunch of people that I don’t have pics with because they were just meetings, but I was asked to help out on some Steve Wozniak projects and stuff too, so I’m sure in the future I can talk more about that stuff. Most of my life seems to be in the shadows until the world is able to hear about it. My Little Pony was 2 years of silence before I could talk about it. Wonder what I’m working on next? :) Time will tell.