Saturday, September 26, 2015

Justin Lassen at Sony Pictures Studios for Mix Magazine’s Sound in Film conference!


Me and Zach Winterfeld doing some serious mixing on a big serious production on an even bigger and more serious mixing console. I look at this console and think “wow that could easily just be a virtual session and be fine). We’re doing our best impression of John Rodd! (just kidding, love you John!) :)


Firstly my biggest special thanks goes to Karen Dunn the mastermind behind this event. Thank you so much for inviting me out. Every time I get to see her I feel lucky to know her.


Me with the one and only Bob DeMaa! A mix engineer extraordinaire at DTS! I heard his work on the Cymatic piece from Nigel Stanford and it’s totally breathtaking and amazing mix to experience in a proper theater. I’m working on some stuff for DTS and I am honored that he will be mixing my tracks in surround!


Here I am with the events/experiential person for DTS Tera. Let the brainstorm sessions begin! She’s got so many great ideas and an awesome personality and just rocks.


Me walking around the Sony Pictures Studios lot checking things out. Look I don’t even have a name-badge? Just a blue bracelet of awesomeness!


This is a pretty cool mixer. I think it’s something Hans Zimmer might like because it’s Yamaha’s first controller for Cubase. Each 16-track section is 13k. So basically a big mouse for Cubase, the same way Avid makes controllers for Pro Tools.


One of DTS’ amazing surround demos about some frogs.


checking out Dolby’s ATMOS demos with a room full of experienced engineers.


The Nigel Stanford surround piece is mindblowing. Even in stereo its amazing, but in DTS surround its mindblowing. Bob DeMaa is the man!


Fred Maher, another completely bad ass amazing mixer from DTS, showing a group just how fun and cool and intuitive the surround tools are at DTS. I’ve seen them both, and they really are something special.

Mostly this was a great chance to meet a ton of engineers and audio professionals. the keynote was amazing and everyone at the show was really great to talk to and meet. If we took pics, feel free to send them to me. Thank you all for a fantastic experience!