Friday, September 25, 2015

Justin Lassen at Oculus Connect 2 in Hollywood!


A zen moment before the show in VR.


Hey all, at yet another Virtual Reality event, this time the Oculus Connect 2! Over the last few years I’ve been invited to check out, consult for and work with some of the top VR talent and companies all over the world.


Here I am checking out the new Oculus Touch games, my friend Lee Perry was showing off his game Moon Strike which was really fun. I also enjoyed Bullet Train from Epic and several other cute games worth checking out.


Me, Lee Perry and Dave Taylor. Notable game developers and family.


Me with Tai Crosby, the CEO of SilVR Thread.

I was at this event thanks to SilVR Thread, which is a stereo 360 immersive VR video company. They specialize in a video experience that allows you to look down and see your body interact with the environment. Most of the VR video content on the market is Hero 360 stuff that is monophonic and various resolutions. Seeing your body allows you to feel more in tune with the scene as a participant and not just a fly on the wall. This is particularly useful for training situations. Samsung’s VR guy made a statement in the press after our meeting bringing up one of our examples (training and surgery).


If I had to describe a Virtual Reality conference in a picture it would be this. Everyone has some sort of HMD on their face and they are checking out something cool. In this situation we have a bunch of amazing bad ass luminaries and companies checking out the SilVR Thread VR experience that we brought to the show. From the Left we have Brandon Gass (DTS), Emmanuel Marquez (CTO, StarBreeze StarVR), Tim Sweeney (Founder, Epic Games), John Carmack (Founder ID Software, Oculus), Jim Wilson (Samsung VR Director), André Lauzon (Producer, Cirque Du Soleil VR), etc. Not a bad group to be showing off VR to. :)


Childhood hero and inspiration. John Carmack (Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, etc.) All the way back to the Commander Keen days. I’ve met most of the ID Software guys over the years, so this was a happy happenstance. Thanks John for the insight and checking out our stuff!


Cymatic Bruce showing me his Altspace VR experience. Very cool VOIP VR chat client for Gear VR.


Brandon Gass, my family from DTS.


Sydney Crawford, our VR representative for the show.


Me and Erix Arocha, producer and director. He’s a bad ass working with all kinds of radio charting artists like Walk The Moon, Small Pools, Neon Tree’s, Tove Lo, etc. Lots of magical collaborations in the future!


This is James Green, developer of AirMech games, which you should all check out. Front Line Assembly did the score to his game and I will be doing some remix content with FLA thanks to James!


Marton Varo, creator/camera/artist and fellow Tea drinker.


Ben and Joel the audio leads for SilVR Thread!


3 of the coolest dudes! Brian, David and Tai, the core team of SilVR Thread. Brian the adventurer, David the jet-setter and Tai the visionary. They have a beautiful dream and it’s fun to witness.


You can’t see it very well, but this is John Carmack live coding in front of the audience, creating a VR game for Gear VR on the fly. :)


Me with AndrĂ© from Cirque Du Soleil, he’s the producer of the VR experiences there and what was ostensibly supposed to be quick hello/goodbye turned into a 3 hour discussion about technology, art, music, experiences. Great guy!


Cool Oculus guy who said I was the most exciting person to test out their experiences. What a great compliment. :)


Tai, Justin, Brian and Cymatic Bruce.


#inthepresenceofgreatness (this was on twitter so I am reposting here.)


A chance for the SilVR Thread VR team to hang out and bond a bit more, was a worthwhile trip for all!

There were tons of other pics that people need to send me, but for a quick snap shot of some of the people I hung out with at the show! VR is exciting and I’m happy to be a part of it with so many talented people. Special thanks to Dave Taylor for hooking me up with a Samsung Gear VR headset.