Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Justin Lassen Presents Somniferious: Part II featuring John Angelo Cramer


About this time last year I worked closely with an absolutely amazing violinist/musician named John Angelo Cramer that I met at PreSonuSphere 2013 the prior year and we released Part I of a new series of music together called “Somniferious”, which lead to great acclaim and reviews! There is a bigger picture here and we have been working all year on Part II of this series and I am proud to say that it is finally released and ready for your ears! Many thanks to world renowned photographer and artist Renee Robyn for the beautiful cover artwork and imagery again. This time we added John’s amazing vocalist and operatic singer daughter Julia to the mix for some of the most heartfelt and darker tracks in this series. I am so proud of the evolution of this project and the way it came together.

"Collaborating with Justin to create the world of Somniferious has been an exhilarating year-long rollercoaster ride for me. There’s been a real give and take throughout the project. I have learned so much from Justin and have been inspired by his imagination and sheer technical virtuosity. At the same time I’ve been able to share my ideas with him and to experiment with my own creations. Often, something new and unexpected emerges which causes us both to say, “Wow!”. It’s that sense of adventure and wonder, which I enjoy as much as the end product itself. In short, we work well together and bring out the best in ourselves and each other." – John Angelo Cramer (August 2015)


"In Somniferious: Part 1 we focused on creating a sleepy netherworld, atmospheric and trance like. The mood was more internal, reflective, intuitive. While there were moments of rhythmic exuberance and explosive hits, the overall tone was more inward, ambiguous, and enigmatic. Somniferious Part 2 is a departure of what we created in Part 1. The tracks are more rhythmic, dramatic and extreme, with lots of driving movement. While there are quiet moments in Part 2, the music maintains a relentless intensity infused with sharp edges, forcefulness, and definiteness of purpose." – John Angelo Cramer (August 2015)

If you haven’t heard Part I yet and are interested in Part II, they are both available in digital format as well as collectors physical digipak format from the Nimbit store (where you can also listen to samples free!)! Each one tells a beautiful piece of the full story. We will have more social media and blog updates to accompany this release so stay tuned for more information as the project continues to evolve!


"Somniferious is that “in between” state of consciousness where one is not fully awake or fully asleep. It’s the borderland of sleep, a place where solutions and answers meet the questions that fill our own lives. A state of mind where we meet our fears and our fantasies, where physical reality intersects with the expansiveness of eternity."