Saturday, July 11, 2015

Justin Lassen’s PCAudioLabs system featured in Microsoft’s Windows 10 Presentation at A3E 2015!


In January at NAMM 2015, me and my colleague Brian from PCAudioLabs/Obedia were approached by Microsoft. We’ve been consulting with them about Windows 10 Audio for a new generation of their operating system and how it can benefit and help musicians and audio professionals (We’re talking to you WDM). Windows 10 is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more proud of how it performs!


“PCAL was approached by recording Artist and Intel Music professional Justin Lassen to build a custom computer showcasing the Intel 4790k “Devil’s Canyon” processor. The system will specifically feature Windows 10. The MC 7X SE incorporates Intel Water cooling for a stable 4gHz operating build for pro audio production. The system will be used in presentations, and so a windowed custom case was utilized to allow viewers to see the computer components.”

PCAudioLabs is a leading Pro audio computer maker –

The system was configured by PCAL for pro audio production, as per PCAL specifications, which take into account some proprietary tweaks and optimizations for Windows for pro audio production, as well as an exhaustive test process for all hardware, to ensure a smooth user experience.


Pete Brown even gave me a shout out specifically during his Microsoft keynote presentation on stage and live to the world! Thank you Pete!!! (if you want to hear that, skip to about 20 minutes into the video!)

This keynote, hosted by Microsoft, looks at how Windows 10 brings new opportunities to musicians and music app developers. Find out about the engineering going into Windows 10 and beyond to better support musicians. Dream about the very real possibilities of virtual performance and augmented reality through devices like HoloLens. Discover how the maker culture and music cultures are coming together to build new devices and capabilities for music performance.” (link to the video at NAMM’s official website)

Obedia/PCAL will have a proper write up with technical specs and performance information! Stay tuned! We also plan on showing off my system in more detail later this summer!


Bala Sivakumar, Program Manager for Microsoft giving his talk at the A3E 2015 Exhibit Hall/TEC Tracks area! A warm friendly guy and an exciting future for us audio people!



Thank you Microsoft and PCAudioLabs! I’m excited to work on my future projects with this system on Windows 10!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy day our #DjPon3Remixed album reaches #1 and #2!

[This image was drawn/painted by a super talented artist named Tsitra360 and I spotted it on Twitter this week. I’m amazed!]

Thank you everyone out there who has picked up a copy of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DJpon3 Remixed album from Amazon! Thanks to you we’ve earned some cool positions! We really do appreciate you helping us make this project a success! We’re right next to that Timbaland empire album, that’s pretty dope! :)


iTunes buy link:

Full URL:

YouTube album preview:

Soundcloud album preview:


I love that we beat out Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, He-Man and Defiance soundtracks in the Hot New Releases category!!

DJPON3-amazon-best-seller 2015-06-25 at 12

And we reached #2 after release in the Amazon Best Sellers category!

DJ PON-3 iTunes 2015-06-22 at 9

The album is currently featured on iTunes' New Music page - let's help bump it up the charts!