Saturday, June 13, 2015

Justin Lassen invited to StarBreeze Studios + VIP Party @ House of Blues LA!


Partying with StarBreeze at the House of Blues in Hollywood! Nice to hang with my Swedish friends!


Hey guys! I was invited to LA to visit StarBreeze Studios LA office and got to meet the teams, the leaders and the crew. These are some of the most dedicated creators on the planet and it was a complete honor to be invited to check out their new technology and games!


And here I am shooting away at #TheWalkingDead Zombies inside some of the worlds best VR technology! Fully immersive. I tried it more fully at the office as well! I even wore the shirt I got from Robert Kirkman at Skybound when I was doing work for them!


StarBreeze holds a very special place in my heart. I have been a fan of them since the 90’s! They’ve gone through several metamorphoses over the years and have put out amazing work, whether it was web design, UI, games or entertainment. I seriously love these guys! So much magic behind this door!


These two amazing gentlemen are Manu and Bo (CEO). Seeing these guys interact with their team was absolutely amazing. It felt like a family there and they definitely are defining the future in so many ways. For me this was a special moment.


I got to meet the team being the StarVR platform as well. It was great to get to know these gentlemen at the parties, the office and at E3 (more on that later!). I’ve had the chance to wear a whole bunch of HMD’s on the market, and I believe that StarVR is one of my favorites!


Georgia is amazing to me. I wouldn’t be here without her and It was seriously so cool to meet her and I look forward to many more adventures! Even outside of Starbreeze she has such amazing work she does! Thank you Georgia for making this possible for me!


They are working on The Walking Dead VR game which they announced at the party to the world, and they have cool stuff like this at their office!!


It was cool to have a reunion of sorts with my friend Hutch. He’s worked on a ton of cool games like the Call of Duty games and now Payday2 stuff!


Of course I am naturally going to want to meet the sound guys at Starbreeze! Awesome swedes! #audionerdsunite


I wrote “War, War Never Changes…” on their wall. :)


Partying and checking out the VR games!


Payday2!!! In the flesh! Right outside the House of Blues in Hollywood!


Cool VIP’s and celebs coming to the party on the red carpet!


Zombies were in full effect at the party!


The house of blues in hollywood is being shut down. Sad. Classic joint.


Upstairs looking down as the guests arrive!


It was so cool to run into a friendly face! Brian Gomez! Super cool guy and I look forward to working with him again!!!


Lionel showing off some StarVR to the VIP guests!


Demian (Studio Head) giving an impassioned announcement about the companies, the people, the technology!


Almir (Branding) talking about the relationships and partners that StarBreeze is working with now!


And our hero, Bo, showing the world this amazing new technology for the first-time ever! #StarVR (it’s under that cloth)

And thanks to StarBreeze for inviting me to E3 2015 this year!