Thursday, June 18, 2015

Justin Lassen @ E3 2015 in Los Angeles!


Thanks to StarBreeze I was invited to E3 this year! I made sure to bring lots of cool designers, celebrities and industry friends to their booth and 505 games booth and private rooms as well! It was so cool to check out all the new games and things coming out this year and next year! I am incredibly proud of these guys and the dreams they making possible.


First stop, I had to check out Starbreeze’s booth, which was at the entrance of west hall! It was constantly packed and via social media during the conference, became one of the most talked about companies during the show!


One of my favorite new games coming from Nintendo is an editor that lets you make mario levels in any of the art styles and generations of the game! Absolutely cool.


I guess that was my child hood, and I guess it’s still going strong for millions of new children today. Thank you Nintendo for staying consistent and exciting!


Yes, mario. I’m going to show these pictures because, yes.


Super packed booth! Go Yoshi!!! (and StarFox)


Speaking of Yoshi!! This game is seriously fun to play and the artwork is gorgeous! It plays just like you would remember it, but all perfectly fit for the Wii-U!


They had people come up on stage to play different mario levels and things.


I love that the Yoshi Amiibo’s are made of yarn!! :)


Lara Croft took time out of her schedule to take pics with fans. This new game is gorgeous and one of my favorites from the show! My friend Rhianna Pratchett works on it! So proud of everything she does!


Hanging with the lead designer of Rise of the Tomb Raider.


Very cool guy from 505Games. He let me cut the line and bring VIP’s to check out Adrift VR experience. Behind us is Richard Garriott (Lord British) whom I invited to check it out! :)


Speaking of thy Lord British. It was a cool honor to meet him and hang out throughout the week. He’s got a gorgeous game called Shroud of the Avatar, which he was showing off at the Razer booth! He invited me and my friend into the beta! I’m excited to play!


I invited him to also check out TheWalkingDead VR experience at Starbreeze’s booth as well!


Super cool to meet Anthony Gonzalez at E3 as well! Love that he’s into cool stuff! #M83 I think we started brewing some seedlings of ideas together. Exciting.


Checked out all the cool new Razer stuff. I’m typing right now on a beautiful Razer touch-screen notebook, and I’m looking forward to working more with them!


This year at E3 there were a lot of statues and animatronics and sculptures at almost every booth. I really liked this one and I am really looking forward to #Fallout4




Big thumbs up for Chris Avellone! (he was posting up thumbs up pictures all week at E3!)




I feel kind of famous! I got to visit a wasteland! Or atleast take a picture in some kind of retro post card photobooth thing. So for about 10 seconds I was totally featured in their booth. win! :)


Me looking at some Doom stuff.


E3 had a nice presence at the show this year.


The XBOX Elite controller was amazing. I even got one of the only 500 special edition GearsOfWar button plates!


Lines to go check out the gameplay of Tomb Raider!


One of the Long Dark creators! (I’m proud of these guys because my buddy Dave Chan is working on this!) #pancakes


Two musicians, displaced and at a gamer show? Come on! Yes, we are normally very dark and very gothic (it’s true!)


StarBreeze FTW!!!!


E3’s various ant trails.


I also checked out AntVR, but it felt like something from 1995 running Rise of the Triad in DOS.


Sony’s Morpheus VR HMD! I loved it. Thanks to Raphael and Jeffrey for inviting me in to check it out! I saw an awesome scary game called KITCHEN.


Bunches of cool new games. It’s difficult to even tell you about most of them!


Hitoshi Sakimoto (amazing japanese composer) playing some indie games. One of the days of E3, my game manager took us both around to meet all the indie developers!


Jayson Napolitano is my game manager! Thank you Jayson for hanging with me at the show!!


More zombies! Amazing makeup work!!!


This guy was my FAVORITE zombie of the entire show! Great job Starbreeze and Skybound!


Awesome indie developer of this cool musical rhythm game!


#Ksicgames #Ksicfaces I met this guy when were checking out the new StarWars Battlefront game! I guess he has a nice channel on youtube where he plays games and stuff.


I got to meet a stormtrooper!! and not at Disneyland, which makes it even cooler!


I got to play it and I LOVED it!!!


My friend John Feil! Thank you for the figures!


Hitoshi, me and Jayson!


One of the developers of the Morpheus! A cool guy to talk to! (thanks Jeff and Raf!)


Another cool Razer guy! Woot!


The creatures from LittleBigPlanet!


A musician creature with a guitar on his back!


This is like a 10  year reunion for me and the independent Luc Bernard, artist and creator! He was showing off his Death Tales game on a PS4 in the indie section at Sony! Long time friend and I couldn’t be more proud of this guy! I knew him when his games were just little drawings on scraps of paper in a village in france!


Awesome composer friend Jake Kaufman! one of the most bad ass composers for some really cool games. This guy is truly eclectic like no other!


Proud of this guy! Doing Virtual Reality at Starbreeze Studios! He has proven himself to be invaluable to the team and company! So happy for him!


The talented, the lovely, the extremely gifted world traveler, artist, famous pro photographer, model and creative muse! This is one of my absolute favorite humans on this planet! Thanks for hanging with me Renee! This is our reunion from when we last hung out at NAB 2015 earlier this year.


Okay, you know I have a thing for rabbits. well.. these guys are might rabbits, and that’s their studio, so I just had to plant the seed of us making games together. Just you watch!


innovators and VR amigos. Jeff and Raf! Thank you guys for the splendid encounters at the show. We traded VR demo lines. :) I’m excited to see what cool things they make! I was absolutely impressed with their passion, knowledge and refreshing take on VR. They seem to know like everyone too, It’s fun to run into fellow knowers. :) Thank you again guys!


This is Ayako. She helped Jayson with the interviews for Hitoshi Sakimoto for the English/Japanese translations. She’s also a gifted audio person too and worked with the audio mastering engineer of John Williams (whom I recently remixed.)


This guy needs no introduction really, he just happens to have created the sound design and music for some of the games we all love and appreciate. The one and only Matt Uelmen! #diablo #starcraft #torchlight


Kenny Meriedeth & Vince DiCola (Rocky, Transformers, etc.). Very cool to be amongst these fine gentlemen. We were at a special dinner with our manager who brought us all together to meet! check us out on Jayson’s company site.


Kyle Gaddo, game writer! Cool guy to talk to at the show! thanks for taking pics of us all!


That’s a big check!


Happy people! I wish I took pics with more of them!


Zombies shooting zombies?

Okay this blog entry was long and kind of disorganized but I wanted to show you at least a glimpse of some of the stuff I did and some of the people I met. Like always there were a lot of behind closed doors meetings and things I can’t talk about on my blog (yet), but I was so thankful to be at E3 this year, and again special thanks to Georgia and Starbreeze for making it possible for me! Thank you for making me feel like part of the family! I love you all! There were so many celebrities, luminaries and amazingly connected people I got to meet as well, and so many people have pictures they still need to send me, so I’ll update this entry when more show up!