Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Justin Lassen speaks to Influencers and Bloggers in Beverly Hills

I was invited to present and speak to a wonderful group of bloggers, personalities and influencers about AIO devices in LA.


I showed off the capabilities of the AIO device that is part of my setup. It has become my everyday goto system for different projects, as well as business calls, blogging, editing, etc. A very capable machine. I had my trusty Roland VS-100 and Roland Apro800 running alongside Cakewalk Sonar Premium. I also showed off the new Rapture Pro synth that was just released.


My dream team. Miles and Pam. Taking care of me, I wouldn’t be where I am without their help! We had a great sushi dinner the night before my talk and presentation!


At home I’ve been using different AIO (All In One) devices to accomplish many different tasks. This AIO device is a beautiful 27” touch screen that allows me to produce artists that I work with from my couch! I am working with this new artist, who had previously released a track on a game score I produced. In this setup we’re using PreSonus 1818VSL interface, Blue Microphone and the PreSonus mixer software with built in compressor/EQ/FX. :)


My other AIO device I setup another portable studio in a different room of the house. We record strange and made up instruments for this session.


Re-stringing my violin for some new samples and textures. I’ve been working again on Somniferious with John Angelo Cramer, and we’ve got some amazing stuff on the way this summer.


What’s with all these shots? well. I’ve started carrying around a camera with me for a new vlog and channel I will be starting soon. A lot of people have been asking me to do this for a while and are curious what goes on in my world.


in Burbank, CA, I went down to JH Audio for a listening of their in-ear monitors for me. Thanks to my friend Dinah. Center Stage was a cool place. This is the Artist Relations guy!


It was an honor to come down to their office and meet them in person! JH Audio does in-ear monitors for everyone from Trent Reznor to Pharrell Williams to Justin Timberlake to you name it! :)


Just before my trip. You’ll be seeing more of this in video form soon enough. I have some cool new cameras for this adventure!


Of course since I was staying in Beverly Hills, I stopped by Lakeshore Entertainment to turn in some work and also catch up on new things we’re announcing! Working on a few new projects with them!


It wouldn’t be a trip without visiting my friend Zach from TransAudioGroup! This is my brother.


Goodbye Los Angeles!