Thursday, April 16, 2015

Justin Lassen at NAB 2015 for Intel with Renee Robyn!


This year I was invited to show off 8-core processors, SSD drives and new 4k screen technology for Intel at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas! This year I worked alongside my good friend and pro photographer Renee Robyn! We were kicking the wheels of this technology, meeting lots of people and rocking the scene! :)

I also got to be a front page item on this week for the stuff I did at ISMC 2015 in February! Thank you Intel!

Check this little video they did on me during that private event.


Music and Art. an AIO device running Photoshop (4k), and a workstation PC running Cakewalk Sonar Platinum!


See that little “drive” in my hand? That’s actually the Intel Compute Stick which is an ENTIRE PC computer running Windows 8.1, fully functional but on a tiny little device! I’ll be working with these guys on some future stuff! Stay tuned!


Partner in crime during this show!! I brought her into the Intel family earlier this year, and I couldn’t be happier for her. A cool video and stuff is coming out about her soon! She’s one of the hardest working photographers in the world, last year alone she had 105 flights, and she rocks on almost every continent in the world. We’ve got some amazing stuff in the works.


Here she is working on some art. We were live Tweeting from the event all week long, with progress, photos and updates! Check her out on twitter @RobynReneePhoto and my twitter is @justinlassen


Rocking my In Flames shirt. You gotta properly respect the great music of our time.


This system was decked out with Intel SSD drives, Haswell 8-core processor (Core i7), and built by CYBERPOWERPC.


Look at this cool Devil’s Canyon 4.0Ghz processor. Yum. :)


Hanging with Dennis Yu from Wacom! Looks like we’ll be working with Wacom more! Dennis was really cool to us!


What? Renee rocking an In Flames shirt too? Twins! What does this mean??? She’s drawing rabbits on the new Wacom tablet for me! Smile


She even drew this rabbit just for me on the big screen at the booth!


Me and my long time friend and collaborator at Sony. They were showing off SpectraLayers Pro 3, which looks really fun to use!


The Intel Xperience Zone area at NAB 2015! South Hall, upper level!


Korean BBQ with good friends, filmmakers, photographers, wealthy entrepreneurs, nurses, actors, etc. Pretty awesome food!! classic!


Me and Renee backstage at the Cirque Du Soleil show “KA”! We got a special VIP invite from Cirque! What an amazing show. a 180 milion dollar production! Seeing how all the machinery and stage stuff works back there is mind blowing. I had no idea so much goes into these kinds of shows. It was an honor to experience this with Renee!!


Elaborate audience stage venue!


It was a pleasure for both of us to spend time with David at Intel during the week. We talked about a lot of amazing stuff. Mind-blowing stuff on the horizon!


A special highly for me was running into my friend and iZotope family member Kim Pfluger! She’s so wonderful to talk to, and I feel lucky to know her and get a chance to continue to change the world of audio and work on cutting edge iZotope products!


The world is small. It’s cool to run into friends who know friends. This server/throughput technology allows for 3 4k streams at once, and us used on tons of shows such as “House of Cards”. NAB is a usual reminder for me that the world is getting smaller and smaller and it fees like the industry is turning into “The 1 degrees of Justin Lassen” at times, with just how connected I am in multiple industries around the world. I have to step back and think of how surreal that is sometimes. Thank you all!

There were more photos but they are all on other peoples phones. If they send them to me, I’ll update again. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for tons more exciting announcements, releases and events!


As usual thank you Intel for letting me get a glimpse at the future. This is 12 years now of working with Intel all over the world, and launching products with you guys! I am lucky and happy to get to work with so many wonderful Intel folks. Thank you so much Jeff for making this happen for us! And a special thank you to Renee Robyn for absolutely killing it with her amazing artwork.