Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Justin Lassen shows next-gen audio technology at SXSW 2015!


Getting in the spirit of SXSW and setting up some cool audio technology demo’s! Thanks Raj for helping with the sound system! I was asked to come out to Austin and bring some awesome to the show! Later I was told by the organizers I was quite the influencer, and made a million new friends during time I was in Austin! Thank you Austin and thank you SXSW and Intel!

OpenLabs Mini-feature about DJ/Composer Justin Lassen at SXSW 2015!


I was showing off eDJing, StageLight, Virtual DJ and other technologies optimized by Intel engineers on a few different platforms. Primarily on an amazing Razer Premium Notebook, but also some 2-in-1 devices and a sweet Dell Android x86 tablet!


wikki, wikki!


Awesome ladies who helped put on this event! Very cool to hang with them!


The one and only Bob Duffy (and his lovely wife) at Intel! Thank you for bringing into cool futuristic projects!


My new Intel Real-Sense buddies! Both made really cool games that utilize your body as the controller, and both were amazing to talk to and brainstorm future ideas with! We’re pioneering new ground now that you’ll all see in the near future!


Austin really is the Live music capital. This band had wireless stuff on their guitars and everything and were walking all around this venue. I think they did a great job, and it was fun to go explore and see some live music during the festival!


I Performed/DJ’d at Moonshine in downtown Austin, TX!


The streets were all blocked off in good fashion and a million parties and networking events were all colliding together in an insane brawl for attention! Lots of great energy at the festival!


I love creepy tree’s!


Cool Skylines in Austin! And yes, it was “weird”. I know it’s their kind of official unofficial slogan, but it’s totally a weird vibe, but I loved it!


Intel #TechDevMixer showing off cool Real Sense technology, Internet of Things demo’s, and many other cool developer projects utilizing a bunch of core technology from intel. Lots of cool prizes, tablets, etc were given away at this amazing mixer/networking event!


I’m here with the whole OpenLabs team (creators of StageLight) kind of a family reunion of sorts! All of these people are awesome and have a beautiful dream that I’m honored to be a part of! (even if I am looking at a totally different camera… there were like 15 cameras in front of us.)


Austin Sky, just missing the “batman” spotlight logo! Totally a Gotham moment with all that fog and overcast!

Many more pictures and videos were take and I’ll update if people send them to me! Until next time, onto more adventures!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Justin Lassen Performs and DJ’s at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona!


I was asked to perform/dj some cool music technology at Mobile World Congress 2015, which is one of Europe’s largest conferences. It was very much rivaling the size of CES back in the states. It was my first MWC, since normally I am at GDC (Game Developers Conference) at this time of year (first one I missed in 12 years). For me it was a chance to try something new, use some of the latest technology and demo some cool music creation software as well as DJ a pretty cool party (even played some Spanish music!). The people who went to the party, Intel gave FREE tablets to!:) That’s how we roll!


It was also incredible to explore the city of Barcelona, and see the tourist spots as well as just walking around and getting lost. I loved every bit of it. I think Spain is beautiful in general.


This is the one and only Kellie Bayer and Jim Curry, whom I had the wonderful chance to work with on this project. Thank you guys for bringing me out to shine for you! They had this amazing street artist do this paintings/drawings on the wall in real-time throughout each day at the booth! (What’s THAT? My Little Pony’s DJ Pon3 on my shirt!?)



One of my favorite ladies at Intel! She rocked this show! Awesome technological bracelets using Edison technology too! Thank you Kellie, you mean the world to me!


Andy stopped by at the DJ stage area!!!

Some of my favorite tech demos was seeing things like Unreal4 working on Android and looking beautiful. I also loved the various Intel RealSense demos. I checked out a few Virtual Reality companies doing things in the mobile space as well. I’ve become a respected guy in the VR space giving advice and strategy to various technologists and renowned engineers around the world, and I’m excited to see where VR is going. We are at the dawn of some pretty fantastic experiences.


This was as FUN one!! I LOVED this demo!!!!!!! That’s me actually having real fun!!


I worked on a pretty stellar remix of “Walk This Way” (RunDMC Version) that people loved. And in my StageLight version you can create your own version of it, on the fly, in real-time on an Android x86 device! Lots of people came up and tried that out and loved it!


I created the track layers from scratch with virtual instruments, effectively re-creating the song without the masters was a tricky task, but the end result was FUN. :)


A couple other awesome Android x86 applications were Djay2 and eDJing, which take advantage of the Intel Atom processors. Djay2 had the ability to pull tracks from Spotify, and eDJing had the ability to pull tracks from Soundcloud. This is one of the DJ setups of the future. Imagine being about to rock a festival, a party, a crowd with just a tablet. You can! That’s where we live now, in the future. You can still do all the cool effects, scratching, stuttering, real-time processing that you do with Serato, Pioneer or Traktor, but you can now do it with a touch screen interface. Having the WiFi access to soundcloud allows you to pull down a lot of my good friends tracks too, even if I don’t have their MP3s!


I rocked a lot of favorites, but also over an hour and a half of my own tracks, remixes and productions. I got a lot of mad props from people in the audience and a lot of cool people coming up to the DJ stand and taking a sincere interest in the technology as well as wanting pics with me, so it was fun to show them how I was doing it, right in front of their eyes, so they could say I wasn’t just “pressing play” and the applications actually allow for a lot of real time performance and expression. I also showed them that they could do it too!


That’s me testing out the tablet using Intel WiDi technology to show the tablet on a 60-inch display while it was playing audio from the optimized applications!


More tests with the various DJ Apps.


Intel gave away cool prizes to people who explored their booths! Also these super cool mustaches! I tweeted this and Intel retweeted it!


Intel INDE for the win!! I even installed the new Intel Bong Song Remix on the tablet in StageLight! :)


Yep, that’s what it feels like to be DJing on touch screens now! (this was from an Intel magazine where they did this article about me using the latest technology.)


My badge of honor for this trip. I was JL from JL :)


Beautiful and Gaudi! I always wondered where that expression came from “It’s so Goddy” Smile


I loved this pose.


I loved that this door looked like a bunch of alien symbols and language. I took my RealSense camera (the same one in the commercials with Jim Parson’s and Intel.) and took a bunch of RealSense pictures around the city too.


I had a lot of other brilliant adventures and pictures. It was another trip where a lot of people wanted pictures with me which is becoming more usual. I don’t feel more famous or anything, but it’s kind of cool that people would want to take pics with me. You guys all rock! Thank you Spain and thank you MWC and Intel!


this place was huge! Could be a cool video game tournament level for an FPS game!


This stair case spiraled down for 60 meters. It had a perfect spiral too!


Top of the tower!!! (scary!)


Seriously a scene out of a cool sci-fi movie set!


in the crypt! :)