Thursday, February 12, 2015

Justin Lassen special guest at ISMC 2015


I can’t say too much about this event. In fact, I can’t really say anything other the fact that I was a special guest at the event showing off some amazing next-gen technology. As no cameras or footage was allowed to be taken at this event, a lot of cool stuff was shown. It was like seeing the future. Intel is always working on the future, one of the reasons I love working with them.


Bunny ears!! :) I showed off technology as it applies to musicians and audio people both consumer and professional.


My little travel music workstation in my hotel suite from Razer. :) For power on the go editing and creation.


My big workstation from Intel, featuring 8-core’s of Haswell-E Core i7 Extreme Edition, with 64GB of ram and a RAID of 10 top of the line Intel SSD drives. Things loaded EXTREMELY FAST. Almost too fast.


Liquid cooled!


Fancy! Smile


Ready to rock my talks and showcases!


A music creation area! showed off both Sonar and Studio One for their multi-threading capabilities.


The band TRAIN was performing and they did awesome!! I was up in a box.

It was amazing to be invited and I made a million new friendships and sparks of ideas. I think (no joke) I had a couple hundred Intel people ask for photos with me during the whole week long trip. What an honor, I have so much respect for all of these people!