Thursday, January 29, 2015

Justin Lassen at NAMM 2015 Highlights


I was invited to NAMM 2015 this year again. It has become sort of a family reunion at this point with the entire industry. Over the past 12 years, I’ve worked with over 25+ of the top audio hardware and software manufacturers in the world helping make the presets, loops, sound design and products that millions of people around the world use in their music every day. It feels good to be one of the sound designers out there working on some of the biggest plugins and synths in the world! I love sound! I love our industry and I’m grateful for all the amazing people I get to work with. Thank you!


Ready for day 1! Thank you PreSonus for bringing me out this year!


Here I am with Jim and Jim of PreSonus! Co-founder and CEO. It was an honor. I’ve been invited into a product advisory board alongside great people like Ryan Teddar! Thanks guys!


Thank you Anna for everything you did for me!



Here I am with the one and only Jayjay Katfyre! He was doing a demonstration in the PreSonus booth dissecting some of his production techniques!


Ron, Marketing Director at PreSonus! We go way back! He did all the ads and print stuff I was in for Behringer years ago! He’s doing great stuff at PreSonus now and they had a fantastic show!


Wesley, product manager for PreSonus. used to work at NOLA with Trent Reznor back in the good ol’ NIN day. She’s got some exciting stuff happening and I wish I could tell you about. :)


The other Jim at PreSonus, and my brother from another. He’s worked on a little of this and a little of that, and has been amazing to work with on new cool things. Thanks Jim for everything!


Carlos, awesome fellow sound designer, has worked on a lot of stuff over the years including EastWest stuff and now new PreSonus stuff!


Here I am with one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever met. Fiercely talented, incredibly intelligent and my photography counterpart. Anyone who gets a chance to hang with her should count themselves very lucky. It was an honor hanging out with one of the most artistic, sincere and beautiful photographer/artists in the world. Thank you Renee! This is our 1 year NAMM-aversary! :)


What what? who’s this? This is Teddy Riley, one of the most talented producers in the business. Super cool guy, fellow PreSonus artist! :)



Here I am with the Neon Trees again. Always wonderful to run into these guys. I performed a cover song of their track “Animal” at CES, and we were all just checking out the NAMM stuff this year and doing meetings. Chris (left), and Brandon (right).


My friend Karen, who runs the TEC Awards each year. I am blessed to know this amazing woman.


My partner in crime at Blue Microphones, Ben! To quote my friend BT, they make some of the best Mic’s I’ve ever had the chance to work with. True blue.


Dinner at Jazz Kitchen at Disney Downtown with Ameria, Mitch and Mike. Tradition.


The new guard. yes you heard that right. We’re the new cool in this business. Our sounds are everywhere, and the old guard love us just the same. Watch out world. We’re your favorite artists’ favorite artists. :) Seriously. They told us. Rich absolutely ROCKED it at the Akai booth! Members of Weird Al, Nine Inch Nails, and a loads of others were hanging out!


My Steinberg friend, and fellow composer. He’s also a DAMN AMAZING pianist! He works alongside AR Rahman, one of the most successful composers in India. He travels the globe giving cool concerts and continually surprises me with all of his stuff. We will work on movies together. Mark my words.


It’s not a cool conference without this great guy. Michael Gallant, industry writer extraordinaire (Keyboard Mag, etc.)  is one of the most sincere writers in the business. He makes me sound smart, and adds me to cool articles. We had dinner with one of the Jim’s at Disney Downtown. He’s got some awesome new music coming!


Awesome new pal from across the pond! This is Ben from ATC! The makers of some of the finest monitors in the world. Scratch that, probably the FINEST, period. If you don’t know, you don’t know what you’re missing. This is like Tesla level stuff! Pre planning my custom models. Winking smile


Long time friend and AMAZING keyboardist from Roland U.S.! Ed, you are an inspiration to me and I’m so honored to know you!


My favorite new Roland gear coming out! I want this! It looks sinister and evil! I might do some presets for it! stay tuned!


Hanging out with my friend Brian Botkiller (left), Bala (center) and Pete (right) from Microsoft. Bala and Pete head up the audio development efforts for Windows 10 and have asked us to consult/advise on features and certifications for them! Brian and I are very excited to be working with Microsoft! And we are even more excited about Windows 10 for audio!!!!



Jim Heintz, creator of Timewarp2600, and honored at the TEC awards even. Also created the interface and designs for the new Akai ADVANCE series of keyboards, which were my favorite new controller product of the entire show!! This thing is amazing and I can’t wait to play with mine!


Albert Fox was awesome to meet! Jim introduced me! As a composer at Mutato Muzika, he has created a lot of cool music for various tv shows and movies and etc. Including working on “Everything is Awesome” :) I’m excited about the chance to do stuff with him!


Mark the VP at InMusic Brands, cool guy, has had me along at several InMusic events over the last few years. Congratulating him for a fantastic show this year.


Playing with some Roland AIRA stuff. Nice little Roland Selfie :)


This little synth was one of the most inspiring new synths I’ve seen at the show, and I instantly felt inspired to write tons of new songs just by playing with this thing.


It was really awesome to run into Ed Lima at the Roland booth! Seriously he saw me doing Selfie’s with the new Roland gear, and recognized me, so we caught up! One of the best game composers in the industry, it was great to chat with him!


Vince (left) and Simon (right) from InMusic/Akai/Air hanging at their booth! We talked new projects, new ideas and sweet future stuff. I love these guys like family!


One of my favorite things of the show this year was from my good friends at Orange Amps, who made this cool interactive marker board that teaches musical theory, transposition, etc. I learned on chalk boards, so this is so great that kids in the future will learn with boards like this. It has a midi keyboard built in, with 4 sounds, and has this active stylus magic wand that can transpose and demonstrate notes. Really cool that I’m seeing a lot of the music companies branch out into Education!


Long time collaborators and buddies. Alex Westner is amazing and from the first day I met him nearly 10 years ago, to today, he’s always doing cool stuff. I’ll always be grateful to know this amazing human.


Yeah! designer worked on Iris 2 with Izotope. Brad was awesome! We met in skype conference calls when working on stuff together, but this was great to meet in person for the first time! I loved doing presets in Iris 2!


Future generation, pianist/songwriter extraordinaire! Go Mitch!


Met my friend Amerias friend Cliff Brodsky. Really cool producer guy. She spoke highly of him and he was super cool to talk to. The thing we had in common was we both know Charlie Clouser (NIN).


Hanging with Omar Hakim at ATC!!! Amazing guy!!! Super friendly, super talented and both of them were warm and open to the ideas of collaboration, which is pretty much a damn honor!!! thank you guys for hanging with me for a bit!!


Kim at iZotope, super rad bad ass. She takes care of me and helps me rock on stages and at talks whenever I need my iZotope family. I am proud to represent with her, and think the world of this amazing woman!


Hanging with Dennis White!! Thanks Ameria for introducing us. He’s a prolific composer and producer who has worked on all kinds of shows and movies and records. We hit it off immediately and I think he’s one of the coolest guys! We are also both Roland artists!


I love this guy. The one and only Anthony Baldino, fellow preset designer on some izotope plugins. We’re working on some new movie soundtrack tracks and taking over the town, one bunny rabbit at a time!


Axel, CEO of uJam. My amazing german brother now. We hit it off immediately as we were introduced by my other super tall german brother Wolfram!


This is Wolfram, he’s actually leaning down, but he’s 6’8” tall!! There’s another picture on my blog showing is exact height. Tonight he was wearing a manly flower shirt that was kicking everyone’s ass! :) VP at uJam!


Andy Hong from Tape OP recording magazine, was hanging with all of us at Sam’s Club. (Samara reference). he got us all dinner that night, thank you Andy!!! Check out his stuff here!


Mike Gitig, biz dev at G-Tech, they make hard drives for artists. He’s also worked at Gobbler and many other companies. We’re in so many of the same circles its amazing it took us this long to hang out in person!


Me and Dot! She’s rad! She was the Artist Relations at Apple, Inc. and is a fellow musician and beat maker, as well as consulting and biz dev for various clients and cool companies. She showed me some really awesome software that figures out the key a song is in, really useful for production and DJing and so many other things. I am so glad that I got a chance to meet her and chat with her and I can’t wait to do more stuff with her! She’s got several cool things on the table!


Steve Turnidge, amazing mastering Engineer! Check this guy out! He had one of the coolest business cards that unfolded like origami! Seriously very prolific and highly respected in our business. Wonderful to see eachother!


Karl at InMusic! Looks like I’m going to be a Numark DJ. Excited.


Me and Dale at PreSonus. Talking graphic design and artistic tools.


I went to the She Rocks Awards 2015 during the show. I saw performances by Colbie Callait, Orianthi, etc.


Jeff, product designer at iZotope. He was one of the original employees back in the day. This the first time we’ve met, but we’ve been working together for years. Magic ideas. You’ll see.


I introduce to you, “The Beard”. No seriously, this is Ray, the designer of the Studio AI, there is even a beard icon included in the product!! :) I’m pretty sure we talked about some world domination strategies that you will all witness in breathtaking glory coming up.


Melissa at iZotope, we were checking out cool stuff at Gibson. I met so many friends and new people at the show this year, I can’t even begin to tell you this blog should be even bigger but I don’t have all the photos sent to me yet, but it was a stellar show and all of us audio nerds have exciting things in the works for all your audio lovers and music creators. NAMM 2015 was just a taste of the exciting stuff happening this year!

Thank you for checking out a few of the highlights of my amazing trip to the show! Until next time, stay tuned!