Saturday, September 13, 2014

Intel Presents “The Intern’d”–2 new Episodes! + New Symphonic Composition!

Hi everyone! If you remember a few months ago, I acted in 3 episodes of an app commercial thing for Intel. Well, guess what? There are finally 2 more episodes. This time, it is about Magix Movie Edit and Magix Music Maker. Both are multi-platform (Android and Windows) applications for mobile and desktop.


I actually created all of the music and audio for both episodes using ONLY Magix Music Maker. Since I am a professional musician and composer, If I am being asked to promote some software, I want to be sure that it can actually deliver what it says it can deliver. I think Magix Music Maker is pretty close to being the “GarageBand of PC” in it’s simplicity and yet-still-advanced features.


(This is the “dancey” track that my character creates)

I created all the music while on the go, in hotel rooms and airplanes, with a portable midi keyboard and headphones. In fact, in one of the commercials, you see the actual keyboard (M-Audio Keystation Mini 32) and actual headphones (SOL Republic) that I used to create the various tracks of music for these two commercials. The music was created on a Sony Vaio Tap-11, Intel Core i7 touch-screen tablet. So each of the tracks, the transitional music, the scene music, the funny music and all the genres, are capable of being created with Magix software in a real-world broadcast quality commercial like this! :)


There are more “bunnies” in each episode. Keep an eye out. as usual… big ones, small ones, drawn ones, etc.

“Magix Music Maker” Episode
“Magix Movie Edit” Episode

Overall, it was a fun experience again to work with Opus, Intel, and my amazingly talented co-stars Chip and Katie. I also loved my new costume in the latest episodes, so thank you writers and company for stylishing me up a bit. :)

Oh yeah, and I also wanted to share with you a “period piece” styled composition called “A Thousand Goodbyes To The Kingdom of Hungaria” I created using ONLY Magix Music Maker’s built in string ensemble instrument. It was inspired by some of my memories of when I lived in Budapest! It was actually pretty damn awesome. I created it at a time when I was inspired by the TV Series “Mr. Selfridge” and well, the typical Justin Lassen dark classical sound tends to sound like Fairy Tale meets Period Piece, if I was to make a guess. You know me. :)


Please Enjoy!