Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly–Eleventh Anniversary!

Here’s to the chamber suite that helped put me on the map in my European adventures. Time flies, but some things stand the test.

"Justin does "noir" symphonies. His music consistently surrounds me without really trying. When I listen to the music, it doesn't take long for me to feel something. The best way I can describe it is a dream. I don't experience it as noir, I experience it as beautiful. His music is real and exists at the level of genius." – Tim Taylor

"And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly" is the set of dark chamber classical music that helped put me on the map and gained me a ton of fans. It first launched in 2003, selling out instantly, and then became a download staple of the pirate community with millions of downloads around the world. After a while you lose count. This symphonic suite was made in a time before VSTs, sample libraries and the ease of technology. This was truly a hybrid live orchestra/electronic music, with no cheat codes or plugins. It went on to get a lot of attention by Rolling Stone, Billboard and even Playboy Magazine. It allowed me to perform string instruments, sing vocals, and create a dark but hopeful vision as a young composer. To this day, I am proud of this 35 minute suite of music. 11 years later, it's amazing to know that so many people are still moved and touched by this music. Thank you everyone!


My birthday present today to all my friends is that I've uploaded my first dark chamber symphony from 2003 for the first time on Soundcloud in full, for you to enjoy. 11 years later, still timeless. Very proud of this fairytale dark story (try “goodbye face”) about me as a young composer and even some of me singing (try “in my little box”). Yes there was a time when sample libraries, VSTs and virtual instruments didn’t exist the way they do in abundance today. This was created with hardware and real instruments. A truly hybrid electronic/orchestral concert for your mind. This was my first symphonic contribution and taking a stand as my own artist, for the first time in my life and earned me a reputation with classical societies in Europe and got me my start over there, I put my heart out there and made a statement as a string player (try “a broken timepiece”) and a pianist (try “they’re finally seeing through you”). which gained me amazing fans and notoriety around the world. Thank you all!!! It’s meant to play out as a story, so enjoy the ride (try “nightmare’s come alive”) The final track is pretty intense and thought provoking and has over 40 layers of my vocals as a younger kid (even the falcettos) (try “what’s behind us and what lies ahead”).