Friday, June 6, 2014

Adventure’s in LA, Game of Thrones, Lindsey Stirling, Recording Industry Golf Tournament and Eastwest Studios


I had a pretty eventful last two weeks. I came out to LA to work on a special remix of the “Game of Thrones” theme mixed with the Lindsey Stirling track “Crystalize” for a special remix/mash-up for a client event. Here I am checking out several of my mixes and projects on at the legendary EastWest Studios.


The one and only Candace Stewart and I after our meeting at EastWest Studios. Wonderful lady and we’ve got some cool things planned. (thanks for also inviting me to the birthday party!)


Chilling in the backseat while my mix engineer buddy Zach checks on some of his mixes we worked on during the trip. At eastwest studios.


Hollywood sign. :)


I had a cool meeting with Avid, and got to check out the new S6, which looks pretty killer at their studio.


Thomas Graham, WW Marketing Manager for Post at Avid. Wet met at the 2014 Recording Industry Golf Tournament in Malibu. We’ve got some great stuff planned too! :)


Nice day at the Malibu Country Club. Basically a wonderful gathering of some of the biggest people in the music industry of all time. It was an honor to be invited.


I invited the singer/songwriter/artist from Hungary, that I met at ASCAP Expo 2014 last month to the Golf Tournament with me. We’ll be doing some television and movie themes and tracks this year. She’s working alongside some pretty big people in the industry… world look out!


Before that, we gave her a tour of the Blue Microphone’s facility where she picked up her Yeti Pro. She’s now a Studio One user too! :)


Overlooking the ocean at “Studio Malibu”


Here I am with David Levy, owner of “Studio Malibu”. Both of us are big EDM supporters and creators, so we hit it off instantly. He just had Ron Howard and Chris Hemsworth over before I got there, and Zedd is working there on new stuff right now.


The view!


I was invited by my good friends Samara and Zach to this fancy dining in movie theatre 3D experience of “Maleficent”. It was totally awesome!


Samara and Zach also treated me to Universal Studios! I loved it! I’ve never been to Universal Studios Hollywood before.


It’s me with a “minion” from Despicable Me 2.


A beautiful bike ride I did while at the Malibu park.


I had to do a dorky picture of my visit to DTS. I caught up with my friends there about our projects, Fred, Christy, Elicia, Brandon, etc. All awesome people! HPX 11.1 continues to impress people. They launched the 20th anniversary Soundgarden 11.1 app while I was there!


European dark chocolate bunny!


The cover for the “Game of Thrones” and “Crystalize” mash-up! It was a fun mash-up because one of the tracks is in 3/4 and one is in 4/4, so it was cool to checkerboard them. I also used a million instances of the Play engine for all the orchestral parts.


Believe it or not, it did not include a single sample or stem from the original tracks of either artists. It was all created from scratch without masters of any kind, yet sounds awesome.  :)


Of course we used some of the new tools from my friends at Air Instruments, which we’re all really proud got released!


Zach took my Studio One session into Pro Tools and used the Universal Audio plugins and things on it. It was cool having him mix my remix.


Zach got m this cool bunny picture! :)


This is one of the remixers/artists I’ve worked on with a few projects. I’ve hired him for a couple things in the past, and he continues to always do top notch work, always delivers and has a fantastic attitude and humble spirit. Very rare, actually. He was in town to be on a game show, so I took him out to eat. I even had vegan food! :)

I did a bunch of other stuff on the trip that I wish I had pictures of, but more stuff is on the way. I also stopped by Lakeshore to drop off some project files for some cool upcoming stuff, and was invited to Grammy/Oscar winning AR Rahman’s studio in Hollywood, one of the coolest indian composers in the world. No pictures allowed, but it was a very awesome studio! I got to see and hear a lot of fun projects he’s working on. I also caught up with my good buddy Kevin who works with him and many other projects, from Steinberg. More adventures soon!