Friday, March 21, 2014

Justin Lassen Presents at GDC 2014 in San Francisco!


I presented again this year at GDC 2014. As usual, GDC is a great conference filled with some of the best people on the planet, making some of the best things we all love and enjoy… video games!


I love mario!!!!!! I support Nintendo and everything they do. I made some new friendships and partnerships with them this year! It’s going to be cool!


I love the parties at night as much as I love the show itself.

You actually never know who you are going to meet. I’ve been going to enough GDC’s and video game events over the last 10 years, that sometimes it feels like I know everyone in the business and just as cool, that they know and recognize me! It’s one of the few conferences I goto that people stop me, and say “Justin Lassen!!!” That’s always a good feeling. I love these guys! Over the years, on many blogs I’ve done photos with tons of people from game designer celebrities all the way to cool composers and programmers. So it seems redundant to take pics with all the same legends. Check my other blogs for photos of that stuff. This year, was cool, I ran into a lot of random people I didn’t think I would meet.


This was cool, I got to meet Peter Molyneux. One of the legends of the game industry and creator of Fable amongst many other cool things.

I also got to chat with this wonderful sound designer/composer named Cris Valesco thanks to my friend Dave Chan. We had actually met at GDC last year, but only this year did we finally spend a little more quality time. He’s super cool and I’m honored that I’ll get to work on some remix music for a cool game, with him.


This cool, cheery smiley eyed guy is named Josh Glazier. I haven’t seen him in a long time! I’m so happy we ran into each other. I was in line at Starbucks, and I heard “Justin Lassen!?!” and I turned back and it was Josh! Josh is an AMAZING programmer and speaker. He also teaches at USC too. He founded a company called Naked Sky over 10 years ago, and made some amazing games! I composed the score to some demos and a full game, called RoboHordes, which at the time was released with all the Intel Dual-Core Pentiums when “multi-core processing” was first introduced to the world from Intel. Time flies! You can actually play the game, which was one of the first ever UE3 games to exist! It was so great to work with him!



This fine lady is Kathy Browning, whom I first met up in Portland working on the Intel commercial. It was cool to spend a little time with her, while at the Intel booth in the Expo hall. We talked music, technology, tablets, Walking Dead, etc. Thanks Kathy!


Me talking to one of the composers I grew up listening to! He scored a lot of games in the 90’s! The “Fat Man”!!! (7th Guest, Wing Commander, etc.) George A. Sanger! (This was at the IAsing party) George is awesome, even he was like “JUSTIN LASSEN!!” hahaha! awesome! what an honor!


Kurt Heiden, chairman of the IAsig is a really cool guy, has a whole world of audio experience at many different companies, and helped create standards that we use today in audio. We first met after I became a sponsored AkaiPro artist, and kept in touch. He also worked at Creative Labs, Bose, etc. Thanks so much for inviting me to the party!


That’s a sparkly Swarovski crystal DJ-Pon3. Why? Because I announced in an interview that I’m working on a special music project for Hasbro/DJpon3! It’s sounding awesome, btw!


NMERCER, Dave Chan and Justin Lassen! We hung out last year at GDC, so it was so cool to all hang out again! Dave Chan has done audio direction for some of the best games on the planet from Bioware. I look up to that guy!


As usual, I did a presentation about audio software, plugins and apps, sound design, etc., but I also did a couple of video interviews too. I did a video interview with both ISN TV and Graveline “Into Tomorrow” radio show. I’ve done interviews with them in the past, so it was cool to catch up and share what I’ve been working on. [I’ll update when videos are sent to me]

Dave Graveline interviewing Justin Lassen 2014

I showed off two tablets, one is an Asus tablet with an Intel x86 Atom Bay Trail processor, and the other is a Windows 8.1 Tablet with a Core i7. I showed off several bits of software on each, including “FL Studio Mobile” and “Caustic” for the Android platform, and “Sonar X3 Producer”, “Nectar 2”, “Iris” and “BreakTweaker” on the Windows tablet.

Justin Lassen on ISN TV (GDC 2014)


FL Studio for PC was one of the first music DAWs I ever worked on. I have been using it since 1.0! To this day, since the mid 90’s, they continue to break ground and try exciting new things, so I felt it was worth showing off! I was also one of the first 5 “Power Users” on their artist page… I’m old school FL!


Caustic 3, is equally as cool though, and it was awesome to meet the programmer of it! I’m happy to help support his hard work too!

I also spoke to over a dozen awesome game composer friends who all tell me they use my presets in Iris, in their games and stuff! Wow!! I love hearing that! It’s cool that the game audio community has embraced iZotope Iris so lovingly!

Furthermore, I also showed off a cool app called “Lightbot” made by a new programmer colleague in Canada, that teaches children programming and understanding procedural coding. (it is available on Android and iOS)


I also met up with some cool game industry agents who were interested in having me on their roster. It should continue to be a great year!

Many thanks goes to my sponsors @intel, @cakewalkinc, @izotopeinc for supporting me at the show this year, some lucky people walked away with full copies of some amazing software after my talk!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Justin Lassen acts in his first ever commercial! sneak peek!

I was flown up to Portland, OR, to act in a commercial. It was an amazing day and awesome learning experience! I have so much respect for actors!


Quiet on the set!


The director and my co-stars!


My first-time face! :)


The people who made me look good!

More info on this later… stay tuned…. to be continued! Smile