Saturday, January 4, 2014

Justin Lassen remixes The Pattern Interrupt/Attila Metal Track for New CD Release!


Last month I was asked to do a special industrial remix for newly signed TPI’s new CD which comes out next week! It features additional vocals from Chris Fronzak of Attila! Both bands are stellar and it was fun to bring the remix back to a cool Aphex/NineInch/Clouser kind of vibe, paying tribute to some greats while adding some modern electronica sound to it as well. That was a picture of us hanging out before the project started. Happy with the way it turned out!


Nihil Studios, ftw! Smile

Fronz from Attila endorsing! :)

Not sure who Fronz or Attila is? check this video out!

One of the coolest bands on the planet! from Atlanta!

Not sure who TPI is?

TPI rocking a great show with Chadington Von Lichtenstein fronting!

Look out for more from these guys in the months to come! My remix appears on their official label release along with 8 other awesome tracks!