Friday, January 10, 2014

Justin Lassen presents at Intel and Gibson @ CES 2014!


I was at CES 2014 this year, and what a wonderful year it was. I was presenting with Intel and Gibson this year! We were showcasing digital audio workstation software running on 2-in-1’s and tablets, full sessions of music. I created the backing tracks and performance tracks for the Intel Superstars 2013 winner, Sara Lindsay!


My two favorite things I saw at the show were Oculus Rift and Headphone X (11.1 surround) technology. I can just imagine them working together. I have said since the show, that DTS’ HPX is the Oculus Rift of Audio. Yes that’s me in some sort of space simulation, getting dizzy. It was so realistic and cool, and when I got up from the chair, I was pretty dizzy. But I can see the potential in many different scenarios.


Here I am with the Intel Superstar 2013 winner ‘Sara Lindsay’ on the Gibson stage with the touch screen tablet that ran her live performance! With us is a new friend, and awesome Cakewalk guy Dan Gonzales! He was extremely helpful in setting up the show each day with us! Thank you Dan!


This is one of the Henry’s at Gibson (EVP), really great guy, made us feel welcomed into the Gibson family as artists and musicians! Everyone at Gibson has been so great to us! We’re excited about the future!


Sara’s track, the remixed version I created for the show!


The tablet is a Sony Duo Tap 11, with Intel Core i7, 4GB, 256GB SSD, and ran the software awesomely. A lot of big Intel bosses were impressed by our presentation! The tablet was not plugged into the wall, and still running optimally. The audio interface was a TASCAM interface. TASCAM and CAKEWALK are  Gibson Brands now. Everyone at Gibson was super cool to work with!


Of course, as you might know, I did a track on the “I, Frankenstein” motion picture soundtrack! Thanks to Lakeshore, a box arrived at my hotel, so that I could give away copies to the audiences at my presentations at Intel and Gibson!


This is Alex Madrid, all the way from Europe! Who does the events and stuff for Gibson! From the conference calls, all the way to the show, she did fantastic work, and I look forward to working with her again!


Another shot of me and Sara Lindsay, with Philip Van Lear (actor and host) on the Intel stage at CES!


Went to a bunch of parties of course with different companies I work with. This just seemed like a cool abstract shot. Looks like a NIN album cover. :)


This was at the DTS party. Pretty loud and awesome. Met a bunch of people from different companies, and they even gave us our own “special table” heh. Thanks DTS!


This was a scene out of the Sol Republic party, at Tryst. I met a ton of amazing people from a lot of cool tech companies that night, and built a lot of great new friendships and partnerships! 2014!!


We were invited to the Monster Cable Fleetwood Mac concert, which was cool. I didn’t realize how many songs they wrote, and they were just as cool as ever!


Sara was going over the track on the tablet! :) She’s the coolest musician, very confident and just owns the stage! I love working with her!


It wouldn’t be a high-tech show without a annual shot of me and my friend Vincent Brisbois, who is kicking major ass at a company called Fusion I/O, which you all use that technology and don’t even realize it! Smile


This is cool, we were invited to the Harman party that announced the partnership between Linkin Park and Harman, on some exciting new speaker technology. They were performing Faint! Naturally! That room sounded great, it was at the Hard Rock Hotel “The Joint”, which was mixed superbly, you could hear everything clearly, and Linkin Park brought everything they had and did a fantastic performance! I met some of the Harman guys too for possible projects!


This is the one-and-only Jenny Brinkley and she’s amazing, just absolutely amazing! I can’t remember where we were when we took this shot, but it was a lot of fun to hang out with her and her group called “The Brigade” while exploring some of the CES showroom floors!


This is Sara Lindsay and her dad who is a film and tv producer, who has worked on a ton of cool shows! He is such a proud father and great supporter of his amazingly talented daughter Sara! We all had a great time exploring Vegas and chatting about all kinds of stuff!


This is my new family, Christy from DTS! Thanks to her (and John and Elicia) I get to work with some cool musicians and cool technology. It was great checking out their CES demonstration of Headphone X! We’ve got some exciting things in the works. :)