Saturday, January 25, 2014

Justin Lassen Presents at iZotope @ NAMM 2014 in Anaheim, CA!


NAMM 2014 was one of the best experiences of all the previous NAMM’s that I have been to. This show taught me a lot! Firstly, that it feels like I know everyone in the Audio Industry. 4 days just isn’t enough time to meet everyone you want to meet up with! And that the positive vibes and attitude of all the companies and people this year, far supersedes any previous year! It was a magical show!


I was doing a presentation at the iZotope booth in Hall E. I had a nice crowd, and even one of my producer heroes attended from NIN! The talk was cool, I showed off both Iris Synth (which I did the factory presets for), and also Nectar 2, showcasing how I used both tools in the creation of my track for the “I, Frankenstein” movie track I did, as well as an upcoming EDM release that I got a chance to sing on! My talk was Saturday right before BT’s presentation of iZotope’s BreakTweaker software which we’re all extremely proud of! You’re all going to be using and we’re excited to start hearing it everywhere. We’ve seen 10/10 reviews everywhere! Pretty cool!


I usually give away cool prizes at the talks I give around the world. This year, thanks to my sponsors PreSonus, I gave a full copy of PreSonus Studio One Pro 2.0 Professional, which was the DAW software I was demoing the plugins and projects in on stage! We were getting “oohs” and “ahhs” for each of the prizes, it was adorable.. :) My demo was running off an Intel Core i7, Ultrabook.


Another lucky audience person walked with with a full copy of “iZotope Iris +5”, which I’m very proud of! I love spreading the joy of Iris. I also gave out copies of “Nectar Elements” and of course the “I, Frankenstein Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” to members of the audience!.


All in all it was a fun demonstration, good show, great audience, and everyone left with smiles and happiness!


Here I am with the one-and-only Charlie Clouser, producer/engineer/remixer/keyboardist/sound designer of Nine Inch Nails! Great to see him after my talk! He’s always been one of my personal heroes and he’s a legend that helped usher in a generation of artists on the map and supportive. You buy that NIN remix album, and find out that it is his remixes that are the best ones. Nobody does it better! We will be collaborating on cool stuff.


If you don’t know who this guy is, you should. He’s an amazing sound designer in his own right, having done trailer music for some cool movies like Zero Dark Thirty, Prometheus, Avengers, etc. as well as being an accomplished musician. We hit it off just about instantly, and plan to do a side project together of awesome magnitude! He helped me setup my presentation as well. Anthony Baldino, I am proud to call you a friend! He’s also a heavy Iris user, which naturally makes me happy!


Long time friend, and amazing guy to work with, Alex Westner. Behind some of the best software in the industry. It’s not a NAMM until Alex and I meet. I’m excited about the stuff that we’re working on next!


Love this lady! Amazing to work with, and she’s been extremely supportive at many of my shows and presentations! Thank you Kim Pfluger! She’s also got a really cool studio! singer, songwriter, all around multi-talented bad ass!


What’s this? Yes, that’s Sara Lindsay! The Intel Superstars 2013 winner! She signed up with Gibson and performed at the Gibson room on Floor 3 at the NAMM show! She’s working on a new album now, and we’ve vowed to work together more! Sara, I’m proud of you! Keep writing golden songs and giving amazing performances!


Yep. Pretty bad ass. Ran into this cool musician, that we all know as Munky, co-founder/guitarist of the nu-metal band Korn. That’s what is so fun about NAMM, you really never know who you are going to meet.


Like this guy! one half of the electronic duo “Case & Point” which happens to make bad ass electronica music. He gave a talk humorously called “From Dunce to Deadmau5” talking about BreakTweaker and how we can now all become EDM experts pretty quickly! TJ was awesome to meet! Thanks Vikki for the introduction! Like most people I meet, I think we’ll probably be doing more stuff together. Great guy to talk to, awesome communicator and spot on demos!


There she is! That’s Vikki! Otherwise known as Victoria Kane, a musician, writer, and has worked at a bunch of cool companies, including iZotope. She’s off doing fantastic things in LA now, working with different cool celebrities and stuff. you know, the usual. :) She’s also been extremely helpful on introductions for me for some of my upcoming projects. She’s a good friend and awesome person to have on your team!


This, my friends, is Vivek Maddala, an extremely talented and award winning composer/musician. We always never have enough time to talk about more stuff, but I’m going to make it a point this year, to work with him one something! I feel incredibly happy in his presence! Thanks Vivek for the joy that you share with us all!


I’ve been running into this fine composer more often at shows. We’ve becoming pretty good friends by now, and I’m excited that he’s now living in LA! Which leads to us most likely working on some big project together in the next few years (just you watch!) This is Sam Hulick, video game soundtrack composer. He worked on all three Mass Effect video games with other composers, as well as mobile games and even new music in the special edition of Baldur’s Gate!! (one of my childhood favorites) Sam and I always discuss creativity and well, a wide plethora of topics. He’s a great conversationalist and also Iris user! Welcome to the west coast!


I’m smack-dab-in-the-middle of two extremely talented musicians. On the left is Mitch Rivet, a singer/songwriter/keyboardist, about to make a splash with some cool material which I’ll be producing!, and on the right of me is Chris Allen, the guitarist of the alternative rock band Neon Trees! We go way back, way before the cool clothes and cool hair and stadium filling awesomeness. Smile Just kidding, he’s always been cool. Let’s just say we go as far back as smaller gigs, venuesdiners, living room remixing sessions, Root Beer Tasting parties (which he was right, Henry Weinhardt’s did actually win!), and thanks to him and his band, I was able to do a pretty cool remix for The Killers. Thanks Chris! I’m so proud of you man!


It wouldn’t be an amazing show and experience if not for my wonderful manager, Lissa and her musician friend Ronnie! Thank you both for such a fun night. Zakk Wylde’s band “Black Label Society” was rocking out right behind us! Now THAT is the way to end NAMM! :)


This is Jim Mack! CEO of PreSonus! We met at PreSonuSphere 2013 last year, and he’s been so supportive of me as a musician, so I just love getting the chance to talk to him! He wanted me at NAMM this year and he said we’ll fix that next year! Thanks Jim! And thank you PreSonus for the continued support and love. Rachel, Ron, Jim, Steve, Cave, and on and on, you all rock a lot!


That’s Rachel! She’s been elevated to the Artist Relations position at PreSonus! She’s one of the best people in the music industry today and knows a lot of people (even the descendents of one of my favorite writers)! She’s helped connect me with so many great people since we met, and she continues to be one of the strongest people!


This is Simon Bangs, and despite the camera around his neck, he’s not just a photographer, but a definitive and critical part of InMusic Brands in the UK. At my DJ gigs overseas, he’s the most helpful, heartfelt and dedicated guy to work with. It’s people like him that make InMusic (Akai, Alesis, Ion, etc.) strong brands to work with.


Me and Jim Boitnott! Are working on something special at PreSonus, and I can’t say anything now, but just you wait! We were introduced by Rachel at PreSonuSphere last year, and have been scheming to work together on next-generation cool stuff! #tobecontinued


To shake this up a bit. I played “hooky” the last day of NAMM and went to Disneyland! I went on that rollercoaster thing with Zack Winterfeld, audio engineer/specialist and all around cool guy! We happen to be in the car that had the hot mom and daughter duo! It was not as scary as I thought it would be to be on that rollercoaster…


However… to be on the Hollywood Tower of Terror, it was exactly as scary as I thought it would be and I probably won’t be going on that one again!


This is Raj from OpenLabs. Thanks to him we got hooked up with Linkin Park at CES 2014! Excited about new projects… If you haven’t heard of OpenLabs, you should check it out.


Proud of iZotope for walking away from the Tec Awards with a win! and a few other cool wins this year!


BT was performing “Flaming June” at the opening ceremonies of the awards show! I looked up to that guy as a young composer, and It’s just awesome to see everything he’s done over the years. It’s been an honor to work on some of his technologies over the years. Fantastic guy once you meet him in person.


He and iZotope launched BreakTweaker EDM future drum machine plugin this year at the booth! The TEC Awards went off well, and thanks to my friend Karen Dunn, I was invited as a VIP. It was an honor.


What? Yep. That happened. I got my friend Christy into NAMM this year. She’s working on really cool stuff coming up! She still owes me 499 drinks. Just kidding.


She invited me to the Foundation Room at House of Blue’s in LA! I felt really VIP and special for a night! We talked about tons of stuff, projects, ideas, dreams, and she asked me the tough questions, and I loved that! She’s instrumental in helping me with some of my upcoming goals as an artist, and I respect her guidance wholeheartedly!


Samara and Zach, sitting in a tree. Well, not a tree, but at the Hollywood Tower of Terror. They are awesome people. It’s been amazing to work with Samara over the years at a bunch of different companies in the audio world! One of a kind, and the kind of person you want on your team. Thanks guys for fun times, and I’m glad we got to show Zach the Jazz Kitchen! We didn’t eat bayanettes we ate beignets. (I didn’t get my french right) Some throw-back-thursday moments of a younger Justin hanging with Samara, Alex and George at Jazz Kitchen!


This is Cristian Machado, singer of Ill NiƱo, a friend of mine who I brought to the show this year, introduced us. Great guy, and I’ll be trying to help him out this year on some stuff. One of the hardest working guys in the business!


This is Daniel Codella, a musician and AR for Sonoma WireWorks, a company that sponsored me 4 years ago (read this interview if you want a throw-back-thursday Justin interview)! To this day, I think they make some of the BEST drum technology on the planet! I got a sneak peak at Daniel’s newest creation DrumCore 4 which I will be using on a bunch of new movie and game stuff this year!! I’ve got mad respect for this guy!


Seth Perlstein, DAW Guru. I love talking to this guy. I recently endorsed him on LinkedIn, and consider him a pretty bad ass dude. Seth has always been there for me, when figuring stuff out I don’t know. We did a presentation at a NAMM a few years ago, when I launched my “White Rabbit Asylum” library!


Here’s my friend and artist NMERCER, giving a talk about vocal production at PreSonus at NAMM!. I’m so proud of her. I hooked her into PreSonus a while ago, and she’s just been taking over in all kinds of stuff. Great voice talent, killer artist, she’s got a cool CD called NMERCER, which we made in Seattle last year! She’s going strong and taking no prisoners! Helping her on stage during this presentation was Byron! Previously Naomi was a part of my PreSonuSphere 2013 vocal production session in Baton Rouge, LA!


Sonny Mayo, guitarist extroadinaire, of many different bands, including Sevendust, one of my favorites. Has a million cool stories, years of touring experience, and working on some neat projects. We were at Eagle Rock Studios in LA checking out some new guitar emulation software, that actually rivals the Axe FX II, created by some cool guys from Germany!


This is Matt Ward, ex-president of Universal Audio, and now CEO of the US Brainworx branch, with his years of experience, I feel like Brainworx is going to keep making amazing technologies for musicians. During NAMM, I hooked them up with another friend of mine, Orange Amps, and he hooked me up with an artist deal with Universal Audio! I’m pretty happy about that. I will keep an eye on the stuff he’s working on, and help out where I can!


Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society, just destroying everything with his Thor-like presence!


Bonzo was awesome! This Led Zeppelin cover project that featured some of the best drummers in the world, all playing different Zepp songs, and each was just amazing to hear!!!! That place was crowded, but there was love in the air!


Me and Drew from Akai! Drew and Rich totally hooked me up and helped me out the first day of NAMM this year. Thank you guys!


One of my oldest friends, We usually meet up every 5 years or so (j/k). Or run into eachother at airports as we both zip around the world. We’ve been busy for a long time, slowly taking over the industry. It was so great to catch up with him again. Jim Kaufman was founder of the band Opiate For The Masses, whom I used to remix for back in the day on a number of releases. Jim’s busy as ever today and we’ve pledged to work together on a few exciting projects in sound design as well as production. he’s working with some cool labels and cool people! He’ll be producing some songs with me this year.


Dinner in hollywood with a famous guitarist, burlesque model, amazing (and I mean amazing!!) photographer, and makeup artist/stylist, all working on bad ass projects! My friend Dave Chan from the video game industry said me and Renee should meet and he was right, her gallery of work is awesome and her friends are all cool people to hang with!


Steven Winburn is the SSG group at Intel, and was good to finally meet him in person! He works with Cakewalk and other companies to make their software run better with Intel technology!


Matt Koelsch and The Allies, transplanted to LA, and you can hear their smooth music at their website!


I stick my head out the window to say goodbye to LA.


This is actually worth sharing! I have a Wii U (because I am a proud Nintendo fan boy) and I started using the new Wii U Fit Meter, and I wanted to see how many steps I took at NAMM, so I wore the device every single day of NAMM and the LA meetings, and it spit out some very interesting data on how many steps I took and all that. and it’s not as expensive as a FitBit, it’s only 19 bucks! That day I took over 13k steps! There is lots of walking around at NAMM!

All I can say is NAMM 2014, and the 2014 year in general, are going to be very productive years. We have so many things in the works, and we’re all so motivated. I probably met over 250 people at NAMM this year, and then tons and tons of new people. It’s very overwhelming, but also very cool to swim in the sea of possibility. Lots of other pictures were taken with lots of other people, but this blog entry is already wayyyy toooo long… I’ve got tons of other shows and appearances coming up this year, and releasing lots of new music this year! Keep tuning into my page from time to time!

Thank you all for reading some of my adventures at NAMM 2014!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Justin Lassen presents at Intel and Gibson @ CES 2014!


I was at CES 2014 this year, and what a wonderful year it was. I was presenting with Intel and Gibson this year! We were showcasing digital audio workstation software running on 2-in-1’s and tablets, full sessions of music. I created the backing tracks and performance tracks for the Intel Superstars 2013 winner, Sara Lindsay!


My two favorite things I saw at the show were Oculus Rift and Headphone X (11.1 surround) technology. I can just imagine them working together. I have said since the show, that DTS’ HPX is the Oculus Rift of Audio. Yes that’s me in some sort of space simulation, getting dizzy. It was so realistic and cool, and when I got up from the chair, I was pretty dizzy. But I can see the potential in many different scenarios.


Here I am with the Intel Superstar 2013 winner ‘Sara Lindsay’ on the Gibson stage with the touch screen tablet that ran her live performance! With us is a new friend, and awesome Cakewalk guy Dan Gonzales! He was extremely helpful in setting up the show each day with us! Thank you Dan!


This is one of the Henry’s at Gibson (EVP), really great guy, made us feel welcomed into the Gibson family as artists and musicians! Everyone at Gibson has been so great to us! We’re excited about the future!


Sara’s track, the remixed version I created for the show!


The tablet is a Sony Duo Tap 11, with Intel Core i7, 4GB, 256GB SSD, and ran the software awesomely. A lot of big Intel bosses were impressed by our presentation! The tablet was not plugged into the wall, and still running optimally. The audio interface was a TASCAM interface. TASCAM and CAKEWALK are  Gibson Brands now. Everyone at Gibson was super cool to work with!


Of course, as you might know, I did a track on the “I, Frankenstein” motion picture soundtrack! Thanks to Lakeshore, a box arrived at my hotel, so that I could give away copies to the audiences at my presentations at Intel and Gibson!


This is Alex Madrid, all the way from Europe! Who does the events and stuff for Gibson! From the conference calls, all the way to the show, she did fantastic work, and I look forward to working with her again!


Another shot of me and Sara Lindsay, with Philip Van Lear (actor and host) on the Intel stage at CES!


Went to a bunch of parties of course with different companies I work with. This just seemed like a cool abstract shot. Looks like a NIN album cover. :)


This was at the DTS party. Pretty loud and awesome. Met a bunch of people from different companies, and they even gave us our own “special table” heh. Thanks DTS!


This was a scene out of the Sol Republic party, at Tryst. I met a ton of amazing people from a lot of cool tech companies that night, and built a lot of great new friendships and partnerships! 2014!!


We were invited to the Monster Cable Fleetwood Mac concert, which was cool. I didn’t realize how many songs they wrote, and they were just as cool as ever!


Sara was going over the track on the tablet! :) She’s the coolest musician, very confident and just owns the stage! I love working with her!


It wouldn’t be a high-tech show without a annual shot of me and my friend Vincent Brisbois, who is kicking major ass at a company called Fusion I/O, which you all use that technology and don’t even realize it! Smile


This is cool, we were invited to the Harman party that announced the partnership between Linkin Park and Harman, on some exciting new speaker technology. They were performing Faint! Naturally! That room sounded great, it was at the Hard Rock Hotel “The Joint”, which was mixed superbly, you could hear everything clearly, and Linkin Park brought everything they had and did a fantastic performance! I met some of the Harman guys too for possible projects!


This is the one-and-only Jenny Brinkley and she’s amazing, just absolutely amazing! I can’t remember where we were when we took this shot, but it was a lot of fun to hang out with her and her group called “The Brigade” while exploring some of the CES showroom floors!


This is Sara Lindsay and her dad who is a film and tv producer, who has worked on a ton of cool shows! He is such a proud father and great supporter of his amazingly talented daughter Sara! We all had a great time exploring Vegas and chatting about all kinds of stuff!


This is my new family, Christy from DTS! Thanks to her (and John and Elicia) I get to work with some cool musicians and cool technology. It was great checking out their CES demonstration of Headphone X! We’ve got some exciting things in the works. :)