Friday, October 10, 2014

LA, Malibu, Adobe Max 2014, IndieCade 2014, EngadgetLive 2014, AES 2014, GameSoundCon 2014, EastWest Studios, Adventures!


Sorry for the lack of updates this year, it’s been an incredible journey as the next chapters in my career and life develop. So many wonderful new people I’m meeting and exciting opportunities. I’m feeling a sense of changing the world in a good way all over again. Everything up to now feels like practice for what is ahead. I’ve worked on a few dozen product releases this year in the audio industry, and I’ve been blessed with a ton of amazing new meetings and talented people and companies wanting to work with me on the next exciting steps into the future! This is sort of a mish-mash random blog entry with just random photos from different things.


I started working with an amazing Hungarian pop star singer songwriter on an incredibly cool EP. We recorded up in Bel Air for a few weeks.


The scenery behind us. :)


Inspirational writing tree.


LA adventures.


A writing session with Ameria.


We setup a make-shift writing studio on top of the only Hungarian restaurant on Sunset Blvd. We were kinda moving the writing sessions all over town.


Overlooking the edge of 20 million dollar home. :)


On top of all the LA adventures, I actually went to 4 trade shows and conferences all in one week! This is my good friend Michael Csurics, one of the most respected audio directors in the game industry, and he asked me to engineer his talk at GameSoundCon 2014!


Our captive audience of game industry audio people.


the myth, the man, the legend, directing audience members to read dialogue, as we recorded it live in Pro Tools on the screen behind us.


Action part? :)


Meanwhile, at Adobe MAX 2014, I met up with Jerry at Intel, which is the start of some amazing new projects together. Amazing man!


Peter from Intel, talking about next gen HSW-E stuff with me and they showed me some cool new technology at the show and Iris Pro graphics!


People checking out the new goodness.


Hanging out with Raj from Intel at AES 2014 near the stage demos. We were dreaming up awesome future projects on this day. Seriously one of the coolest people I’ve met. Has the soul and vision and support for us Audio and music guys!


Long time buds and working partners. I have learned so much from working with iZotope over the years on their various products. This is Mark Ethier the CEO, we get to see each other every once in a while at tradeshows like this. It was so cool catching up. I was hired to do stuff for Iris 2, which has been released by now. :)


This is Sean, the new AR at iZotope, super rad connecting with him at the show!!


One thing I love about tradeshows is the chance to meet new people too. This is Thor Legvold, a mastering engineer, whom I plan to work with on some projects. He came all the way from Europe and has a cool name to boot! :)


One of the most exciting things at AES 2014 this year was actually from PreSonus. StudioLive AI, a touch-screen mixing console. This one is running on a Lenovo Horizon AIO device from Intel.


A fellow sound designer friend from Europe. This is Nikola Nikita Jeremic, we were originally introduced by Doyle W. Donehoo (Warhammer, etc.)


Playing piano at EastWest Studios for the big AES get together we planned. It was so cool catching up with everyone and meeting so many wonderful people.


Testing out microphones with Ameria. Bock Microphones.


Rocking some a cappella.


Take that game of thrones. This is the EastWest Throne.


the cool neo hallways of EastWest with Ameria.


The ceiling performers at EastWest during the party. Very sci-fi futuristic circus feeling.


I brought Duy and Tudor from Control VR up to Intel to demo their technology in Santa Clara. I also started doing strategy stuff with Control VR, so stay tuned for more stuff about that.


Two of my best friends. Samara and Zach. Thank you for all that you do for me. I am lucky to have you in my life.


People checking our Control VR at EngadgetLive!


A fun selfie of me and Duy Tran from Control VR that Engadget re-tweeted to the whole world!


My friend Alex’s mom at EngadgetLive checking out the show.


Me doing some fun duties for Control VR at IndieCade 2014 this year. Seriously love these guys!


Randomly ran into Alex Ball (composer/violinist) for video games and other media at IndieCade 2014. It was actually pretty cool to meet tons of people there.


My long time friend from France, Luc Bernard’s new game Desert Ashes, at the PlayStation booth at IndieCade 2014. I had to show some support!


Hanging out with my friend Tudor in Malibu.


At some creepy gangster location in Malibu.


Pretty Malibu land.

I hope to update my blog a little more often in the new year!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Justin Lassen & SOL Republic Create Surround Audio Experience with Control VR at Virtual Reality Event in Hollywood!

Event Photos_AutoCollage_35_Images

From 6pm-1am, Control VR along with Justin Lassen and SOL Republic, presented their cutting edge full body motion capture suit at the TechCrunch Virtual Reality Event, just before the Oculus Connect Conference. While all the other demos were packing up at 9:30pm, Control VR had consistent lines of people wanting to try wearing the suits themselves, until 1am! It was the star of the party. Once you experience Control VR yourself, the possibilities are endless…


A stereo approximation of the surround experience. This is a snippet of the musical part of the experience I have uploaded to Soundcloud. Enjoy.


The code name for this particular demo I helped create audio design for is “Ambient Blue”. Oculus Rift is a pretty cool technology and is quite impressive, but it can also be dizzy and disorienting alone as you have read about in the press. Not because of the graphics, but because of the way Oculus designed the experience with traditional game pad controllers and joysticks. You want to reach out and touch things but you can’t. You are traditional confined by the concept of moving around with your thumbs on game pads + holding a controller with just a head-set alone. This is a totally unnatural way to experience “Virtual Reality”.


Control VR technology changes the experience completely, because with the suit on, you can actually interact with your environment, walk around, move around, pick up objects, and all of your fingers move! It’s actually quite eerie, to look down, and see your chest, your body, your arms and legs as if you were really THAT character.


This particular glove has 12 censors on it. With a combination of compasses, magnets and other tech, you are able to literally be IN the virtual experience! These are the same various kinds of suits that help people like James Cameron create Avatar captures, but run in real-time, for a surreal, yet virtually-real experience!


This was me working with the lead developer, to position the audio, with the help of the head-set, plus the headphones. We had a pretty cool surround experience based on several layers of atmosphere, effects and even surround music that made you feel like you were in some neat future of hope.


This is Saji, he’s another one of the lead developers of the Control VR technology, and he worked hard putting together all the demo experiences and layouts. He’s rocking a couple pairs of SOL Republic, which Control VR proudly uses in their demo kits now!


Saji testing out the suit, making sure everything is just right before the demo.


They were developing on Intel Core i7 Ultrabooks. This one was an Acer Aspire S7! Behind it is a maker bot, yep they 3D print all their body suit pieces in the lab.


This guy is the Technical guy at Control VR. Extremely intelligent, and taught me a lot about suits, virtual technology, and showed me some pretty cool different gadgets. They were preparing a demo to give at USC the next day.


Skybar shot. Doing my best impression of Mark Zuckerberg.


This is Wolf, from Air Instruments, audio industry, fame. A 6’8” (VERY TALL) awesome German guy! I invited him down to the Control VR offices to check out one of the suits. he took the mask off when it was time and said “I just want to go back in!!!” with a big smile on his face! He’s now working on amazing uJam technology, which is amazing HTML5 portable cloud based audio technology. He gave me a demo of a few of the technologies. We brainstormed on this day and came up with some pretty amazing, and dare I say it, revolutionary ideas which we hope to start working on.


Hanging out with Laura, from AnarchistVR, at the tech event. She was in the Control VR offices, they wanted to check out the suits. Her company has some cool leapmotion projects.


me and Saji towards the end of the night, after having a very successful demo run at the event. Little did we know, we were going to go have some awesome hamburgers later. :)


Some optics from the DK2.


One of the people wearing the suit, grabbing at virtual objects in the demo. The happy guy sitting in the back is my good friend Zach Winterfeld, from Trans Audio Group whom sponsored our audio experience with some high end monitors for the rest of the people waiting in line to check out the more personal headphone surround demo.


Reach for the sky!


Touch those buttons!


Answering questions, rocking out to cool music, letting people enjoy their 5 minutes of virtual bliss.


A very special thanks to my sponsor SOL Republic for enabling this surround experience for everyone at the party. We got a lot of compliments on the sound quality, the surround quality and the music and sound design itself. I believe a virtual experience needs to have a solid audio experience too. Sound is 50% of any experience (or more). I had a lot of fun composing the tracks and designing the surround with the team.


For their travel Virtual Reality kits. fits nicely. :)