Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Justin Lassen remixes Half Life 2 for “Bad Ass Vol. 2” Album!


Half Life is one of my all-time favorite games. Valve is truly one of the most legendary studios on the planet. I actually replay all the Half Life games no matter how old they become, at least once a year, because they are timeless masterpieces. It was an honor to meet and befriend Valve composer this year at GDC 2013 too!

So when I was asked to contribute a special arrangement/remix of Half Life 2 to an official OC Remix album, I was stoked! I actually completed this remix December 2012 while I was in Seattle, WA producing NMERCER! also debuted this album at PAX 2013 this year to an audience!

There’s always lots of things I wish I could blog about, but it’s exciting when I finally get to share something with the world! I hope you enjoy my rendition of the moods, vibes and sentimental feelings of being in the chaotic Half Life universe!


My good friend and producing partner DLP (who did a live podcast about this project here)put the album together and directed it all, over a 2 year period! He asked me to master the tracks towards the end for release and also contribute! I was happy to help out! You should all check out his music project on kickstarter too!

After 2 years of hard work, we bring you BadAss: Volume II. A collection of boss and battle themes done in a style that is both awesome and kick-ass, as well as mean. Really mean. As soon as we released Volume I, we went right to work on Volume II. The thing we wanted to do with this album was make it even meaner than the first; to make the hardest album on OCR yet. Volume I had a few tracks that were meant as a respite from the onslaught of BadAssedness. You'll find none of that here, so abandon all hope... something something... OH! Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!”

Check out all the tracks here!

1  Lashmush - Baby Bowser - Bowzilla
2  Devastus - Robot Bosses - Hedgehog Fodder
3  Mak Eightman - Teddy Bear - Hunger
4  Justin Lassen - The Combine - Mister Freeman
5  DaMonz, Trainbeat - 0� - Tough It Out!
6  Nightmare Sequence - Dr. Eggman - Broken Dreams
7  DaMonz, Trainbeat - Ganondorf - Ganonize
8  Flexstyle - Dr. Wily - Top This
9  Mak Eightman - The Dark Legion - Skull-Head
10  DusK - The Syndicate - Syndication
11  Mak Eightman - The Magi - Oblivion
12  Torzelan - Ultimate Phalanx - Red Retaliation
13  Brandon Strader - The Great Mighty Poo - Poop
14  David L. Puga - Dr. Robotnik - Egg-Shaped Prison