Thursday, October 24, 2013

Justin Lassen featured in Keyboard Magazine-Nov 2013 Issue!


Don’t blink or you’ll miss it, but I’m on Page 11 of November 2013 issue of Keyboard Magazine! I’ve always loved this magazine. Thanks Keyboard! I had forgotten about it until some friends in Israel half way around the world reminded me that I was in it! This magazine goes far! (It was even included in the gift bags for the attendee’s of PreSonuSphere 2013!)

In it I talk about my first big break, which was many years ago… I love giving Robert Miles a proper shout out whenever I can, because he definitely set me on the path that I’m on today! If it wasn’t for him believing in my music and work, I am not sure I would be where I am today!

It’s a pretty cool issue also, there’s a bunch of neat articles about tons of Hall of Fame legends in the synthesizer and tech world. Also includes a pretty sick review of LOOM, which was a plugin that some friends of mine created at AIR instruments. I enjoyed getting an advance copy of that.  :)

My First __Big_Break__. Justin Lassen Electronic music maestro Justin Lassen remixes A-list artists such as Madonna, Garbage, Linkin Park, and Nine Inch Nails. His entry into the remix game began with a humble cold call a decade and a half ago. “This was before social media and easy Internet connectivity to artists—the days when we used to burn CD-Rs and send them out. I’d sent some electronic and classical demos to various labels around the world that year,” says Lassen. A few weeks after one trip to the post office, Lassen came home to a momentous message on his answering machine: “‘This is Natalie from Robert Miles’ office in London and we’d love to have you work on a remix,’” he describes, referring to the DJ and producer who would quickly become a great friend and mentor. “It was a life-changing call for me, and helped me get on the path to being an in-demand remixer.” Using the master files Miles sent him, as well as tracks from the London Session Orchestra, Lassen set to work. “I put my heart and soul into that remix for him, and it paid off,” says Lassen. “I’ll always respect Robert not only for being an amazing musician and producer, but also for taking a chance on an unknown kid making music in his bedroom.” Keep up with Justin at | By: Michael Gallant (11.2013)