Thursday, July 18, 2013

Justin Lassen uses Intel Technology to Create Amazing Content

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Hey guys, check out this video. Intel wanted to come into my studio setup and talk to me about technology, software and other geeky audio things. They shot this little video of me. It also features footage from me DJing, from my good friend, the one and only David Brebner (New Zealand).

For my audio geek listeners, the software I showed off in the video is Steinberg Cubase 7, Cakewalk Sonar X2 Producer, PreSonus Studio One Pro, AIR Ignite and new instruments I had the honor of working with: Loom and Vacuum Pro. My setup also has my baby: Roland Jupiter 80 which I created a bank of cinematic patches for!, Native Instruments Traktor S4, Akai Professional MAX49 Controller and various other gadgets and gizmos.

"Justin Lassen is a professional composer, remixer, and sound designer for games, films, and the music industry. Hear how he uses the Intel® Core™ Processor and Intel® SSDs in his creative process." - Intel

Justin Lassen is a visionary new artist/producer/remixer, and international DJ, that has remixed some of the biggest names in the industry (Linkin Park, NIN, Evanescence, Apocalyptica, Madonna, etc.). He has been creating EDM music since he was a kid in his bedroom and continues to make respected remixes and tracks for rock and pop groups. Famous DJ's around the world collaborate with Justin on remixes and soundtracks for games and films. Lassen is also highly revered in the EDM community as a sound designer who has created popular tools, loops and synths for other composers and DJ's to use in their own work. He has been praised by everyone from Billboard, Playboy, EQ and Remix Magazines for his productions and accomplishments. Lassen regularly rocks his customized and original DJ sets to thousands of listeners all over the world.”

p.s. Happy 45th birthday, Intel! :)