Friday, May 31, 2013

Justin Lassen DJ’s live at The Coronet in London, UK!


Hi everyone! Just wanted to share some of the shots that some of the photographers sent me from my DJ performance in the UK. I had such a fun time assembling the material, editing and effecting it on the fly. When I started out on this new adventure, several of my good friends and fellow famous DJ’s gave me all kinds of wonderful advice, most important, to not “fake it”, and not just “press play” but in real-time decide what is going to happen on stage for the audience, doing all FX, looping and transitions on the fly in real-time, I’m proud of the fact that I was able to do a solid ~5 hour performance. I used the Native Instruments Traktor S4, which was a joy to work with!



I assembled about 2 hours of my own material, remixes, unreleased tracks, electronica from over the years along with about 2 hours of material created by kindred artists and musicians, all of whom are friends of mine. I didn’t want to be that typical Top 40 DJ that only played what every other mainstream DJ is playing. I wanted it to be an artful experience and I wanted everyone to leave that venue knowing they had a truly unique experience and a sneak peak at some of the coolest music coming out! I threw in a few staple tracks as well, but ultimately the performance was crafted together of largely un-heard, un-released, unique and new material across the board! And it went over like a charm!!




Honestly, for my first big international DJ gig, I couldn’t be happier with it! Thanks to all the photographers and people taking pics and sending me stuff (still waiting for others.). And thanks to all the people who came up to me throughout the night and complimented my performance!! You guys made it all worth it!  I was even approached after the gig and offered some more international DJ gigs in Jerusalem and Dubai! :) Not bad! I dedicate my performance to my some of my DJ heroes and mentors, like Robert Miles, DJ Shortee, Gabriel & Dresden, and many others who gave me great advice and encouragement in my music career as well as my budding international  DJ career. :) Thanks everyone!





Much respect to Native Instruments for creating a device that really made it fun to be a DJ, all the things you can do to effect the audio live to truly make it your own performance, your own remixes, was incredible! I’m excited about some other live mix-set radio opportunities that were brought to my attention after I successfully completed this gig! I think more of this DJing is on the horizon for me, perhaps at a venue or festival near you or even a radio station you listen to… stay tuned!





My favorite features of Traktor software were the audio fx macros and the unlimited ways that you can mangle audio together with just a few knobs and a few mouse clicks. Even on the airplane I was able to get a feel for how the hardware would be from the cool Traktor app! I did a full dj-set for myself just from that app, and it taught me a lot! As a technologist and audio geek, I can see so much potential in adding other software, musical instruments and midi devices to the mix. To all my fellow DJ friends, thank you for making me feel welcome in your world! I’m so excited for what the future brings me in the world of DJing! :)

note: Photos by David Brebner & Scott Hoffman