Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Justin Lassen Talk: Creating Digital Content for Films and Games on Ultrabooks at GDC 2013!



I gave a talk this year at GDC about creating digital content, audio and sound design for films and games on Ultrabooks during GDC 2013 at the Intel booth! I’d like to thank all the sponsors who helped with prizes and goodies for the talk!


I spoke about the ability to create massive orchestral and electronic music without the need for mega desktop computers or desktop replacement workstations, but instead that Ultrabook’s powered with Core i7 processors and Windows 8 can handle and perform the massive and gorgeous samples of PROJECTSAM | ORCHESTRAL ESSENTIALS. As well as the spectral audio design power of IZOTOPE | IRIS™, the modern dubstep and synth sounds of CAKEWALK | ZETA+ 2 with help from audio recorded by BLUE MICROPHONES | SPARK | YETI all at the same time running through PRESONUS | STUDIO ONE PRO 2 on INTEL | SSD DRIVES. I used both an M-AUDIO | KEYSTATION MINI 32 and an AKAI PRO | MAX49 on stage and in the expert bar. (there’s a mouthful) :)


The amazing thing is that neither the MIDI controller nor the Ultrabook were plugged into the wall (power) during the presentation. Everything was running off the battery of the Ultrabook, with no latency in audio performance. There was no ASIO external audio card used on stage, everything was running through WINDOWS AUDIO in Windows 8, from the HEADPHONE PORT OUT! This demonstrates that Ultrabook’s have finally come into their own being quite competitive choices for musicians, dj’s and performers to use on stage!


Me with one of the Intel “Bunny suit” guys, made a surprise visit during my talk on Friday!


On the screen is a gorgeous image from concept artist Alex Ruiz, as during the show I announced also the coming of Synaesthesia 2. Stay tuned for that!

Downtown 6

In this part of the demonstration and audio, I showed the inter-play between orchestral samples, found sounds (music in everything), synthetic sounds, and being able to quickly create a concept for an image or scene. I also at one point started playing some of the Braveheart theme song with the same samples to show the flexibility of libraries today! Enjoy the track below!



This was from my stage demo that showcased Cakewalk’s Zeta, iZotope’s Iris and ProjectSAM’s OE all running simultaneously. This was for a rapid-prototype stage performance to show how quickly you can create concepts with Ultrabooks that sound full and rich right out of the box!


This year I was approached by an indie developer creating an exploratory video game called LifeEssence. I wanted to demonstrate the rapid-prototyping and re-scoring abilities of both iZotope Iris on Ultrabook devices. With just a few presets (Apocalyptic Whisper Tree, Caught In The Biscuit Tin, Garden of Eva Tarr, The Walking Dread) I created (and they come with Iris!), I was able to create a believable atmosphere during the presentation for the video walkthrough of the game.


Thanks for checking out the files and images of my talk during GDC 2013 this year. I really enjoyed speaking with developers after the talk, and I met a lot of wonderful bright creators, composers, performers and artists!

Thanks to Intel and their staff for helping my talk run smoothly, and I’m glad we were able to attract big crowds to the talk and presentation this year! Thanks everyone, see you next year at GDC!