Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Justin Lassen contributes track to “Sing Along” short film 2013!


Last year, filmmaker Mark Oxman asked me if he could use one of my remixes in his short film called “Sing Along” a musical short film starring Myles Erlick, Alice Ripley, Sam Tsui, Heidi Blickenstaff, Uzo Aduba, Remy Zaken, Cassandra Taylor, and Patrick Page.. It was from a special remix I did for some friends of mine many years earlier.

This is a remix I did for the lovely Fisher, a wonderful wife/husband duo, whom first gained fame getting a record deal from their mp3.com exposure in 1999. And were on the soundtrack to one of my favorite movies of all time "Great Expectations":

Listen to the original track so you can see how much I changed the original song. The song is about artists who don't appreciate their fans... and take for granted their success... That's why I used a Christopher Walken quote. The remix:

Justin says: The end sequence in the remix is me singing tons of layers of falcetto vocals! don't miss it. :)

And here is Kathy and Ron's review of my EMT Remix of the same song:
"AMAZING!!!!!!! Kathy and I just listened, and were blown away. Kathy put it best saying "Finally someone has done a remix the represents us instead of them". I thought that summed it up perfectly. The textures, sonics...EVERYTHING is so incredibly interesting. Much more like great sex instead of a race. You are very gifted my friend...It's a total soundtrack."
- Ron Wasserman, Fisher

Sing Along Official Trailer (2013)