Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Justin Lassen featured at CES 2013 @ Intel Theater with Austin Renfroe Trio in Las Vegas!


What a great way to start off the new year, to be invited by Intel to help produce the Austin Renfroe Trio, for a stage performance at their official theater built into their massive booth! It was an honor to share the stage with indie pop musician/songwriter Austin (vox/acoustic) and Anthony (guitar), and we rocked several shows per day during the entire CES 2013 tradeshow! A lot of great stuff happened for us, including getting teamed up with SOL Republic! awesome guys! The future looks awesome!

Justin Lassen, Austin Renfroe & Anthony Pasqualone (The “Trio”) live at CES 2013!

What were we showing off? The ability for bands to utilize Ultrabooks on stage! For the guitarist that meant not having 60lbs of pedals and a huge amp and half stack to carry around on tour. For Austin (the vocalist) that meant running all the vocal effects through his ultrabook. For me, that meant running all the backing tracks, drums and stems live while simultaneously performing the backing instruments, keys, synths, all at once, in real-time! The future is here, and it’s in a compact format. Bands today can easily work on Ultrabooks. I’ve been using Ultrabooks since they were released and even wrote one of the first articles about using them for musical purposes at Intel’s site. Austin and I were featured in Intel’s magazine earlier last year as well here, and we had met when he won the contest last year, I met up with him at NAMM 2012 and helped him get some sponsors and introductions in the industry. I had previously shared the stage with the first superstar winner Sara Lindsay at CES 2011.

To sum it up, Intel quoted me as coining “The Ultrabook Is The Studio” :) and its true. I’ve been producing tracks for video games, films and artists on my Ultrabooks since the day I got them. The future is now, yet again. I was using an AKAI MAX49 keyboard, PreSonus Studio One Pro 2, iZotope plugins and synths, Cakewalk Sonar X2 Producer Edition on stage!

Below are a few people I met, and some ambient shots of CES 2013!





Me and DJ Robbie Wilde (#thedeafdj) :)


Austin and Justin backstage. Friends for life. #seriously :)


DJ Quantum, Justin Lassen and Jason Silvas backstage!


Lissa from Opus Creative! One of the best people I’ve ever met.


Mike Hogan at Opus Creative, awesome new pal!


Justin Lassen and Roy Hill from Intel. The man behind the scenes that makes things happen!


Austin and Justin at Alecia Keys


Justin and Meg! (also a visual fine artist!)


Austin and Jordan meditating?


Stage setup.


Justin, Austin and Anthony nerding out about Ultrabooks with Phil on stage!


“The Ultrabook IS the studio” – Justin Lassen :)


iZotope! :)


AR3 :)