Sunday, January 20, 2013

Justin Lassen at MIDEM 2013 in Cannes, France!


This year I participated in the MIDEM 2013, world-wide music convention! This is one of the biggest music industry conventions, where labels, distributors, companies and business leaders in the music industry come and work together from all parts of the globe!


I went with my new awesome artist NMERCER whom I am writing and producing for at the moment! I had meetings with tons of labels in Korea, Japan, Germany, Canada, UK, France, China, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and a dozens of other countries. It was a valuable experience for me as I left with a lot of great new contacts and new friendships throughout the world.


Justin Lassen with Mark Hoppus (Blink 182) in Cannes, France!


Justin Lassen with DJ Spooky (Paul D. Miller) in Cannes, France!


There was some great night-life, events, and gatherings at various venues and clubs around town. On one of them I met this incredibly talented duo of keyboardists/singer. the singer is Ann Vriend and the keyboardist/accompaniment is David Aide. I loved their version of We are the Campions. :) Awesome talent!


This was one of my FAVORITE talks of the whole event, it is a lawyer talking about the “Anti-360 deal” which is apparently why I’ve got going on with over 40+ companies for the past decade of my career. I’m ahead of my time. :)


Mark saying funny stuff on stage and hearing cool info about his experiences in the major label system. He’s a very insightful guy. Lives in London now!


Spooky performing with a member of the Cannes Orchestra (violin)


Here I am with the community manager of MIDEM, James Martin. We met digitally but later at the show in person. We both agree face time is the best. Cool things in the works. :)


The ultimate ultrabook portable studio with SOL Republic headphones as my on the road mixing solution. :) which I also used on a train through the french country side back up to Paris. :)


heres the famous Carlton (basically the hang out zone for all the “cool people” at MIDEM. Smile