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Justin Lassen featured on the “I, Frankenstein” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack! (2014)


Proud to announce that I was asked to write a darkly fitting track for the official “I, Frankenstein” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Released January 7th, 2014)! Some really great actors and talent (Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Socratis Otto, Jai Courtney, Kevin Grevioux, Steve Mouzakis, Aden Young, Deniz Akdeniz, Virginie Le Brun, Goran D. Kleut), from the creators of Underworld. You can check out the trailer of the film as well as clips of tracks from the soundtrack, including mine!

Official Theatrical Trailer for I, Frankenstein
Justin Lassen’s song “Feed Me More” from the Movie Soundtrack!

I, Frankenstein (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01. Misgiving -- By Maker
02. Trouble -- By Maker
03. 1 By 1 -- By Maker
04. Perennial Flow -- By Maker
05. Gimme Soul -- By Maker
06. By Maker -- By Maker
07. Way Down -- By Maker
08. After All -- By Maker
09. Possessions Mine -- By Maker
10. Ascension -- By Maker
11. Scream Where My Heart Should Be - 8mm
12. Feed Me More -- Justin Lassen
13. Frankenstein -- Geno Lenardo feat. Prashant Aswani


Check out the FIRST behind-the-scenes look at Aaron Eckhart and Yvonne Strahovski in #IFrankenstein. Follow Stuart Beattie on Twitter ( for more exclusive I, Frankenstein updates!



Thursday, October 31, 2013

Justin Lassen Presents @ PreSonuSphere 2013 in Baton Rouge, LA!


JL-presonus_newsletter2013First time ever in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! The place where PreSonuSphere 2013 took place! The post-show newsletter went out yesterday and we made it into the newsletter that went out to PreSonus users everywhere! Good food, southern hospitality and great people to talk to at the conference!


I was running my demonstrations and sessions off an Intel Ultrabook Convertible device called the Asus Taichi 21 (11”) which featured an Intel Core i7 1.9Ghz, 4GB Ram, 256GB SSD and Windows 8! :)


Here I am with voice over actress and singer Naomi Mercer. We’re editing some vocals that she recorded live on stage! Even my beloved little Dj-Pon3 shared the stage with me at the event!


Here I am waving my hands around like a good producer should, when addressing an audience of talented creators. :) We recorded with some really cool mics from Blue Microphones and some great PreSonus equipment!


Look at her singing her heart out! We were fixing vocals on one of her remixes for her new EP. We were actually recording with the Blue Microphone Kiwi (the green one), the Audio Technica mic was not actually being used at all.


Here’s a farther away shot, so you can see how the stage was setup. We actually had a very cool audience! They built an interesting vocal booth too!





I’m on the left side, the band on stage is L’Angelus, which I was asked to record and produce in front of an audience of users, engineers and producers. We were able to demonstrate from “riff to release” showing an overview of the production process, all the way to getting the track available digitally within 90 minutes on the internet. I had wonderful audio help from PreSonus staff as well as Byron Gaither(steadyb), Thanks Byron!

photo 2

Here we (Byron) and I, backstage after the panel! :)


Here’s the final panel of the last day of the event. It was an honor to share the stage with this group of amazing people. from left to right Naomi Mercer (voice artist for games and film), Justin Lassen (Producer), Khaliq Glover "Khaliq-O-Vision" (Grammy winning Recording Engineer), John Mills (veteran FOH engineer), Jim Odom (Chief Strategy Officer, PreSonus), Jim Mack (CEO, PreSonus), John Storyk (Renowned acoustician), Bob Tudor (CTO, PreSonus) and moderator Craig Anderton.


someone probably told a joke. :)


I must be saying something really cool. ;/


Local ethereal rock/synth band “Royal Teeth” played a concert on PreSonus gear for the audience. The singer made me think he was influenced by Tyler from Neon Tree’s, because it felt like it could have been Tyler’s little brother jumping around up there. (shout out to Neon Tree’s, cos they are dope!)


Another shot of me producing L’Angelus live!


Two of the members of L’Angelus! Such humble extremely talented sweethearts! Stephen is awesome and he left before I could get a picture with him! This is Katie and Paige! Katie is guitar, Paige is bass, Stephen is violin and Johnny is drums!


This is Karen Dunn, and I don’t think I would be at the event without her! She’s worked in the business a long time and I am grateful that I finally got to meet her! She was incredibly amazing to work with, and I consider her family! that’s actually what’s so cool about PreSonus’ in general, they really are dedicated to the artists! Karen is the perfect team member! I can’t wait to be a part of some of her shows and projects coming up! She hinted at some really cool stuff too! #respect

photo 6

Where would I be without THIS guy! Seriously, Justin Spence is the supreme bad ass of the event! From weeks and months before the event, all the way through, he handled everything perfectly! He made me feel comfortable on stage, gave me whatever I needed to make sure my talks were spot on, and anytime something came up, Justin handled it! This man knows what he is doing, and I later learned that he also headed up SAE Institute’s in 2 different locations! He’s humble, hard working and I for one and honored to know him!


Me and Craig Anderton (Gibson), we met at many trade shows over the years, but this was the first time we really got to know eachother more! I have nothing but respect for this amazing guy!


This is Jim Boitnott (President of Notion), and we’re talking about me doing some cool projects with him! :) They acquired the Gary Garritan libraries a while back, and those were some of my first libraries! PreSonus acquired Notion, so naturally I got an amazing chance to meet  Jim! (Thanks Rachel!) Jim and I hit it off and he’s going to make some sweet introduction for me! Bright futures!


I met these guys at one of the sponsor booths, this is seriously one of the COOLEST MIDI pick-ups for guitar that I’ve ever seen!!! It turns your Guitar into an actual MIDI controller, and there are no mistakes, it is SPOT-ON perfect!! His demo was amazing to me! I want one!!


Here I am with Jayce Murphy, head of OBEDIA, new owners of PCAudioLabs! They were showing off a smoking Intel Haswell chip system that was running a massive amount of tracks! We’ve got some neat plans as well! I’m meeting so many wonderful Nashville people, I think that’s the next step for me! :)


This is Brian “Botkiller” Lorell, also with Obedia. We actually hit it off because we’re both huge KMFDM supporters! I think we’re probably going to work on some sweet music together. He’s also a producer, DJ, and many other things!


This is Jonathan vonRentzell, Tech Sales Rep, Blue Microphones! I wanted to check out Blue’s presence at this conference because I’m a proud Blue Mic’s family member! We used their Kiwi mic on stage during our demos!


Blue is also one of the sponsors of the contest that I’m judging for, called Intel Superstars 2013 competition! There is still time to enter your track!


I briefly met up with Martin Atkins at the show. He was giving a talk, and showing his new book! which he gave me a copy!! he was like “oh hey, I have a copy for you!!” It’s seriously an amazing book, and I am reading it now and can’t put it down!


Here’s me and Naomi Mercer hanging with Mayuresh Sathe. He’s a percussionst, from Australia by way of India! He’s been on the adventure of a lifetime, and just an example of the incredible talent that came to the show. He’s even the admin for Trilok Gurtu (world renowned percussionist).


This guy, is one of the reasons I love to talk to young producers, composers, engineers or anyone interested in getting into the audio and music industries. He has his head on his shoulders, is humble, hard working and receptive to the world around him. We chatted for a minute, and it’s great to see what he has going on. He even write a really nice thank you mail! #classy


Naomi and I, talking to one of the young musicians that came to the conference. He’s an inspired young musician into EDM music.

In general the whole event was awesome, so many people from ages 16 to 73 came up to me, asking for advice, and the dozens of people who wanted to take pictures with me on their phones and sharing their stories, and even returned home to over 60 thank you e-mails, which I will reply to soon #promise Smile:)


Thank you to Kibodeaux and Steve O for the pictures! There are many other pics I’m waiting for from attendees and other musicians who promised to send me soon! :) I’ll amend this post with more pics soon. Thank you everyone who came to my talks, thank you to everyone who wanted pics and wanted to chat with me, thank you to everyone who wants to work with me after the show! This is going to be a great year ahead!

NOTE: there were a bunch of people that I wished I had pictures with Sad smilethat were really really cool!! If you have the pics, lt me know and I’ll post them up! A very special shout out to Rachel Klein at Nimbit!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Justin Lassen’s “8 Tips on Reinventing Your Music” – featured @ Discmakers Newsletter 2013


Master remixer Justin Lassen talks about when, why, and how to remix your tracks and get the most out of the process.Justin-Lassen-294x300[1]

“A remix can breathe new life into a song,” says Justin Lassen, a veteran composer and electronic musician who has remixed tracks for Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, Madonna, and Lady Gaga. “Remixed songs can exist in a new world, with all-new fans who wouldn’t normally have even discovered the original artist.”

This is just one of the many reasons indie artists might be interested in rebuilding their songs, with new spirit and flavor, from the ground up. But when it comes to the nitty gritty of turning your recorded masterpiece into an even more compellingly remixed track, where do you begin? Here are eight tips to help you get started.

Read more: Justin Lassen gives advice on how to remix your music - Disc Makers

Michael Gallant interviewed me for a special feature at Discmaker’s Echoes’ Newsletter/blog to give my advice and tips to artists and bands on how to remix your tracks and get even more traction for your career.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Justin Lassen featured in Keyboard Magazine-Nov 2013 Issue!


Don’t blink or you’ll miss it, but I’m on Page 11 of November 2013 issue of Keyboard Magazine! I’ve always loved this magazine. Thanks Keyboard! I had forgotten about it until some friends in Israel half way around the world reminded me that I was in it! This magazine goes far! (It was even included in the gift bags for the attendee’s of PreSonuSphere 2013!)

In it I talk about my first big break, which was many years ago… I love giving Robert Miles a proper shout out whenever I can, because he definitely set me on the path that I’m on today! If it wasn’t for him believing in my music and work, I am not sure I would be where I am today!

It’s a pretty cool issue also, there’s a bunch of neat articles about tons of Hall of Fame legends in the synthesizer and tech world. Also includes a pretty sick review of LOOM, which was a plugin that some friends of mine created at AIR instruments. I enjoyed getting an advance copy of that.  :)

My First __Big_Break__. Justin Lassen Electronic music maestro Justin Lassen remixes A-list artists such as Madonna, Garbage, Linkin Park, and Nine Inch Nails. His entry into the remix game began with a humble cold call a decade and a half ago. “This was before social media and easy Internet connectivity to artists—the days when we used to burn CD-Rs and send them out. I’d sent some electronic and classical demos to various labels around the world that year,” says Lassen. A few weeks after one trip to the post office, Lassen came home to a momentous message on his answering machine: “‘This is Natalie from Robert Miles’ office in London and we’d love to have you work on a remix,’” he describes, referring to the DJ and producer who would quickly become a great friend and mentor. “It was a life-changing call for me, and helped me get on the path to being an in-demand remixer.” Using the master files Miles sent him, as well as tracks from the London Session Orchestra, Lassen set to work. “I put my heart and soul into that remix for him, and it paid off,” says Lassen. “I’ll always respect Robert not only for being an amazing musician and producer, but also for taking a chance on an unknown kid making music in his bedroom.” Keep up with Justin at | By: Michael Gallant (11.2013)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Justin Lassen remixes Half Life 2 for “Bad Ass Vol. 2” Album!


Half Life is one of my all-time favorite games. Valve is truly one of the most legendary studios on the planet. I actually replay all the Half Life games no matter how old they become, at least once a year, because they are timeless masterpieces. It was an honor to meet and befriend Valve composer this year at GDC 2013 too!

So when I was asked to contribute a special arrangement/remix of Half Life 2 to an official OC Remix album, I was stoked! I actually completed this remix December 2012 while I was in Seattle, WA producing NMERCER! also debuted this album at PAX 2013 this year to an audience!

There’s always lots of things I wish I could blog about, but it’s exciting when I finally get to share something with the world! I hope you enjoy my rendition of the moods, vibes and sentimental feelings of being in the chaotic Half Life universe!


My good friend and producing partner DLP (who did a live podcast about this project here)put the album together and directed it all, over a 2 year period! He asked me to master the tracks towards the end for release and also contribute! I was happy to help out! You should all check out his music project on kickstarter too!

After 2 years of hard work, we bring you BadAss: Volume II. A collection of boss and battle themes done in a style that is both awesome and kick-ass, as well as mean. Really mean. As soon as we released Volume I, we went right to work on Volume II. The thing we wanted to do with this album was make it even meaner than the first; to make the hardest album on OCR yet. Volume I had a few tracks that were meant as a respite from the onslaught of BadAssedness. You'll find none of that here, so abandon all hope... something something... OH! Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!”

Check out all the tracks here!

1  Lashmush - Baby Bowser - Bowzilla
2  Devastus - Robot Bosses - Hedgehog Fodder
3  Mak Eightman - Teddy Bear - Hunger
4  Justin Lassen - The Combine - Mister Freeman
5  DaMonz, Trainbeat - 0� - Tough It Out!
6  Nightmare Sequence - Dr. Eggman - Broken Dreams
7  DaMonz, Trainbeat - Ganondorf - Ganonize
8  Flexstyle - Dr. Wily - Top This
9  Mak Eightman - The Dark Legion - Skull-Head
10  DusK - The Syndicate - Syndication
11  Mak Eightman - The Magi - Oblivion
12  Torzelan - Ultimate Phalanx - Red Retaliation
13  Brandon Strader - The Great Mighty Poo - Poop
14  David L. Puga - Dr. Robotnik - Egg-Shaped Prison


Monday, September 16, 2013

Justin Lassen “Recording and Comping Vocals in Studio One” at PreSonuSphere 2013!


I’ll be at PreSonuSphere 2013 this October! Come check out the event, and learn some stuff from me and a ton of other great industry people! I’ve invited my friend and artist NMercer to come up on stage with me for some live vocals and friendly discussion!

Presenting in the Hartley/Vey Studio Theatre on Saturday October 26 at 8:00 a.m.

Can we do another take?” Recording and Comping Vocals in Studio One with Justin Lassen & Naomi Mercer

Learn the secret vocal recording and comping techniques of a world-renowned music producer. Justin walks you through the classy vocal chain, provided by PreSonus and Blue mics as artist Naomi Mercer provides live vocals. Learn techniques to save time and money, what mistakes to avoid, and how to get the best phrase possible with comping. There is no reason to fatigue the artist. Studio One makes it so easy!

With 15 years of experience in the music, film, and video game industries, Justin Lassen is well versed in all aspects of the creative arts, and his blend of classical technique and modern methodology has defined his success in all manner of genres. His wildly popular instrumental series, Synaesthesia, has been highly praised by everyone from CGSociety to EQ and Playboy magazines. Click here to learn more about Justin.

Naomi Mercer has been a working voiceover actor for 9 years and has been doing it full time since 2008. She is also a singer, rapper, and songwriter under the moniker NMercer. Her self-titled debut album was released in Spring 2013, followed by a dance EP, Crossroads, released in the summer of 2013. All of her tracks are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,, iheartRadio, 24-7. All of her voiceover auditions, most of her voiceover jobs, and both of her albums were recorded and edited in Studio One using the AudioBox 22VSL

I’ve never been to PreSonuSphere, but I’ve heard awesome stories about it,” Justin says, “I’m excited to attend for my first time ever, and get a chance to meet other Studio One users and swap tips and tricks with each other! PreSonuSphere is one more reason why Studio One’s community of people is so much fun to work with.”


Click here to register for PreSonuSphere!

Other awesome Industry folks will be there too, check the list: Craig Anderton, Martin Adkins, Jim Boltnott, John DeNosky, Byron Galther, Joe Gilder, Dave Gunness, Burr Johnson, Justin Lassen, Jim Mack, Naomi Mercer, John Mills, Joshua Morris, Rick Naqvi, Jim Odom, Bobby Owsinsky, Tedd Riley, Steve Savanyu, John Storyk, Chris Tsanjoures, Bob Tudor, etc.

Promo video

Check out the full PDF booklet here which has bio’s of us speakers! [1.4MB]

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Justin Lassen announced as Judge in the 4th Intel® Superstars Music Competition!

Musicians Will Win Cash and Prizes, Including a New Ultrabook™ Device, Home Recording Studio Packages, and One $10,000 Grand Prize


Music fans from around the world will rank submissions using OurStage's patented judging technology. The top-ranked artist in each of the eight genre channels will receive a home studio package, including an Intel(R) Ultrabook(TM) device, Blue Microphones microphone, Creative Labs speaker, Gibson Brands Inc. electric guitar with case, HMDX Bluetooth wireless speaker, Orange amplifier, Sonos wireless speaker, and a V-MODA metal headphone. One talented grand prize winner will be selected to receive a career-changing $10,000, courtesy of Intel.” (from Press Release)


Entrance in the 2013 Intel Superstars Competition is free and is limited to residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old at time of entry.

Round One genre channels will be: Rock, Pop, Latin, and R&B.
Round Two genre channels will be: Country, Singer-Songwriter, Hip-Hop & Rap, and Electronic.

The Top 20 in each genre-based competition channel will advance to the Round Three stage of judging on December 1, 2013 through December 15, 2013. Of those artists, the final Top 20 ranked artists will be submitted to Round Four, in which a panel of judges will select one grand prize winner, on or about December 20, 2013.

“The industry panel will be made up of music experts and professionals, including:

Austin Renfroe (winner, 2011 Intel Superstar)
Jason Ienner (Manager, Hot Chelle Rae and Haerts
Bruce Tyler (Industry Executive, former EVP at Sony)
Tommy Page (Pandora VP of Artist and Brand Partnerships)
Brian Nolan (Senior Director, Creative Agency - Columbia Records)
Justin Lassen (Producer, Nihil Studios)
Mike Rivet (Sr. Marketing Manager at Intel)
Scott Janovitz (Director of Community at

The panelists will determine the grand prize winner using a standard set of criteria: presentation, originality and creativity, melody, vocal ability, lyrics, and entertainment value.” – (from Press Release)

Please visit for the "Intel 2013 Superstars Competition" official rules, which include details regarding eligibility, the fan judging schedule, as well as a complete list of all the fantastic prizes to be awarded.

I hope all my musician fans, listeners, friends and blog readers enter their music!! Enjoy and good luck!!! :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Justin Lassen featured on TFN’s first official EDM compilation album (2013)!


Thank you all for supporting the compilation. We've raised some money for a good cause (American Brain Tumor Association), and now as your reward....
Download the compilation for free here:

Download “The Path” Official Compilation Album FREE!

01 - Melodies Influencing Actions - Take Me Away
02 - TranceCrafter - I Realized
03 - AgNO3 feat. LollieVox - Glass Temples (TFN Edit)
04 - Justin Lassen - Untrainquilizer
05 - JIKES - The Steps I Take
06 - Re-Collect - Time Flies
07 - WeSpeakProse - A Desert Blessing, An Ocean Curse
08 - DIVERSA feat. Nori - From Inferno To Downpour
09 - MusidDefinesGravity - Power Blast
10 - Jason Horecky feat. Edward McEvenue - Solace
11 - Hollidayrain - Purgatory

Celebratory party tonight at 10:30 pm EDT ft. Mr FijiWiji himself and others!
Tell your friends!


▼The Fij Network:

p.s. check out the “JL” bunny rabbit on the cover of the album! :) #respect #rabbits #JL #EDM