Saturday, December 8, 2012

Justin Lassen producing NMERCER in Seattle!

NMERCER High Dive Show

Where have I been? Some of you know, some of you don't. I've been very quiet the past few months as I've been doing a lot of secret cool projects in film, video games and music (some famous). One that I would like to officially mention is that I've been up in Seattle for a lot of this year on trips to write and produce for up-and-coming artist NMERCER.

I have previously created many tracks of music years ago for her series/show about gadgets that was popular for a while. I also brought her in as guest vocalist on the Grimm video game soundtrack as well as the tracks I did for Underworld Awakening (2012) earlier this year.


She's a great vocalist, writer and lyricist and it's been a pleasure to work with her in the studio! Technically this project has been a nearly 2 year project off and on in LA, Phoenix and Seattle, and wherever I have traveled in the world. Many thanks to Dropbox, Skype and compatible software for digital collaborations! We are both Sony artists and creators, so we go way back in that realm!


We are on Vashon, a seemingly secluded island away from Seattle proper (the amazing house we are recording at and area looks like something out of “secret garden”), which has given us a space to be loud and create music and try out different musical ideas. We're doing music that has a lot of varied influences and experiments, including pop, hip-hop, rap, dub step, electro, dance, soul, etc.


I've never worked on a project quite like this before, so I find it extremely fun and engaging. I'm learning new stuff every single day and it forces me to brush up on my chops in genres I wouldn't otherwise normally compose in (like when the DoD project made me learn Latin influences and Island composition styles)!


She is a natural when it comes to collaborations and working with someone that can take care of their part smoothly and professionally is a real treat for me. Especially finding a girl artist who can ‘comp’ her own vocals! Amazing… I've been helping her get sponsorships and industry support. I'm also brushing off my DJ skills (from the 90') and doing some stage stuff with her.


She's already done over a dozen successful live shows here in Seattle and her audiences are falling in love with her new style wherever she goes. Stay tuned for some more news, photos and stories about this project. We've got some amazing stuff planned! Go like her Facebook page and check out some videos of her rapping in south central, LA! She's got a wide variety of cool music!