Monday, December 10, 2012

Justin Lassen & Alex Ruiz New Synaesthesia Collaboration Artwork + Music!

If you are familiar with my world renowned art/music project “Synaesthesia” (2004-2010), and wondered how some of those images were created. Look no further. Check this out, you’ll no doubt be familiar with my good friend and long-time collaborator Alex Ruiz (cg artist, director, producer, conceptualist), as he’s creating this beautiful concept image “Procession.” He’s one of the most meticulous and thoughtful artists I’ve worked with, which is why we continue to work on more artwork/music projects to this very day. The music is called “Behemoths Must Rise”. The video is just a sneak-peak at the creative process, as he is also working on a full tutorial about digital creation. Enjoy!

“Here's a preview on my next video tutorial for my digital painting, 'Procession.'
The beautiful and haunting music in this video is by brilliant composer and good friend, Justin Lassen.
The video tutorial is next in my series of Environment Design, and will cover topics such as composition, 3 point perspective, digital painting, photography integration and so much more!” – Alex Ruiz

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